Roku Applications Get A Badly Needed Upgrade

I bet you were wondering when you’d get a new ROKU update.  Well, the wait is over.  And let me tell you the wait was worth it.  Let’s run down some of the enhancements:

  • This application is FAST!!!
  • Your REAL DVD & SCENE STASH is visible.


  • ALL Premium channels are visible.


  • Category Filters


  • New “Personalized” Section


  • So what are you waiting for?  Go get that update!

The private channel codes are:


If you want to force the update on your Roku go to “Settings” –> “System update” –> “Check now”

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46 Responses to “Roku Applications Get A Badly Needed Upgrade”

  1. ilwu13 Says:

    The new upgrade is terrible. It’s slow and I don’t have access to all my favorited scenes and DVD’s, just 50 scenes per folder. The roku app was fine before. I do not like this upgrade.

  2. RK Says:

    I agree, the old version was easier and faster. This is a terrible upgrade. Half of my video stash doesnt work anymore.

  3. ben Says:

    I see two specific complaints. Let me answer each one separately.

    1. The old one was faster.

    This has me completely baffled. There is simply no way the new version is slower. About 4 development weeks were spent completely reworking every aspect of this application. Client and Server are brand new. If there truly is a performance issue, I will fix it. But really, what EXACTLY is slower?

    2. My stash is broken. I only get 50 scenes per folder.

    How many scenes did you get before? Did your stash layout make any sense? Honestly, this argument sounds like “I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK”. No content has been taken away. Over time I will try to increase the amount of stash items viewable.

    From this point forward, only constructive feedback will be kept on this thread. If you have a complaint, please be as specific as possible so I can better understand your issue.


  4. Steve Says:

    Oh man. Loving the update! A much improved interface…Am really enjoying the easy access to premium channels.

    My stash is loading just fine. Not sure what the other people are talking about. This is a huge improvement and a long time coming… Took guys long enough! either way, thanks VB!

  5. Slayyer Says:


  6. RK Says:

    Ok, I will try again. By slower I mean that it used to say “Loading your feed” and then the app started, now it goes through about 10 or so Loading Screens for every folder etc. This takes longer. The speed to load and play videos has not increased any at all so, overall it is slower to exactly the same in my opinion. So, I would say in return, why dont you be specific in telling me where it is faster? The layout and interface are certainly improved, but not by leaps and bounds by any means. You used to be able to cycle between folders in your stash and see every video in all of them. Now it will only show 50 per on mine, so I had to reorganize my stash over more folders. Finally, the logo across the top makes the menu screens smaller and cuts into some of them as well. It is just unnecessary really. Make the whole screen usable. Was this specific enough for you?

  7. ben Says:

    That’s better, RK. Now let’s engage in a little constructive back and forth. I just tested the old app. And you have a point. You were able to access every dvd and scene in your stash. I have a few folders that are 80-90 scenes each and I was able to see every one. Although I will say that the controls got pretty sluggish after a while. But before I got there, I started the app and stared at the “Loading your feed” message for 29.8 seconds before I saw anything. When it comes to scalability and usability in application development, this is a huge fail. All “wait” dialogs are now less than 2 seconds. In some sense, we have spread that wait around if you want to see your largest collections. But in no way does it add up anywhere to a 30 second wait.

    With regards to your complaint about screen real estate with the logo graphic. I measured the original artwork. We went from a 70 pixel high banner to a 100 pixel high banner. If 30 pixels seriously bums you out, I suggest you get a bigger TV.

    I do appreciate the passion you have for our product. And I will strive to add back your full access to your stash. It’s currently sorted to your 50 most recently stashed items for every bucket. Your point is well taken. But to claim that this upgrade is not faster or an improvement in UI is being disingenuous. I suggest you record your initial loading time with a stopwatch and share with the rest of the class.

  8. gspots Says:

    The feature that I used the most in the last version was “browse images”. This feature doesn’t seem to be in the update. Any chance that it could be? Other than that I like the new version.

  9. Reserve4Todd Says:

    I think that the overall performance of the app has increased. I do have pretty fast internet (I average around 80MB/sec dowload). I was able to use the new app’s ‘browse image’ feature, which is faster than the previous version, but the images are smaller. I prefer the old, full-sized image, but understand that for the majority of folks with slower internet, it must have taken a long time to load the old app’s images.
    I like how the application displays the status while loading. Even though it can take a while to load the personal stash, I can see that the application is working and not crashed / paused / etc.
    I did like the old Gallery section, which seemed to cause the Roku to crash when Roku released the latest major update a couple of weeks ago– I’d like to see it come back.
    Overall, I like the changes… It’s difficult to make a really good product better, and I think it IS better.

