MP4 Clips Fixed

Just a quick note to let you all know we have discovered the source of our problem with MP4 custom clips. Content released from here forward should not be affected, and will play on the major video playback programs for both Windows and Mac. Last night we began re-encoding affected files that are currently on the site, so those fixes will hit the site as they are completed.

If you see any issues with custom clips, please use the form on our contact page and give us as much info as possible on the affected scene.

Note: full-scene downloads were not affected, and will continue to be fine, and we have no plan to remove full-scene WMVs at this time.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The VB Team


22 Responses to “MP4 Clips Fixed”

  1. Pervy juggler Says:

    Wtf happened to the day’s new releases on the home page? Both vb2 and 3 are missing the new releases on the top of the home page! If this is a change … Do. Not. Like. If this isn’t intentional, I’m on an iPad just upgraded to iOS 6.

    Not being able to check out the new porn releases makes baby Jebus sad.

  2. Jim Says:

    Why are you now hiding the five new videos? Why can’t you make them easier to find?

  3. Texas2185 Says:

    Agree with two posters above. I cannot access the new movies. Please fix.

  4. Biceps Says:

    Hey, you guys made a change last night to VB3. WTF is with this new format? You guys are showing me “recommended movies” from 5 years ago instead of the new movies from today? Come on! If I want to look at vids from 5 years ago, I’ll click a couple times and get there. I check the site daily for new content, not OLD content. Change it back, please.

  5. Norml Says:

    Agree with above posts. I used and liked the new vids without hunting for them.

  6. Bob Says:

    Hello All, the change you noticed on the member home page is intentional. We are emphasizing recommended movies there to provide a more personalized, relevant selection of content. You can still find the newest movies on the “movies” page ( when you click “Newest to Oldest” at the top. And, we are still adding 5 new movies each day.

    Let’s keep the other comments on this post relevant to the post itself. If anyone has further questions regarding the home page layout, or support needs, please send us a message using the form on the contact page: Thanks!

  7. Pervy juggler Says:

    Why not make a blog post announcing the change in direction and we can all comment there?
    What is it about these recommended movies that makes them worth emphasizing?
    If they deserve a top spot on my home page, surely you have licensed some amazing new recommendation engine or something. I mean it would be silly to say you wanted to bury the new releases and emphasize *hey look its five random old movies*.
    If the intent was to emphasize the backlog, and not just fill the space of a section you wanted to bury, why delete the new releases at the same time. Adding a section is an independent act, whereas removing something and filling its place are interdependent acts.
    Why would you go back and update the old site unless you were trying to bury the new releases?
    Why are you using the home page to emphasize what *you* want instead of what your customers want?
    Why wouldn’t you use the configurable home page sections to display recommended content to add *more* value?

    There is a huge amount of value in the backlog, and there are all sorts of ways that you can approach leveraging that value, but burying content acquisition isn’t a viable method. The content being added to the site is a key value metric for your customers. Without visibly seeing quality content being added to the site on a regular basis, VB is just a collection of old porn vids. That is something you don’t want to become, because every customer and potential customer already has that sitting on their hard drive, or stashed under the bed.

  8. Japannabis Says:

    Posed the same question to the support staff like ‘Bob’ suggested, got the same generic (and irrelevant) answer that ‘Bob’ posted above, which is clearly missing the point of the whole thing. Support staff thought I was retarded and thought there were no new updates. NO! not the point I was making. New shit should appear first, recommended old content second. Period.

  9. Not Kraw KRAW Says:

    I posted this as a customer support message but it is relevant to the topic, which is the MP4 files are fixed (they are not):

    You have not fixed the new MP4 at all despite your claims.
    On full downloads of MP4 half the time and sometimes all the time they are not conforming. This means they will not play in Quicktime 7. If an MP4 will not play in Quicktime given that Apple pretty much defined the adoption of H264 as a standard, then they are non-conforming.

    On partial downloads of MP$ (“original” custom clips) they also do not open in Quicktime with an error saying there is an invalid public movie atom.

    There are so many ways to export to MP4 from MPEG2 that conform, I am amazed that you’ve managed to find one that makes non confroming MP4.

    For the whole clip for example – the “straight rip” of a DVD to MP4 you could use Handbrake, set the DVD in place and let it rip and encode in an hour and create perfect MP4. Or you could batch process the titles in MPE Streamclip – again perfect exports. What you use to assemble partial clips, I don’t know, but it needs help, but in the meantime at least put up whole clips that meet the MP4 standard.

    I have been able to use alternative odd programs to successfully read and convert your MP4 to usable files. But I should not have to.

    Note because you can get VLC to watch clips doesn’t mean they are encoded properly. VLC will try to force to play anything. It is an OK player but it is really best at being the player for badly made files, not well made ones.

  10. Pervy juggler Says:

    Yeah, the “tell it to support” response was clearly sending the message that Bob doesn’t want to hear about it, and he doesn’t want anyone else to hear about it either.

    To further the distraction, you will note that rather than post a blog entry about their own site changes they posted a story about a new Roku device that isn’t even out yet, just so they could bury this story and its comments

  11. Diero Says:

    Whats with the “recommended” movies. Anyone who has been a long time member, as I have, have seen these older clips when originally posted??? Lets get some new stuff, esp some more matures and grannies. Or am I missing something?

