Roku: VideoBoxTV Now Available Worldwide!

Hi all, just a quick note for all our loyal foreign users: The VideoBoxTV Roku channel, previously only available in the United States, is now available Worldwide! Traveling abroad and don’t want to be without your beloved VideoBoxTV account? Don’t want to pay those ridiculous hotel movie rates? Take your Roku with you! With the VideoBoxTV Roku channel, you’ll never fly solo again.


17 Responses to “Roku: VideoBoxTV Now Available Worldwide!”

  1. 123 Says:

    Its great that you do all this work on Roku etc but seems like almost every day some of the movie scenes are mislabeled or there are no stars labeled even though its already in IAFD and when you complain about it they just delete your comment.

  2. zapp Says:

    @123: This is a roku-related post, please stay on-topic… Apologies if you feel your comments have been deleted unjustly in the past; the best way to notify the VideoBox team about content-related issues is sending email to Most of the team (myself included) reads all those emails, and we do what we can to respond promptly. Thanks!

  3. ironmet Says:

    Hello, I have Roku, but am unable to find either VideoBox or VBTV in Roku’s menu. Where is it? Under what name Video Box is on Roku? What category? Thanks.

  4. zapp Says:

    @ironmet: unfortunately the Roku public channel store does not allow adult channels, but fortunately they have a process for adding what they call “private channels”. Please read our instructions here for adding the channel to your account: and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at

  5. ironmet Says:

    @ZAPP: by following your detailed instructions I have successfully added VB to my ROKU account. Appreciate your help.

  6. Liquidd Says:

    Zapp. Why have we not created a forum that will allow the users voice their complaints without getting deleted? A forum where they can group together and start a section where they can show their concerns? I am sure that many others would agree that they might like to have that.

  7. zapp Says:

    @Liquidd: Please keep your comments relavent to the post topic. We don’t currently have a general forum because we don’t have the man-power to moderate it, but we appreciate your feedback and will make sure it’s given full consideration. In the meantime, please send general questions or concerns to

  8. Germad Says:

    What is the name of the scene shown on the Roku ad? The blonde taking it in the butt? I must see it!

  9. massivemouse Says:

    Can I download the video box men app.into the roku box in (Canada)?

  10. zapp Says:

    @massivemouse: absolutely! The same videobox channel will work with your VideoBoxMEN account, and we’ve got many confirmed happy Canadian users 🙂

  11. zapp Says:

    @Germad: let me check with our graphics designer and I’ll let you know.

  12. Germad Says:


  13. taintlickin Says:

    I want to know too.

    Germad Says:
    June 15th, 2012 at 2:17 pm
    What is the name of the scene shown on the Roku ad? The blonde taking it in the butt? I must see it!

  14. taintlickin Says:

    What is the name of the scene shown on the Roku ad? The blonde taking it in the butt? I must see it! An what is her Name

  15. Germad Says:

    Yo Zapp, I’m still waiting!

  16. zapp Says:

    @Germad: sorry to keep you waiting, I talked to our content guy, who originally found the image… he said he found it through a photo service, so it wasn’t necessarily from VB. He’s on vacation right now, but he said he’d have a look around and see if he could figure out who the actress is when he gets back later this week.

  17. taintlickin Says:

    Zapp Is you graphics guy back from CaVation yet?