Changing “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs”

As many of you noticed, last week we changed the top content bin on the home page from “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs”. I’m writing this post to give some background on this decision.

First, I want to apologize about making this change without any communication. I know we made it confusing and less convenient for many people whose usage pattern is to check out the latest content.

So why did we make this change? A couple big reasons:

We want to display more relevant content

We have an archive of over 13,000 movies. Chances are, the last 5 DVDs added to the site will not appeal to you as much as 5 that we can recommend algorithmically.

Our recommendation algorithm is pretty good (though I think it can be a lot better). For one thing, it automatically chooses videos that you haven’t seen before. With over 13,000 DVDs, no one has seen more than a fraction of our library (that’s over 2 years of continuous 24/7 porn watching).

Our metrics confirm an increase in relevancy: after one week, we’ve seen a 9% increase in downloads since we promoted recommended over newest DVDs.

The world is *gasp* running low on new porn

There’s less porn being made these days. And much of it cannot be licensed without putting the content into designated premium channels.

Historically, our value proposition has been strongly linked to “5 new DVDs a day”. Because of changes to the external market, we can’t keep adding 5 DVDs a day forever.

So we need to reframe our value proposition to be more about overall quality of content that you experience, rather than simply what’s new.

I want to thank you for your patience and for being part of this site.
So far, there’s been an increase in downloads without an increase in cancellations, so I feel like these changes are moving us in the right direction. And things should only get better by improving our recommendations.

Thank you,


61 Responses to “Changing “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs””

  1. Ryan Says:

    Today’s update is a good one. The news made things sound worse than they are.

  2. R.J. Says:

    I pay for my subscription to see new content, not content that’s been on the website and just put on the main page, it’s like recycling, and it’s a waste of my money.

    I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, so it really pisses me off that the “recommended content” is put up there, who cares about your little increase in downloads? Put the newest DVDs back.

    You pretty much lost my business, I’m cancelling my account…who wants to pay for content that’s BEEN on your website? That’s some bull s**t.

  3. sejd321 Says:

    I totally agree with RJ. You`re putting on a great front. Plain and simple we`ve been lied too. Majority of your members signed on for new content which you were supposed to supply each and every day. Two years ago you would place 5 new videos throughout the day. Than you switched it to 5 new videos commencing @ 8am.Again, the laziness factor, nothing more. For the record, you gave us excuses back than as well.
    I`m positive there are plenty of old series you can purchase outright on the cheap. For example, “Real Sex Magazine” can be bought without costing you much money.Thats decent content. Instead, of telling us outright lies, how about doing something constructive and make your subscribers happy, before majority exit the door?

  4. Mass Says:

    Running low on porn? 2 words: Videobox Productions.

  5. Gorf Says:

    Are you kidding? There has been so much porn made over the last couple of decades, your library, though large, doesn’t put a scratch on it. There’s plenty available, I suspect you are just having a better revenue stream from your channels, and want to change your business model. Your choice, your business, but I would much rather see more content. The vivid, ea, is fine, but narrow, and I appreciate variety. If you want to narrow down your offerings because it is more profitable for you, just say so. I can go looking for another service. I agree with others that there was no reason to take the newest DVDs off the main page. Inconvenient, and your recommendations are not what I want, and I don’t want to rate things either. Just post the porn, that’s what we pay for.

  6. polevod Says:

    The main bullshit here was to pull this huge stunner with absolutely no announcement, and then when someone mentioned it on the roku blogpost the response was “please stay on topic.” Puh-lease, I almost cancelled that very second.

    Still, I appreciate the eventual honesty, nice save, and I can sympathize with the issues.

    However, it changes things for me. I am an extremely long timer, since before the site was videobox- it was video corner- maybe 2003. I have seen several rounds of licensing changes over the years, never announced, but evident from how certain things disappeared and reappeared.

    I may not have watched every movie, but I’ve looked at the screen caps for just about every damn one, as they’ve come in over the years. The WHOLE THING about porn is that it has to be new. Very few scenes have true staying power.

    I understand the new business model may result in the sacrifice of old timers like me as customers, but when I have to look to hard for new content i’ll be gone.

  7. me Says:

    I’ll i can say is the suggestions for me suck!!!Dont reflect my tastes at all.I have a question for ropeadope also.Why cant we set or edit the other 2 spots on mainpage.I used to be able to click an edit and choose what i like to see now it is always the same.seems were are losing part of our original deal that i stupidly signed up for a year,,,my bad,,,wont happen again,at least not here.

    was happy not anymore\


  8. sejd321 Says:

    Its very clear from reading all the comments here that everyone feels cheated. Its evident Josh& co. are, shall i say “pulling our chains” in hopes they can convince you other wise!
    Its clear they`re making a profit and now we`re simply dealing with a GREED FACTOR. Telling everyone “They`re working hard to make subscribers happy” isn`t VB`s thing. Vivid and EA are fine,but i sure as heck don`t want to watch these studios each day. BTW: Ask Pink V how they`re membership has been on the decline these past 3 years…The format became old and outdated.Paying to watch Reality Kings is worthless as well.
    There are thousand of porn vids made each year. To tell ppl otherwise is pure BS. My guess is they`re planning on going the route of AEBN.

  9. David Says:

    Please change back. The new system just list the same five videos every day.

  10. madphilprof Says:

    Disappointed that what’s “new” is just old stuff being rotated. I regret I renewed.

  11. phantomgray Says:

    Please allow us to personalize our homepage. I’m a long time member, and I come here for the new posts. I’d like all of the defaults set to Newest to Oldest.