Changing “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs”

As many of you noticed, last week we changed the top content bin on the home page from “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs”. I’m writing this post to give some background on this decision.

First, I want to apologize about making this change without any communication. I know we made it confusing and less convenient for many people whose usage pattern is to check out the latest content.

So why did we make this change? A couple big reasons:

We want to display more relevant content

We have an archive of over 13,000 movies. Chances are, the last 5 DVDs added to the site will not appeal to you as much as 5 that we can recommend algorithmically.

Our recommendation algorithm is pretty good (though I think it can be a lot better). For one thing, it automatically chooses videos that you haven’t seen before. With over 13,000 DVDs, no one has seen more than a fraction of our library (that’s over 2 years of continuous 24/7 porn watching).

Our metrics confirm an increase in relevancy: after one week, we’ve seen a 9% increase in downloads since we promoted recommended over newest DVDs.

The world is *gasp* running low on new porn

There’s less porn being made these days. And much of it cannot be licensed without putting the content into designated premium channels.

Historically, our value proposition has been strongly linked to “5 new DVDs a day”. Because of changes to the external market, we can’t keep adding 5 DVDs a day forever.

So we need to reframe our value proposition to be more about overall quality of content that you experience, rather than simply what’s new.

I want to thank you for your patience and for being part of this site.
So far, there’s been an increase in downloads without an increase in cancellations, so I feel like these changes are moving us in the right direction. And things should only get better by improving our recommendations.

Thank you,

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61 Responses to “Changing “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs””

  1. Adam Says:

    So, pretty much, it’s because you won’t be updating with new content as often.

    Ok, then.

  2. Freddie Says:

    But the search for newest to oldest isn’t accurate any more. Is this going to be corrected?

  3. ropeadope Says:

    Josh said: With over 13,000 DVDs, no one has seen more than a fraction of our library (that’s over 2 years of continuous 24/7 porn watching).

    Um hello Josh, have we been introduced? I guess you’re technically correct, as 97/100 is indeed a fraction.

    Loving the site more than ever. Since writing the Roku for beginners post, I’ve entered the 21st Century and purchased an HD television (two in fact). The streaming video is amazing on the large screen, and I strongly encourage all VideoBox subscribers to integrate a Roku into their home network. It’ll only take the viewing of a few scenes before you’ll be kicking yourself for not acting sooner.

    Also enjoying many of the new studios in the VideoBox stables, and the return of some old favorites.

    When may I return to contributing to the blog? Not that the articles by Bob, Zapp, and yourself aren’t riveting, but I’ve got an itch to write, and a little variety might be in order. If I have the green light, just say the word.

  4. 1234 Says:

    I agree with this part:

    We have an archive of over 13,000 movies. Chances are, the last 5 DVDs added to the site will not appeal to you as much as 5 that we can recommend algorithmically.

    there’s always been too much emphasis on the 5 newest vids for some reason. Also its good that VB can explain to us some of the realities they face in buying more videos for the site.

  5. giblerit Says:

    well I give you credit for coming clean… let the punter set a preference then.

  6. Dee Says:

    I strongly disagree. Your recommendations are not what I want. I have different tastes and I feel that it will take me longer to find the content I like. I understand that you feel that you cannot keep up with 5dvds a day, however this is what you promised from the start. That is why we come to this service. I think if you intend on changing this you need to offer us a suitable compromise. Otherwise I will leave your service.

  7. lite Says:

    I think it’s bullshit. Why cant we set our own preferences? If I want newly updated shit then let me have it. dont take it away.

