Update: Changing “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs”

I just want to add an update to my last post.

While I still feel adding “Recommended DVDs” was a good change (as seen by an increase in our download numbers), I don’t wish to alienate the many members who want to see the latest content. So we’re going to change the home page to show:

  • Recommended DVDs
  • Recently Popular DVDs
  • Latest DVDs

We’ll tweak the “recently popular” calculation to emphasize newer content. That way, “recently popular” will change a lot, while still selecting for quality.

Also, we’ve verified that many custom clips fail if you download all the way to the end of the scene. We have a fix for this problem.

All of these changes should go out soon (within a week or so).



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29 Responses to “Update: Changing “Newest DVDs” to “Recommended DVDs””

  1. HealthySex Says:

    Josh – thanks for posting on the blog!

    There might be some value in having the Roku app match the home page – The Roku app currently displays rows for:
    Recently Popular HD
    Suggestions For You
    Popular Titles
    … and rows for stash, etc.

    It would be helpful to know how we (the members) can steer the “Recommended” or “Suggestions For You” to content more of our liking, i.e. genres/categories, if this is even possible. If not, then we have the scenes/movies with categories side bar to find content to add to our stash.

    VideoBox is a great value and we appreciate your (and all the VB employee’s) posts on the blog.

  2. thirdeye666 Says:

    Yaaaaay! :) :) Thank-you for looking into what was a seriously annoying issue (custom clip problems)! You guys rock.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ Josh – email addy sent as requested.

  4. Bob Says:

    @HealthySex, and all, we will also be updating the Roku app asap. The top bucket will be “Latest HD Titles,” as before, and the “Latest Titles” bucket will also be back. We’re looking into giving HD a bit more weight in Recently Popular for Roku as well; while there is typically a lot of HD in Recently Popular anyway, we know that HD is even more desirable on an HDTV and we will do our best to optimize for that experience.

  5. Ninja9 Says:

    This sounds to me, all the way around — thanks!

  6. LongTimeUser Says:

    It also appears that you have removed the “release date” off the videos. I guess that’s to hide that there is no new content on the site?

  7. Hedgehog Says:

    How can you say that you still think that the change to “recommended” was a good thing if I get the same five recommendations every day, two of them I have looked at already and marked low, one is a POV DVD, a category I am not particularly fond of, the other two are in no way presenting my personal taste or niche? And please, when you make the change back to latest updates, put them on the top!

  8. josh Says:

    @Hedgehog: can you confirm that your recommended DVDs aren’t changing every day? They should.

  9. i486dx41 Says:

    Thanks Josh. Big ups.

  10. Hedgehog Says:

    @josh: I can confirm with the utmost conviction that nothing ever changes. I still have the same recommendations (as of three minutes ago) that I’ve had for as long ago as I can remember. Are you depending on me keeping your cookies between visits? I have Firefox delete them every time I shut it down? I have tried VB2, I have tried the “reload” button .. nothing works: the same five DVDs day after day. And to correct myself: this list contains THREE Dvds (not two) I’ve already looked at a week or so ago.

  11. Hedgehog Says:

    @josh: I felt a bit unsure about my VB2 remarks and just came from there. Either I was mistaken or you’ve removed recommended from there because I only see the latest clips and the “Top DVDs” on the page. BTW, two of the top DVDs are always part of my recommended DVDs on VB3.

  12. josh Says:

    @Hedgehog: Sounds like you might be part of a small number of users who don’t get recommendations, either because you’ve turned on the privacy setting in VB2, or because you’ve downloaded just about everything so the recommendation engine can’t find anything new for you. Do either of those scenarios seem like they might apply to you?

  13. Hedgehog Says:

    @josh: (smile) I do go through spurts of downloading but they are rare since I find most older DVDs not satisfactory because I watch everything in full screen. For that reason I have downloaded mostly the odd HD scenes, if the theme appealed to me, with a few exceptions like the one last week when I came across a subject (people who appeared to be real amateurs in home grown and home made studios) that really interested me. BTW, I had to delete a lot of those because of a blurred picture on my widescreen monitor.

    So, no, if you have a record of downloads under my email or user name (at present methusalem2) then you’ll see that I am a moderate who usually leaves the older stuff untouched.

    As to your second scenario, Josh, I am afraid that here too we are out of luck. I have the community setting in VB2 turned on.

