Clip Download Issues: We’re On It

Hey VideoBoxers,

As some of you have noticed, we have recently removed WMV custom-clip download options from the site. We made this decision because of the complexity involved with creating this particular file type, and the fact that WMVs are fast becoming an obsolete format that most modern devices don’t support. We view this decision as similar to the one we made to drop support for Internet Explorer 6 & 7 a while ago.

Custom clips can still be downloaded as MP4 files, and full scenes can still be downloaded as MP4 or WMV; it’s just the custom-clip WMVs that are no longer available.

Some users have reported difficulties with playback of the custom-clip MP4s in certain software programs, however. We are aware that this is an issue and are working as quickly as possible to resolve it. In the meantime, we recommend VLC player to all of you. VLC is a free software program that can play all media types and provides the user excellent control over playback. It plays our MP4 custom clips without issue.

VLC can be downloaded for free at:

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and will post here again when we have a solution for MP4 playback for a wider array of programs.

The VideoBox Team


18 Responses to “Clip Download Issues: We’re On It”

  1. Adam Says:


    Some nice-to-haves, unrelated:
    1) I’d really like to be able to delete or empty entire Stash folders.

    2) The clips section does a pretty good job of allowing us to add custom tags to scenes, but only with respect to clips. Can you add user-defined tags to all scenes, movies, etc, and allow us to search and filter on those? The “niches” section doesn’t cover quite enough.

    3) Regardless of system or browser, when watching a scene, mousing over the bar shows a screenshot of where that scene is, theoretically, supposed to be. It’s never accurate. It appears to show one scene based on some interval. Conceptually, I can see how making this more accurate would be difficult, though

    4) In line with #2, user-defined sections for scenes. Similar to clips, but viewable / browseable from scenes. Then give us some kind of “next section” button. I don’t know how you’d coordinate from which user you get indices from

    5) Better sorting criteria for clips. I don’t see “Most Commented” anymore (didn’t that used to exist?), though that seemed to mostly just highlight the most shocking material. Considering the number of clips and likelihood of any significant number of users seeing them, “Most Popular” doesn’t even make sense.

    6) Community-visible stashes. We can share clips, so why can’t we share sections of clips, or related clips? I find some users don’t actually seem to understand the terms they tag clips with, so being able to rely on a certain user or set of users for similar content would be good.

    7) Related to #6, a more tree-based organization scheme for user-defined tags and de-duplication. For the former, “anal creampie” and “oral creampie” are both categorical children of “creampie,” while there are a lot of tags with the same meaning (“double penetration” and “dp,” etc). I wouldn’t want you to have to spend the time doing this, so perhaps another case of allowing community definitions?

    8) Optional removal of “live girls” section to main page. I’m not interested and I won’t use it. I’m paying for content already, so please stop pushing this one.

    9) Download queue. Similar to a stash, but where users can pick scenes / clips, the desired format, and have that information go into a list. Then we can just click a “download” button next to each in a table (or “download next”) and have it automatically remove from the list. I generally do my browsing and downloading at different times, so currently I have to: a) go to a stash, b) select a scene (usually in a new tab), c) start the download, d) remove the scene from my stash.

    10) And, finally, somewhat related to #9, the time it takes to add and remove scenes from stashes is sometimes longer than expected. Not sure if there’s much to be done here.

  2. steve Says:

    Hm. First off, “Adam” above: that’s a really stupid place to put all that shit. Sorta off topic my friend.

    And well, this sucks. I’ve noticed that VLC doesn’t work for shit either. Half the mp4 i download through the clip thing will START on VLC and Window Media Player – only in BOTH programs it crashes/freezes if you try and SKIP AHEAD on the movie. So it “plays” and plays in its entirety… but only if you DONT skip ahead. BOO!!!

  3. Deltor0 Says:

    THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS sucks SUCKS! I have been a customer off and on since 2008 and now that I have rejoined the site, I can not download custom clips. So wHaT, I NOW HAVE TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER JUST TO HAVE THIS FEATURE??? As the post before me said BOO , that doesn’t even begin to cover it!

    VLC sucks as well and I know many people who had that system and All it EVER did was crash their computer!
    WONDERING if they will do the right thing and refund my money I just paid so as I can go somewhere else????

  4. StaySexy1 Says:

    Thanks for the blog post – it is good to be informed of any issues.

    MP4 and H.264 is the future – there is little doubt of that (IMHO). Same thing for HTML5 as Adobe Flash is fading away. So, more movement in that direction is good.

    I appreciate all the effort that must have gone into developing the “custom clip” capabilities – a truly unique feature of VB. But…..

    With a high speed internet connection and free video editing tools it is really easy to just download the scene or clip and edit on the local machine. Conversion to other file formats is easy too.

    As for VLC – we have used it for years on all types of hardware and operating systems with very good results.

  5. al Says:

    “we have recently removed WMV custom-clip download options from the site. We made this decision because of the complexity involved with creating this particular file type”
    “we´re on it”

  6. Deltor0 Says:

    This information after a call to microsoft, according to microsoft, over 500 million users worldwide are still using the “WMV” format through windows XP. They estimate that this will continue but begin to fade over the next 5 to 6 years. YOU PULLED THAT PLUG ON WMV”S TOO FAST.
    No big deal, it’s your company you can do and amend policies as you wish, and I can make a decision with others to take our dollars elsewhere.

    I found a temp. fix for my situation, but the inconvenience has pissed me off and has me looking for an alternative provider. I have been loyal to your comapany since 2008, this is the loyalty you give back??

  7. steve Says:

    Thought I’d post one more time, to chime in with the others here. Cutting WMV because it’s an “outdated format” is probably a load of B.S. Sorry guys, but WMV isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon (as Deltor said). The real reason, I’m assuming, is because MP4 are faaar smaller in size then WMV. And personally I find it lesser quality as well.