  8. Ninja9 Says:

    I’d rather have less updates of a higher caliber than 5 updates a day of recycled scenes or new additions from studios that are just horrible (conistently bad lighting, very unattractive “amateurs”, etc.). I do understand the inability to continually post 5 new quality DVD’s per day that are of high quality. I agree with the poster above, however, requesting that each individual user be allowed to select their own preference, as my personal preference as a long-time subscriber will always be to see the new additions. Being a long-time subscriber, I feel I HAVE seen much of the prior videos, so I just want to be able to easily see what is truly new as soon as I log in. I’d be happy with fewer but better releases, and the option to customize our own preferences, rather than having the changes made without prior notice to the members, or requesting feedback before changes are made to see if the members would actually prefer the changes. Also, please DO bring back ropeadope as a regular contributer! :)

    This remains the best site for the money anywhere, especially with the superior video editing optiions, but I have been frustrated with the lack of quality updates and the recent changes made and then only explained afterward. One of those is largely dependent on external market forces, but the second one is not. Having said that, thanks for taking the time to read this feedback from a long-term subscriber that feels sometimes less is more, and change is not ALWAYS a great thing.

  9. Steven Says:

    How about not adding brand new DVDs but adding some from the archives that have never reached here? There’s plenty of series on VB that have titles missing such as ‘Army of Ass’ has #4 missing and how about adding photo galleries that appear on DVDs on here too? Just thoughts on how to keep expanding VB.

  10. me Says:

    Roku R0X for use of video box,,,1st off and second i guess if we dont like the changes around here we can cancel,,,but I’m happy wwith this site and its value. With all the dvds on this site you should never run out of what ya want and if ya do you need to watch LESS PORN!!!!

    nough said


  11. josh Says:

    @Freddie: what do you mean? We changed the default sort on the DVDs page to “recently popular”, is that what you mean? You can still sort “newest to oldest”.

    @ropeadope: actually, about 0.01% of our users have seen the majority of our content. Congratulations, you are part of the 0.01% :) I’ll send you an email about resuming writing on the blog.

    @Dee: recommendations are personalized, so they should match your taste. At least, they should match better than the 5 most recent DVDs.

    @Ninja9: one of the things we’d like to experiment with is whether members prefer less but more expensive content vs. more but cheaper content. And these changes to how we present content give us more flexibility to try these things out.

  12. Freddie Says:

    What I mean is when I search“newest to oldest” it doesn’t give me the accurate movies from today, yesterday ect….

  13. josh Says:

    @Freddie: what link are you looking at? When I view, the content looks sorted correctly.

  14. Reb Says:

    I’ve been here off & on, lately I joined Download Pass. 10 new dvd quality updates per day at only $9.99 per month (the only issue I have with Download Pass is only 6 downloads at a time compared to 40-45 downloads at one time with Videobox). Download Pass has more variety than VideoBox, but as I said, their downloading is very fast so I continue to remain a member. To the issue about 5 updates per day – I like the old way, 5 new updates per day on the home page…but in order to appear that VideoBox is “adding” new dvds it rotates the old and the new in order to keep the prices down. I also have Netflix, when Netflix switched their core services about in June 2011, it threw several million customers for a loop but it helped refocus Netflix for its future money base – I am afraid Videobox is doing the same thing…sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone…I am with the other members of Videobox – after I sign up for Vivid – if the 5 updates per day goes down to 2 updates per day, then I’ll just stay with Download Pass…if it remains at 3 or 4 new updates per day, I will likely stay on board. Let us see what develops……..

  15. Dee Says:

    Josh well to answer your question. I am not into anal scenes. However my recommendations. Has almost 70% anal scenes. You tell me how this is customized to me. I think we should be able to customize our start up page. If I want to see the last added DVDs then that is my choice. I am not looking for videobox to market porn to me, just provide it.

  16. Mister Handy Says:

    Count me among those who did not like the new front page; while I’ve not watched everywhere near every video, I’ve looked at the front cover and list of categories and niches for almost every video that you’ve added since I joined the first time (back in early 2008, I think?) and when I came back after leaving for a while, I definitely scanned over everything that had been added.

    I’ve never had much luck with your recommendations engine; I gave up on rating movies a long while back, and started just using the ratings as a bookmark to indicate that I’d already downloaded it. From the new front page, it’s typically suggesting 2-3 of the films as ones I’ve already rated — and thus have a full download.

