Update For SOD Subscribers

UPDATE: we missed 2 release dates, but got caught up right away. We apologize again for any inconvenience and will work hard to ensure that this dos not repeat. Thank you for your understanding, and your membership.


Dear SOD Subscribers,

Just wanted to let you all know that due to logistical challenges with getting content from Japan to the USA, we are projecting that we will miss a couple of DVD update dates in the next week or so. We are very sorry for the inconvenience; we know how important it is to all of our members that new content hits the site on time. This is doubly true in the case of a channel upgrade, which costs an extra fee above the base membership price. Please rest assured that we have done everything in our power to prevent this from happening, but were unable to overcome the various obstacles we faced. We are also taking steps now to prevent this from ever happening again.

As soon as we have the content on our premises and encoded, we will begin posting double updates on each release day until we have caught up to the number of DVDs expected. I will also provide an update to this post as soon as we have more details for you all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer support by clicking here to submit our web form.

More Soon,
Bob and The VB Content Team


6 Responses to “Update For SOD Subscribers”

  1. Henrky Gramberg Says:

    This web site has had a problem for the past couple of weeks in downloading vids.
    You find a movie click on the scene and then it never comes up on the screen. Doesn’t happen every time but it seems to be getting worse.

  2. Unhappy Camper Says:

    I’ll echo what the previous poster said. About half of the videos will not play or download. This is making for the start of a very bad weekend. Hope VB team can fix this quickly.

  3. Mike Says:

    Why are the previews no longer working, either?

  4. lapps Says:

    what happend to the preview function ??

  5. Bob Says:

    The previews have been removed due to a restructuring we’re doing with our video servers. We will fix the issue with showing a “previews remaining” countdown despite there being no previews right away, and we are working to reinstate previews soon. In the meantime, videos play as expected for our members, so skip the previews and sign up for an account! 🙂

    If you have any other issues, such as the downloading ones mentioned above, please fill out the web form at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact. Cheers!

  6. Jason Says:

    Why is there a videobox ad in the middle of the videos starring ron jeremy done as a dos equis commercial? after the ad plays the video doesnt continue playing