    So not only do half my downloads not work, but you’ve also cheapened the overall quality of my downloads.

    I have been a full-time member for probably close to 4 or 5 years straight now and love this site above any other I’ve tried. PLEASE return WMV and stop fucking around.

  8. Goodale Says:

    Actually the biggest clip download issue is the one you created yourself by eliminating custom-clip wmv downloads. This was one of the best features of your site that I and I’m sure an awful lot of other members of this site used. It’s your business and you can do what you want with the site. It’s also my money and for the first time since my 6 year membership I will be thinking long and hard whether to renew it. Maybe I’ll decide you’re still the best site but you’re nowhere as good as you used to be. Plus an element of trust will forever be lost as I wonder what other arbitrary and sudden change without notice you’ll decide to institute to the detriment of many of your members in the future.

  9. StaySexy1 Says:

    We used to use WMV for everything but then…

    we bought iPads and iPhones and iPods – they prefer MP4;

    we added a Roku – it does not play WMV but plays MP4s just fine;

    we discovered vlc and handbrake and avidemux and freemake – all free software to play, edit and convert video on the local computer.

    So, while it was hard to leave WMV, our life is much simpler now with the same file playable on multiple devices.

  10. Bob Says:

    My responses to the comments thus far:

    @Adam: thanks very much for your feedback, even if it is off-topic. Some excellent suggestions and input there, for which we are always grateful. We have a “Suggest Site Enhancement” drop-down option on the contact form at if you are looking for the best place to send stuff like this going forward.

    @steve and @Deltor0: Please email customer support directly at and we will be glad to help you with specific fix steps as well as troubleshooting any scenes with which you are having issues. You definitely do not need a new computer, and we are very confident that we can get you back in custom-clip business before you know it. I apologize again for any inconvenience.

    @Goodale (and everyone): Let me reassure you that we have been watching the WMV download rate for quite a while. We do not make decisions like this lightly, as we value each and every one of you, our customers. The fact is, WMV downloads now account for a small fraction of overall downloads, so our hope is to get everyone transitioned over as smoothly as we can. We are working right now on a fix for the MP4 custom clips which should soften the landing nicely. Meanwhile, Support is here to help you, so please email us if you need help.

    @al: “Some users have reported difficulties with playback of the custom-clip MP4s in certain software programs, however. We are aware that this is an issue and are working as quickly as possible to resolve it” == “We’re on it”

    @StaySexy1: Thank you for your contributions here. It is always helpful when customers are willing to step in and offer support/solutions to other customers, which is what we’re trying out with the Roku forum (see For now, that’s an experiment; I’ll be curious to hear what folks think of it.

  11. StaySexy1 Says:

    Bob – thanks for posting your comments.

    You are showing that VB is present to and engaging with customers by your blog posts and comments. Anyone can go back 5 years and read the history of the VB Blog and customer dialogue. I know of no other company with this much transparency… THANKS!

  12. steve Says:

    Heheh, I do appreciate the personal reply, as staysexy said, even if it doesn’t really help any 🙂 I’ll just patiently wait for the “fix” to come on board, before I download anything else from custom clips. As custom clips + full HD scenes are all I download.

    It’s all good, It’s just porn… I can wait.

  13. racsoretlaw Says:

    You say that WMV is dead and going away but it’s the ONLY format I download. I don’t find custom clip download very useful because I can’t really tell where the best cut is. I download WMV’s because they are big enough to view full screen but smaller than the other formats except the iPhone tiny ones. So what are you going to replace the WMV format with or are you just going to drop it?

  14. ronaldo Says:

    Recently had clip DL issues .I purchased Windows 7 software about a month ago and upgraded , rather than buy a new computer since my current computer still has plenty of life left . Windows Media Player 12 plays all current VideoBox formats very well as well as older WMV formats . Way sharper than VLC .THERE ARE some minor glitchs but I am learning to use the new Windows 7 software.

  15. Bob Says:

    All, please see the update at The issue with playback is resolved, and I also mention in that update that we have no plan to remove full-scene WMVs at this time.

    @ronaldo: Thanks for the info, glad to hear it’s working for you. Fortunately, folks with older machines should be good to go too, with a variety of software options available for editing and playback.

  16. Ghost Says:

    That you for the update, but there was no mention of DVD resolution WMV downloads that are garbled / noisy. This has been going on for quite some time and occurs primarily with Jules Jordan, Red Light District, and Platinum X DVD updates. You guys have never addressed this issue or even acknowledged it happens. I do know from the hard copies of those DVDs that many of them are burned on a red disc… maybe that is causing some sort of interference with your DVD ripping software. I don’t know. If you guys are working on it, I’d like to know. The easiest example I can give is the DVD update for “Dual Invasion #4”. Every single file in that update for the WMV DVD 640×480 resolution downloads are garbled / noisy. As for the topic, I have no preference for WMV over MP4, just whichever works and is uploaded in a high quality. If you guys completely abandoned WMV for the high resolution downloads, I wouldn’t personally be opposed as long as it is not noisy.

  17. Bobo Says:

    I am using VLC to view custom clips. I liked WMV better – it looked better and you could it slow it with keystrokes instead of having to use a menue. Off subject, but I miss the current releases at the top of the page.

  18. Ruizpipo666 Says:

    I wish I found this blog post before I renewed yesterday — I feel like I just flushed $15.00 down the toilet. My Mac (OS X 10.5.8) will not play back any of the MP4 clips I downloaded and I don’t understand why there is no mention of this issue in the FAQ section. It has been over 24 hours since I e-mailed support (twice) and I have yet to receive a reply. More disturbing is the original “We’re on it” post is now over two weeks old. Until the problem is fixed, customers unable to use the site should be given full refunds!