    Then again, I’d expect I’m an unusually heavy downloader; I just did a search on my hard drive under the “Videobox” folder, and it’s showing just over 20,000 files. While a few of those will be duplicate formats, by the scene count on the front page that means I’ve probably downloaded about 1/4 of the content.

    My lists of to-download are pretty extensive, though; I’m not going to unsubscribe just because the rate of net content goes down — although it can’t go down too much (3 disks a week, from the Premium channels, has never tempted me.)

    I just think it’s disingenuous to hide that slowdown off the front page, and it inconveniences my usage. Not enough to unsubscribe, at least until I get my to-download queue finished.

    (As an aside, I don’t see anyone mentioning another semi-recent change to VB3 that I don’t like: what happened to the tag on the end of the mp4 filename indicating the quality (_fh for DVD, _hh for HD)? It’s really nice to be able to tell by looking at it whether a file is in HD or not.

    Seems to still be there on VB2, which I still use most of the time, but when I forget and go to the main page…

  17. thirdeye666 Says:

    Absolutely love the honesty here. It’s much appreciated. I personally didn’t care at ALL what’s on the main page – it’s not hard to just click “by date” in the upper right.

    A good point has been made tho – why not let the members set their own preference? For the LARGE majority who probably actually like the recommended, there’s that. But for the pile of complainers… allow them to change the setting to show newest first!

    My issue, and the only thing making me question whether or not it’s worth renewing once my 6 months are up, is still the custom clip issues, ala .mp4. Very broken still, NOT fixed as you’ve claimed.

  18. nfmvt Says:

    Why not include both?

    Regardless whether you can maintain the “5 new DVDs a day” or not, it just makes sense to feature the newest content on the main page. Not featuring and advertising your newest content defies all logic.

  19. nfmvt Says:

    In addition, the newer content feels like a ghost town. There are barely any comments on newer DVDs and scenes, which sucks since I’ve always looked at comments to see other peoples reviews of scenes I’m on the fence about.

  20. reframe Says:

    Josh, I cannot believe how much whining you guys have to put up with every time you make a change. Yeah, I liked it better the old way. But now I just have to click once to get what it “started” with before; it’s not that big of a deal. Thanks for the update and this is still the best site on the internet.

  21. n0zanax Says:

    At first, I didn’t like the change from ‘newest,’ to ‘recommended.’ But I appreciate the change, now. If you’re a member here complaining that your recommendations aren’t accurate, WHY DON’T YOU TRY RATING MORE MOVIES. I rate just about every movie I find, and you know what? While not TOTALLY accurate, for the most part, it works. Well.

    I’ve already considered that the amount of new pron available is diminishing for VB. Complain all you like, you’d be hard pressed to find another site that has the vast(VAST) content that VB has. And for the price? Near impossible, if not impossible, to find another comparable content provider.

    There’s over 13,000 titles on the site. Not one member here can say without lying that none of those titles are new to him or her. Do a little searching. There’s plenty to be had beyond the 5 new titles a day.

    So, thanks for the change, Josh. I didn’t like it at first, but now I do.

  22. josh Says:

    @Dee: sounds like our recommendation system isn’t working for you. I hope to improve it.
    @thirdeye666: I’ll ask the team for an update on the .mp4 custom clip issue. I thought it was fixed.
    @reframe: thanks :) Actually, though, I appreciate that people take the time to express themselves. I prefer to hear negative feedback than nothing (or else how could we improve).

  23. I486dx41 Says:

    I dont like having to go through extra clicks to finid the new stuff. I don’t like the change but at least you are coming clean about it. Thanks.