  10. Hawkwing Says:

    I have more than 50 video items in each folder (movies and scenes). I would appreciate a way to reorder my stash folders (by VIDEO NAME, DATE ADDED, DATE RELEASED and by ACTOR/ACTRESS NAME). This would aid searches within folders to a great degree.

    NOTE: The features are best seen on the old VB website when accessing personal folders for movies and scenes.

    I like the updated interface. Some teething problems with scenes being listed as recent, when I don’t recall accessing some of them at all! Overall a good change, thanks!

  11. Bowdown Says:

    Very very slow download. Problem with Scenes playing then stoping to download again and again, never had this problem with the old version. DVD stash is only 50 and I have over 100 DVD stashed. Like the old version way better, if this problem keeps up within the next few weeks ill cancel.

  12. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the upgrade it has been far too long in the making. I applaud the interface, the overall look is much improved. However, aside from the cosmetic makeover I MUST firmly agree with the complaints of the others I have read. Overall functionality is NOT improved. It IS slower when loading the scene stash compared to before. Now it has to load and cycle every single folder before it displays the rows which is definitely slower than before.

    A major problem that I have found now is that suddenly there are some scenes where when I try to play them it just won’t play at all, it won’t even try to load them. It just keeps kicking me back to the scene menu every time I click play, this is something that NEVER happened in the old version everything I clicked on before always loaded up and played back, what’s up with this? Movies that I could play before suddenly I can’t watch anymore.

    The image gallery preview for scenes on the main page is gone and it has been replaced with a totally useless settings category that has pretty much no settings to alter at all, except unlink your device which is something none of us will probably ever do. That option could easily be done from the site it is not needed in the Roku app. Please explain how is this a better use for a menu button then the gallery option we used to have? This is an absolute downgrade because something that was there before that was actually very useful has been replaced with something completely useless! Gallery was a nice way to find content and now it is gone for no reason.

    The images are smaller when you preview the pictures of a scene where as before they used to be full sized, this is also a downgrade, literally! How is smaller pictures better on a big screen TV? And only displaying the last 50 of my movies stashed when before I could see hundreds of them…really? I mean this is just totally unacceptable compared to how it used to be.

    I really want the gallery option back, and ask that the full sized images be restored to their former glory. I really really want to see my entire stash not just the last 50 movies I happened to add.

    May I suggest that the movie stash folder breaks down the stash into multiple rows? The top row could contain the newest movies stashed, then under that row the next row will show older additions, and so on and so forth. It could keep going down until the entire stash is displayed. This way you could actually break your stash of hundreds if not thousands of movies down into multiple rows newest to oldest just like the site does, and you could see everything just like you can on the webpage for the site.

    I suggest making each row show 100 titles, 50 isn’t enough. My stash has almost 2,000 movies, if this change was implemented I’d have 20 rows with 100 movies per row showing my entire stash of 2,000. I think that’s pretty simple and doable. I’d also like the option to reorganize my stash oldest to newest or newest to oldest. Or alphabetically A to Z or the reverse Z to A. Those are the best ways to sift through content within your stash of so many movies.

    The search function has not improved one bit, you still can’t search by actress, studio, or director. And now it is actually returning results from the gay male genre in some of my searches which I do not wish to see, it never did that before after I clicked search and displayed box covers but it is now, how can I prevent this? And I really wished that it would start returning search results more quickly when typing in fewer letters like it does on Netflix rather than having to type entire words before we start getting any results.

    Overall I’d compare this upgrade to a nice new paint job to the outer body of a car to make it look brand new, but under the hood where it really counts the horsepower is pretty much the same, and it now actually has fewer options on the dash and less indicators to view information. There has been no real improvement aside from “the look” of the app. Some basic things that were available and better before have been removed, this isn’t progression it’s regression. If something isn’t broken don’t fix it, improve what you need to but don’t take away useful options you had before for no reason. (Gallery)

    In conclusion it really seems to me that this new app could have been more well thought out before its release, which is disappointing considering the amount of time we have had to wait for this. I think the development team would do well to use the suggestions of members when making the changes in upgrades first off, rather then just changing what you guys think would make things better.

    Now please don’t take these negative comments personally, I understand it takes many hours of work to make improvements and I do appreciate the time and effort. I’ve tried to be as constructive as I can with my criticisms but I think we can all agree that while us members have been waiting for a new Roku app for as long as we have that we had much higher hopes in mind then what we have been given here. This is honest feedback, please take our complaints and suggestions for improvement seriously and make the changes necessary to improve the app further. Especially restoring things from the past version that used to be better (gallery and full sized pictures) and implementing the suggestions we make. I know you guys can do so much better and I have faith that this new app will be upgraded soon and maintained more frequently then its predecessor. Thank you for listening.