  12. Ghost Says:

    Thank you for the update, but there was no mention of DVD resolution WMV downloads that are garbled / noisy. This has been going on for quite some time and occurs primarily with Jules Jordan, Red Light District, and Platinum X DVD updates. You guys have never addressed this issue or even acknowledged it happens. I do know from the hard copies of those DVDs that many of them are burned on a red disc… maybe that is causing some sort of interference with your DVD ripping software. I don’t know. If you guys are working on it, I’d like to know. The easiest example I can give is the DVD update for “Dual Invasion #4″. Every single file in that update for the WMV DVD 640×480 resolution downloads are garbled / noisy. As for the topic, I have no preference for WMV over MP4, just whichever works and is uploaded in a high quality. If you guys completely abandoned WMV for the high resolution downloads, I wouldn’t personally be opposed as long as it is not noisy.

  13. Bob Says:

    Hey all, I know some of you have done this already, but for those who haven’t, the best way for you to get issues resolved is to submit the feedback form at I say this not as a misdirection, but because when you submit via that form, a bunch of debugging info gets attached to the email we receive, like the server you are connecting to, your account’s username and email address, your browser, etc — all of which narrows down the investigation for us greatly, therefore speeding up response times. We also have an awesome support staff ready to respond directly to those emails during normal business hours, whereas the blog is more a loosely-monitored, “when we have time” sort of thing. The blog is great for general feedback and info, but not so much for troubleshooting. So on any/all issues, you are way more likely to get a satisfactory response, and sooner, by submitting the form. I hope this helps!

  14. Strangepork Says:

    All due respect Bob, but if removing the new updates from the home page was an intentional site wide change for everybody, support doesn’t need to collect any debugging info. No investigation needed. You changed something on purpose, and many people don’t like it.

  15. Strangepork Says:

    Also, Bob, I have stated in the past that I personally care more about finding hidden gems in the archives than just checking out what was posted new today. If your goal is to “provide a more personalized, relevant selection of content” I think this is a valid topic for discussion. Personalized and relevant to me suggests that everybody gets to see what they want and hide what they don’t want, and that they should have some say in it. Three of the five recommended movies I see on the home page have category tags that I actively avoid.

  16. Ghost Says:

    Bob, thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve tried that and got no response or fix or acknowledgment. I have even tried a polite comment the same day within the DVD upload comment box so that you have a chance to reupload affected scenes (I’m reasonable… I don’t expect your staff to reupload a DVD from 3 years ago), and the staff here erased my comment instead of fixing it. This points directly to you guys knowing about the issue, but either having no way of fixing it, or simply refusing to fix it. I’m not trying to sound rude or arrogant, it’s just I did try the nice way and it seems like you guys went out of your way to make me look stupid like I was in the wrong and not you.

  17. Biceps Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I still think your new site design stinks. I have been a member for years, so don’t need a daily reminder there is years of content on VB – that is why I am a member. However, the way you implemented the change is poor. WHY DO I HAVE TO CLICK THREE TIMES TO SEE A NEW RELEASE? I check your site daily to see new releases – it there’s nothing I like there, I’ll browse old content. You wanna put ‘recommendations’ up there, fine, but taking away the new releases is stupid. I see a lot of comments below from others who are confused by the change, and I find your explanation to be pretty inane and it doesn’t address why I need to click 3 times. Long time member… going once, going twice… your call, dude – but I don’t stick around where people don’t listen to their customers.

  18. thirdeye666 Says:

    The clips are not entirely fixed. Found a few since yesterday, but most recent = Fuck My Teen Pussy, Scene 5 … go to the custom clips, and select the last 5 frames of the movie (the cumshot). Or ANYTHING including the LAST frame — the file that downloads is broken (i.e. i can’t skip ahead and it shows as the Full Length of the movie if seen in a folder 53:43:38)

    Now using the same movie – select the last 5, except DON’T include the final frame. The file that downloads works and shows the proper length, but is missing the last 30 seconds or whatever of the clip.


  19. giblerit Says:

    Stop fiddling and fix the default view. Thank you.

  20. tallorder Says:

    An old and wise saying; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    I’m not at all sure of what advantage was supposed to be gained by the recent decisions to (a) end the WMV option for custom clips and (b) display a “recommended” selection instead of the daily updated selection, but for this once-enthusiastic user they have forced the end to what I had looked forward to as an ongoing relationship. I’m sure plenty of your current and potential future customers aren’t all that willing to immediately dive into the future and purchase the upgrades such as a new operating system or a new bigger drive to handle the needed software only to find out that that isn’t all that great (referring to VLC here) when the “old way” worked just fine. I’m and old timer who’s seen more than one outfit go to hell because of the urge to “geek tweak” what should have been left alone.

  21. Ruizpipo666 Says:

    I’m totally agree with you tallorder! My iMac works just fine playing back WMV clips I downloaded six months ago, but now this site has been rendered virtually useless with the stupid decision to abandon this format. I downloaded the VLC software, but it constantly crashes and only plays back about 25% of the MP4 clips I downloaded over the past two days since renewing my subscription. E-mails to “Support” have now gone unanswered for over 48 hours — what a damn shame!

  22. JohnFahey Says:

    “Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please feel free to let us know how we can make your VideoBox experience better.”

    Please respond to the service requests that I have been making. The H.264 and iPhone versions of the following are STILL corrupt.