  24. fazza Says:

    For all those who don’t like the extra clicks, how about doing what I do. I, like many of you, check for new content every day. I do this by going to my browser history tab, and click on the previous days results. If you use VB2, you should see a folder named ‘vb2.videobox’. expand that, and you should see one or more entries called ‘DVDs – VideoBox’ Click on that, and it will take you straight to the latest movies. It will bypass the login screen etc (unless your cookie has expired – they usually last a few days). If you use VB3, there should be a folder called ‘videobox’ with one or more entries called ‘Newest to Oldest Movies Page 1 on VideoBox’. I use Internet Explorer, but I’m sure this will work with other browsers.

  25. benmar51 Says:

    As for the “home page” change – It takes 2 clicks (literally 5 seconds) to get back to where it used to be. . .so every one complaining, stop the whining.

    As for the # and content of new releases, I would rather see 2-3 DVDs from large studios (like Anabolic, Jules Jordan, or maybe Elegant Angel??) than 50 DVDs from cheap studios (like Fresh Meat, Pandemonium, etc.). . .When in doubt, always opt for quality over quantity.

  26. nfmvt Says:

    The point is: there is no reason why both “new releases” and “recommended” don’t appear on the main page!

  27. oldtimer Says:

    How does one get
    “Newest to Oldest Scenes that contain your stashed stars”
    on Roku ? That’s my most used link on your website.

  28. ropeadope Says:

    @ Josh – Thank you, looking forward to your email. Ms. BD should have the correct email addy if you need it.

    @ Ninja9 – Much appreciative of your support, thank you.

    @ Freddie – Working properly for me. From the VB3 homepage, click movies, and once the new page loads, click newest to oldest. Sorted correctly for me using both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  29. HealthySex Says:

    Josh – thanks for your blog post and the blog in general – especially allowing our comments. This helps distinguish VideoBox as not only a great value but also having a customer focus – a rarity in this business.

    I like the new design better. Want to see the latest movies? 2 clicks away (”Movies” then “Newest to Oldest”) along with the easy category filters on the left side bar. The home page can now show a better balance of genres in “Today’s Recommended Movies”. So, for example, if the 5 newest releases are all the same genre (say the very common anal) then the home page does not have to show only anal movies front and center. So, while change is sometimes hard to swallow I think in the long run this change is a good idea.

    It would be helpful to know more about how “Today’s Recommended Movies” are selected, i.e. the “algorithm”, so we can control it a bit. For example, do we have to rate a scene or movie for it to count? If we rate a scene does that rating apply to all scenes in the movie?

    We might be unusual in that we don’t download at all. We use the main VB site to find content and Roku to watch. So I wonder if the studios would be willing to license more content if they knew members like us would be watching but not downloading…

    Despite the naysayers, VB is a great value and an extensive online archive. Your Roku app is absolutely “The Best!”


  30. HealthySex Says:

    @ropeadope – How did you add an extra line between paragraphs in your comments? It appears this blog software is stripping out the extra line I insert in the text box. Thanks!

    @Josh – Oh… maybe this is the way VB wants it – if so please delete this comment.

  31. DarKanUS Says:

    “Our metrics confirm an increase in relevancy: after one week, we’ve seen a 9% increase in downloads since we promoted recommended over newest DVDs.”

    Maybe that’s because streaming has been slow as molasses the last couple of weeks. I’ve had to resort to downloads it’s been so bad.

    I’ve actually got my finger on the ‘cancel account’ button now, but I’ll give you guys another week to get it figured out before I move on. It’s been great; I hope you get it together again. Until then, I’m going to pad my stash, so you might see those download numbers inflate again. Don’t be fooled.

  32. thirdeye666 Says:

    Josh – thank you for the direct reply, it’s appreciated. Just in case it helps, here’s the post I made on the other blog comments a while ago regarding exactly WHAT my problem is. This happens with approximately 6 out of every 10 clips I download and as recently as yesterdays update – as most of the time I only download the cumshots (end of the scene) and my problem ONLY occurs if downloading the last frame of the custom clip.

    Keep in mind that I’m not a moron (lol) and have been using this site exclusively for probably about 6 years now. With NO problems. I have never even considered going to your competitors – unfortunately, until now.