    If you ever want to cater to my preferences, I wish you would update with some granny material now and then, even if the mob should howl on that day. We haven’t seen a “hairy” video for a while either, another one of my preferences! Yes, I am that old, that’s why my user names, methusalem, methusalem1, methusalem2!

  14. eulas Says:

    please update my account nevest dvd

  15. 1234 Says:

    Hey Boss,
    i can see if you guys want to set the first 2 or 3 categories to what you want (Today’s Recommended, Live Girls, etc), and lock them…..but can you let us select and change the last 3-4 sections like we used to be able to? there used to be a button on the right side of those panels – idk maybe its still there but its not there in Opera.

  16. 1234 Says:

    also, perhaps you would allow VB members to submit a post for a blog topic every once in a while? maybe there are a few more RopeaDopes out there and myself i like to see a new blog post once or twice a week.

  17. Brit59 Says:

    I’ve started having an issue just recently. The site is slow to load and content will often not appear or with thumbnails missing. ‘Cached’ content seems to work better. Is there a fix for this? Frustrating!

  18. scout2220 Says:

    It’s become fairly common for scenes to not download correctly in H.264 format. I wish you guys would address this. Some recent examples are Penetration #13 Scene 6 with Aline and Down To Fuck #1 Scene 5 with Jayden Lee. On both of those scenes, you have people adding comments asking for the problem to be fixed, but you guys don’t ever acknowledge the problem or fix it.

  19. nfmvt Says:

    Thank you

  20. sejd321 Says:

    So whats really changed? You`re still recycling old vids and peddling them off as new! majority of members joined this site because you offered “5 new vids each day!”.. Your excuses seem to continue as you back peddle each time away from the reality you`re cheating subscribers..

  21. me Says:

    thank you Josh for listening to your members opions,,


  22. racsoretlaw Says:

    Your shift to Recommended order doesn’t serve me at all but the cost is low. I don’t view anything online. I download what I want to watch. I check in with VBox every few weeks. So what I need to see is what has been added since then. So what is on the home screen is useless so I expand a group, now add a click to sort from newest to oldest then check out what was added since I last checked the site. If I ever look at a related or recommended video that is older, I first have to open a directory window, go down to where I keep VB movies and search to see if I already have it. So my focus in on what’s new. I don’t know what you use as the recommended selection but your first choice for the Recommended Lesbian video – is one that I just downloaded. Hummm, don’t think much of your recommendations. Is there any way to give us a choice of how we want to view?

  23. Ghost Says:

    Can you guys please add an option in account settings or somewhere so I can turn off tranny videos from showing up in new DVDs?

  24. Fred Says:

    There is a easy solution for the people complaining. 1)Make sure your bookmark goes to the “old” site (the search functions work sooooo much better there anyway) 2)Click on the sort DVDs by date link right there on the page. It is only one more click. When VB starts decreasing the number of updates a day I’ll pitch a bitch but so far so good.

  25. Omar_Sherriff Says:

    btw, one site addition that would be useful to me would be “Recently Downloaded Scenes” instead of or in addition to “Recently Viewed Scenes”. What happens for me is i download several scenes and it might take 3-4 hours or i pause and wait to watch them the next day or 5 days later and then i have to search VB to find the names of the stars. Would be very handy to just go to a “Recently Downloaded Scenes” section if possible.

  26. thirdeye666 Says:

    hahah custom clips are actually getting WORSE – more and more clips are breaking when downloading right to the end of the clip. This is really, really shitty.

  27. Bob Says:

    @thirdeye666: this is a high-priority bug for us and we definitely want it fixed as soon as possible. We believed it was taken care of, but if you are still seeing it will you use the contact form on the site at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact to list any specific scene where you are still seeing this, and the steps you took to download the file? Using that form makes it much easier for us to debug the issue, as we get additional info from the form when you submit it. It is also helpful if you can tell us whether this was at videobox.com or the old site, vb2.videobox.com. Thanks!

  28. RomeoL Says:

    Actually enjoying the site more since the change. Finding good stuff from older postings I would not have found otherwise.

  29. jimbo Says:

    Hey Guys – I just wanted to compliment you all on what I see as an overall increase in the quality level of the site. I can’t recall the last time I saw a vid posted with incorrect aspect ratio for example. Really strong work, and I do like the improvements to the layout of the main page. Keep it up everyone! (Pun sort of intended :-) )