Favorite VideoBox Scene? part 3

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It hardly seems possible that 4 1/2 years have transpired since part 1 of favorite VideoBox scene appeared on the blog, as well as 3 1/4 years since the part 2 follow-up. I do believe my all-time favorite VideoBox offering continues to be the scene (two scenes actually) I discussed in this article. However, with over 70,000 scenes on site, it’s quite difficult to isolate one particular favorite. In today’s post, I’ll present one of my favorite scenes which I haven’t previously discussed. I invite all within the membership to list your favorite VB scenes in a reply to the post, and I’ll link them up for easy accessibility.

Adult Supervision Required scene 1 Emma Mae

Studio: Combat Zone

Emma Mae’s parents are traveling in Europe, and seeing as Emma is only eighteen years of age, have entrusted her care and well being to family friend Michael Stefano. Emma, who is absolutely stunning, tells a friend on the phone that Michael is hot and she is horny. Attired in pale blue panties, white knee high socks with blue bands, and a white top, Emma sets the phone aside and begins rubbing at her pussy. Having learned the parents plane has landed, Michael goes to check on his charge. Using a stanchion as a shield, Michael looks down at Emma (situated a half level below) and takes in the free show. Emma strums her snatch over and under the panties, and then with panties pulled to the side, before noticing Michael’s peering eyes above. They talk it over and decide the best course of action to overcome the awkward event is to say nothing to Emma’s parents and start fucking. Did I mention Emma is breathtaking?

Emma climbs onto Michael’s lap and they kiss. Raising Emma’s shirt over her head, Michael suckles at her petite right breast. Rotated around so she’s sitting on the couch, Emma’s panties are pulled down and off. Legs spread apart, Michael dives in for a taste of Emma’s bald (but pierced) pussy. Displaying surprising etiquette, Michael asks do you mind, before entering Emma in missionary. It’s a tight fit, and Michael has Emma rub at her clit as he strokes in and out of the pussy. Emma’s right leg is initially resting on Michael’s left, then his right shoulder, as he continues to plunder her snatch. Lifting Emma up in his arms without disengaging, Michael turns around and sits so Emma is now riding his cock in cowgirl. Excellent camera angle positioned just behind and below the action, has Emma’s bunghole looking mighty inviting as Michael drives his dick up into the pussy.

Emma spins around into reverse cowgirl (once again without disengaging) and continues to bounce on the cock. Michael has his hands under Emma’s thighs, as he briefly propels her up and down his dick. Then holding Emma stationary, Michael reams her pussy from below. Emma up off the cock to cool Michael off with some P2M. Sucking and stroking the dick. Emma up on the couch on all fours with Michael entering in doggie. The rear view camera beautifully capturing the action as Michael pounds the pussy from behind.

They move into spoon with Emma’s left leg raised up high. Michael drilling Emma’s pussy as the left hands of each party support the upraised leg. Emma is begging for Michael’s cum, and he answers her wishes with a vaginal creampie from the spoon position. Emma squeezing a glob of cum out of her snatch. Michael states he’ll almost feel guilty for accepting the money to look after Emma as the scene concludes.

Very enjoyable scene with drop dead gorgeous Emma Mae. I would love to see a bit more energy out of her, but those looks go a long way to cover other shortcomings. I note from the comments that many have issues with her tattoo(s), and while I’m not normally a tat fan, I find Emma’s quite attractive.

Now please inform me (and the rest of the membership) of some of your favorite VideoBox scenes, and I’ll link them up for all to view.


7 Responses to “Favorite VideoBox Scene? part 3”

  1. Papayaman1 Says:

    Nice choice Rope, Emma Mae is a cutie. I will restrict my choices to scenes that have been posted since the last edition of this series. One scene I am fond of is Tatiana Kush in Teenage Spermaholics 6. The premise of the scene is that Tatiana has given up porn to please her boyfriend, Mike John and is taking up martial arts to let off the pent-up steam. Mike takes her to her class only to find it being run by Sean Michaels and assorted porn studs. He is argued into letting Tatiana stay on the assumption it really is a martial arts class, upon which all of them embark on a decidedly non-martial set of exercises focused on systematic exploration of all Tatiana’s cavities. This is followed by a blow bang. The action could be deemed unexceptional but the thing that makes the scene is Tatiana’s enthusiastic performance. She may not be the most classically beautiful of porn stars but for my money she is one of the sexiest.

    There are also a number of scenes in the excellent Young Harlots series. Young Harlots Foreign Exchange is a particularly fine edition of this series featuring comprehensive double team reamings of the cute Russian spinner, Henessy (scene 5) and lovely Franco-Vietnamese Sharon Lee. Both scenes are hot, featuring very sexy women, but if you like things such as double vaginal and anal check out the Henessy scene.

    The problem is that there are so many scenes of high erotica on the site that it is virtually impossible to pick out one. But for my money those are amongst the best. You stay well Rope.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you for the wonderful contributions. For some inexplicable reason, the Young Harlots series had escaped my notice. I’m making up for lost time and have enjoyed the specific scenes you recommended, as well as many others in the series. A must look for those who favor the schoolgirl theme, with a nice mix of both American and Euro performers. As to Mike John, I’ve always loved his work (best POV director imo), and Tatiana does provide an enthusiastic performance. Another positive (for me) is that she’s displaying a bit of bush.

    As our other members are feeling somewhat shy at the moment, if you have any further recommendations, let them fly and I’ll link ’em up.

  3. cactus Says:

    Teen Idol 2 Scene 5 – Karina Kay

  4. cactus Says:

    Sophisticated Sluts, Scene 1 – Anais

    Cheating Housewives #2, Scene 5 – Stephanie Tripp

    True Home Made Amateur #2, Scene 5 – Darlene

    Pop That Cherry #3, Scene 1 – Cindi Lee

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ cactus – Very much appreciated. I need to run out this moment, but I’ll add some commentary on your recommendations this evening. (Hint – I like ’em!)

  6. Passive0 Says:

    I’m sure there are others, but one I’ve come back to a few times is Megan Reese in I’m a Big Girl Now #8. Really does it for me. 🙂

  7. Benny Says:

    Spring Chickens #18, scene 1 – Joanna Angel

    Twisted Vision #4, scene 5 – Aubrey Addams

    Down The Hatch #3, scene 4 – April Flowers

    Handjob Addiction #2, scene 2 – Mellie Swan

    Malibu Massage Parlor, scene 1 – Kristina Rose

    And one that’s not on the site:

    Voyeur’s Favorite Blowjobs And Anals #6 – Kaylynn