    The clips are not entirely fixed. A good example to use = Fuck My Teen Pussy, Scene 5. Go to the custom clips and then select the last 5 frames of the movie (the cumshot). Or ANYTHING including the LAST frame — the file that downloads is broken on any player (VLC included) and also will not load in my video editor that I’ve been using for 5 years to make my own compilations. The problem with the clips is that it OPENS, but then I can’t skip ahead at all (or it freezes/crashes) aaaaand it also shows as the Full Length of the movie if seen in a folder’s details 53:43:38 – when really it should be like 2 minutes. So I’m thinking the last frame, when downloaded, breaks the .mp4 container itself.

    Now using the same movie – select the last 5, except DON’T include the final frame. The file that downloads works and shows the proper length, but is missing the last 30 seconds or whatever of the clip. For many scenes, this last 30 seconds is where the cumshot is – and so therefor I’d miss it.

    Please look into this more closely and repair the issue. I have tried customer support, but only got back a generic “thank you for submitting” email.

  33. ropeadope Says:

    @ HealthySex – Looks good to me. Sometimes it can take awhile to show up as intended.

  34. josh Says:

    @HealthySex: the recommendation algorithm is mostly based on analyzing downloads (which includes streaming). It also takes ratings and favorites into account, but downloads tend to be the dominant data.

    @thirdeye66: thanks for that specific bug report — I was able to reproduce the problem with that scene. I’ll make sure this gets fixed.

    @ropeadope: actually, I don’t have your email. Can you send it to me — can you post it on Say ‘Feedback on VideoBox’ as your subject.

  35. Garrett Says:

    Why not have both “Recommended Movies” and “Newest Movies” on the opening log in page? That way everyone gets up to 10 new videos to look at regardless of what their preference is.

  36. SweetLee Says:

    I am not a fan of the new way at all. If there is something that looks good, I down load it. You want to recommend, but most of the old stuff is terrible when watching on DVD.

  37. Ninja9 Says:

    Thanks for the candid replies, Josh, it shows that you and VB do listen to the members, and that is definitely appreciated. :)

  38. sicarius Says:

    Why not add two lines then? Or make it an option? It’s apparent that a NUMBER of people are not happy with this change and there is, as far as I can tell, zero reason you can’t have BOTH recommended and the 5 latest DVDs added on the front page. I don’t care if you’re not getting 5 updates a day, but I’d like to be able to see the stuff added since I last checked the site without having to click 4 times and getting to an interface that won’t open in new tabs correctly. So yea, can you explain why this change was a) forced on us and b) there’s no option to roll back to the old method or add a second row of movies?

  39. headquart Says:

    The funny thing is, and this is totally unrelated to the actual movies. I enjoy reading the comments as we all look at the new movies together. I had to double take as there were movies in the new slot with old comments. That’s how I figured it out.

    While it’s giving me a presumed better selection of content compared to what I want to watch, it is eliminating some of the community that was from the commenting on new movies. That commenting often was better than the movie itself.

    Not that you should cater to that, after all this is a porn site. It was just one of the features that I enjoyed that stood apart from just going to youporn etc.

  40. 1234 Says:

    as mentioned earlier, one of the negatives is that comments on the new videos are way way down. There was a kind of humorous community there and i looked forward to reading their comments. Its not the same after a movie is a few days old because you know that the number of people reading the comments goes way down after those first few days.

  41. nep Says:

    I agree with garret give us a choice.RE…Why not have both “Recommended Movies” and “Newest Movies” on the opening log in page? That way everyone gets up to 10 new videos to look at regardless of what their preference is.

  42. Con Says:

    We may not have viewed 99% of everything, but we have scanned through much of the content and decided if it was worth our time or not.

    If new content isn’t available how about remastering the huge number of titles that say “shot in HD” on the box but exist only in SD here.

    When DVD’s start drying up what about the vast number of websites that have gone under due to file sharing? Surely there is good content out there wasting away that could be snapped up for a bargin price.

  43. Hedgehog Says:

    I’ll make you a deal, drop all the updates containing “enhanced” breasts and I will forgive you if you cut back to three or four updates a day! But this teaches me once again never, ever to subscribe for a year to any porn site. I don’t like negative changes sprung on me like this. And your recommendations are nowhere close to my taste. Now here is something I would love to see: recommend the videos with the best picture quality. I download a lot but also delete a lot once I see how blurry most of the older scenes are when being viewed on a modern monitor.

  44. Hedgehog Says:

    Oh, one more thing about the recommendations: Couldn’t possibly be a personal algorythm. Three of today’s videos I watched only the other day, two of them I rated lowly, a fourth one is POV which is not exactly one of my favorite niches. So how does that fit with your pronouncement that you are attempting to encourage us to view titles we have never looked at before. This is an almost impossible task anyway since I have been subscribing on and off for many years under different user names. I think this “recommended” business is simply a way of hiding the fact that in the future you will update less material a day.

  45. Zenemos Says:

    If you guys really want to push the Recommended videos on the front page (honestly this would be a good idea even if you weren’t), there should be a method of setting or suggesting what we like/don’t like for this “algorithm”, as it seems to need a lot of help as it is.

    I seem to recall at one point in the distant past on vb2 there was some sort of option on “My Profile” or whatever it was called back then where you could rate each of the major genres/categories (those they had at the time) to tell the Recommendations what you did and did not like, and it actually seemed to work pretty well, as I mostly only saw recommendations of content I did like, and didn’t see much of the latter. However no such option seems to exist anymore, unless I just couldn’t find it. Unless I’m just missing this somewhere, I think such an option could help out these Recommendations immensely, as many other users have already indicated getting lots of recommendations for things they don’t like to look at, so how can we influence this “algorithm”?

    As it is, it seems as if the only way to try to influence the recommendations (if even this works, several posters above me seemed to indicate even this wasn’t working for them) is to arbitrarily give every movie that contains content you like a 5-star rating (even if it’s rather mediocre movie), and to give a horrible rating to every movie that contains something you don’t like (even if it’s good otherwise). That kind of makes the rating system seem rather meaningless if I’m basing my ratings solely on whether or not there’s creampies/anal/teens/whatever (pick your poison) in or not in the movie simply so that I can try to clean up my recommendations. We need to be able to set our own preferences for this, please!

  46. ORMOND Says:

    I understand with less porn being made and all that. What I don’t like is it just being done for us. I the paying member should be able to set my own preferences. If one day you have to cut back how many DVDs you release per day we can cross that bridge when we come to it.
    As for all the “I’ll leave” people all I can say is Thank You for the extra bandwidth.

  47. LongTimeUser Says:

    This sucks, I think it’s time to find a new site or it’s time you guys start creating content.

    You guys have gotten rich over this site and now you just screw the users over because you don’t want to pay for the content.


  48. Vince Says:

    I would love to see VideoBox go back to some of their previous videos and re-release them in HD if possible (or re-master them). Technology has gotten so much better that it would be great to take ones loaded a long time ago, enhance them and re-release them as “new” to us. So many of the other sites are re-doing some of their older content. Is this possible from VideoBox?

  49. sejd321 Says:

    Its a shame you`ve decided to misrepresent the new changes in your site. What it all boils down to is you`ve gotten Fat and Lazy! When you changed the formatt last year it was clear how little respect you have for your members. The attitude here is “We`re the only game in town, either take it or leave it!” Thats the cruxt of the problem here. Nothing to do with 5 NEW Videos a Day! At least be honest and come clean….

  50. Ryan Says:

    The fact that you have an 9% increase in downloads can easily mean that people are downloading their favorite scenes in preparation to leave the site if things don’t improve.

  51. Ryan Says:

    Today’s update is a good one. The news made things sound worse than they are.

  52. R.J. Says:

    I pay for my subscription to see new content, not content that’s been on the website and just put on the main page, it’s like recycling, and it’s a waste of my money.

    I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, so it really pisses me off that the “recommended content” is put up there, who cares about your little increase in downloads? Put the newest DVDs back.

    You pretty much lost my business, I’m cancelling my account…who wants to pay for content that’s BEEN on your website? That’s some bull s**t.

  53. sejd321 Says:

    I totally agree with RJ. You`re putting on a great front. Plain and simple we`ve been lied too. Majority of your members signed on for new content which you were supposed to supply each and every day. Two years ago you would place 5 new videos throughout the day. Than you switched it to 5 new videos commencing @ 8am.Again, the laziness factor, nothing more. For the record, you gave us excuses back than as well.
    I`m positive there are plenty of old series you can purchase outright on the cheap. For example, “Real Sex Magazine” can be bought without costing you much money.Thats decent content. Instead, of telling us outright lies, how about doing something constructive and make your subscribers happy, before majority exit the door?

  54. Mass Says:

    Running low on porn? 2 words: Videobox Productions.

  55. Gorf Says:

    Are you kidding? There has been so much porn made over the last couple of decades, your library, though large, doesn’t put a scratch on it. There’s plenty available, I suspect you are just having a better revenue stream from your channels, and want to change your business model. Your choice, your business, but I would much rather see more content. The vivid, ea, is fine, but narrow, and I appreciate variety. If you want to narrow down your offerings because it is more profitable for you, just say so. I can go looking for another service. I agree with others that there was no reason to take the newest DVDs off the main page. Inconvenient, and your recommendations are not what I want, and I don’t want to rate things either. Just post the porn, that’s what we pay for.

  56. polevod Says:

    The main bullshit here was to pull this huge stunner with absolutely no announcement, and then when someone mentioned it on the roku blogpost the response was “please stay on topic.” Puh-lease, I almost cancelled that very second.

    Still, I appreciate the eventual honesty, nice save, and I can sympathize with the issues.

    However, it changes things for me. I am an extremely long timer, since before the site was videobox- it was video corner- maybe 2003. I have seen several rounds of licensing changes over the years, never announced, but evident from how certain things disappeared and reappeared.

    I may not have watched every movie, but I’ve looked at the screen caps for just about every damn one, as they’ve come in over the years. The WHOLE THING about porn is that it has to be new. Very few scenes have true staying power.

    I understand the new business model may result in the sacrifice of old timers like me as customers, but when I have to look to hard for new content i’ll be gone.

  57. me Says:

    I’ll i can say is the suggestions for me suck!!!Dont reflect my tastes at all.I have a question for ropeadope also.Why cant we set or edit the other 2 spots on mainpage.I used to be able to click an edit and choose what i like to see now it is always the same.seems were are losing part of our original deal that i stupidly signed up for a year,,,my bad,,,wont happen again,at least not here.

    was happy not anymore\


  58. sejd321 Says:

    Its very clear from reading all the comments here that everyone feels cheated. Its evident Josh& co. are, shall i say “pulling our chains” in hopes they can convince you other wise!
    Its clear they`re making a profit and now we`re simply dealing with a GREED FACTOR. Telling everyone “They`re working hard to make subscribers happy” isn`t VB`s thing. Vivid and EA are fine,but i sure as heck don`t want to watch these studios each day. BTW: Ask Pink V how they`re membership has been on the decline these past 3 years…The format became old and outdated.Paying to watch Reality Kings is worthless as well.
    There are thousand of porn vids made each year. To tell ppl otherwise is pure BS. My guess is they`re planning on going the route of AEBN.

  59. David Says:

    Please change back. The new system just list the same five videos every day.

  60. madphilprof Says:

    Disappointed that what’s “new” is just old stuff being rotated. I regret I renewed.

  61. phantomgray Says:

    Please allow us to personalize our homepage. I’m a long time member, and I come here for the new posts. I’d like all of the defaults set to Newest to Oldest.