  13. Rick Says:

    Thank you so much for finally fixing the problems I was having uploading the HD videos!! The new update is fast, easy, and long over due!!

  14. jerry Says:

    i admit some of the movies and scenes dont load at all from my stashes,,but all in all my download speed for hd has improved imensely,,

    so far 2 thumbs up,

    may take awhile to ckeck out whole app,,,but looks and runs well for me
    thanks vb,

  15. Matthew Says:

    While I do really like the look & feel of the new Roku app I must agree with many of the Customer comments that are listed here regarding features and functionality. The Roku app is the main reason I maintain a Videobox membership subscription, and I am certain it is quite important to many Videobox Customers as well. So I would like to offer some comments and constructive criticism as the Roku app is quite important to me.

    Speed: I found the load times in the new app to be acceptable. The only thing I can see about the speed is that it loads when you choose Browse from the main screen and also loads again when you choose your DVD or Scene stash. If it was taking 10 minutes to load, that would be a different story, but it is maybe 20 seconds or so for each. The streaming seems fine, I have only had a couple of things re-buffer.

    Search: The search function still seems rather limited. I cannot find a way to search by Star name or anything else other than DVD title. Maybe I just need to tinker with it more, but it doesn’t seem to be improved in any way. The limitations of the search feature is one of many reasons the Customer’s Stash folders become very important.

    Niches (Categories): One thing I really appreciate about the website is being able to filter Scenes and DVDs by the Niches. You can easily include or exclude as many Niches as you want. This functionality is very limited on the Roku app, it only allows you to filter by one of the chosen Niches and then it only shows 50 DVDs that may include that Niche in some fashion. To be frank this function feels pretty useless. This is one of many reasons the Customer’s Stash folders become very important.

    Stash Folders: Here is where I believe there are real opportunities for significant improvement…

    1. Scene & DVD Stash both appear limited to displaying 50 items per folder in the Roku app. This was not the case in the previous version and there seems to be no limit to the number of items that you can add to each folder on the website. I think all Customers want to have this easy, convenient, access to all of their favorite content. I think most Customers, like myself, have many more than 50 items per folder. Since the Stash features are clearly the most effective way to access favorite content thru the Roku app, it is imperative that Customers can access the entirety of their Stash folders. I find this to be an unacceptable change.

    Please find a way for Customers to have access to all of their folder contents. Can’t the app be tweaked to display all the folder contents as it used to do? I think having multiple rows of 50 or 100 DVDs or Scenes under each folder in the app would be the best solution, as a few here have already suggested. Is there some technical programming limitations in the app development that this can’t be done? If there is then maybe you could keep it consistent between the website and the Roku app with a folder limit of 50 items, but allow your Customers to add more folders on the website to hold all of their content. Whether I have 1 folder with 200 Scenes, or 4 folders with 50 items each is irrelevant to me so long as I can access everything. But Customers would need to be able to add more folders to hold all their favorite content. Either way, I believe this issue is absolutely the most important thing that needs to be addressed in the new Roku app.

    2. In the Scene Stash, as you scroll thru the content, the highlighted Scene information display shows only the DVD title and Scene number, rating, release date and a Niche list. I find the rating and the release date to be useless information to display there. It does not show the Star names. In the old app, the Star names were listed as you scrolled thru the folder contents. In this new version you have to enter the Scene to see the Star names. I find this to be a terribly inconvenient change.

    3. In the Scene Stash it would be great to be able to choose a sort method, similar to how you can on the website. Some have already suggested this, and I second it. It would be awesome to be able to sort Scenes by Name A-Z, by date added to stash either newest to oldest or oldest to newest, and by Star name.

    4. Star Stash shows DVDs, not Stars. I don’t remember the Star Stash showing up at all in the previous Roku app version, so this seems to be a new feature, and one that I really appreciate seeing. However, when I go to the Star Stash, it shows what looks like some random DVDs. Could some of my stashed Stars be in those titles? Maybe, but I would expect that when go to the Star Stash I would see my stashed Stars folders, and not DVDs. I am just confused by this feature.

    The Roku app is one of the things I appreciate the most of all the features of my Videobox membership subscription and one of the main reasons I choose Videobox over any other option. I am truly hopeful that the app can be improved.

  16. Mike Says:

    Very good comments I’m seeing here, I agree with a lot of what is being said. I don’t understand the “Star Stash” folder at all. It just shows a bunch of random scenes but it’s not actually showing my stars that I stashed on the site. When you enter the star stash what it SHOULD show is every scene available for every star on the site that you have added to the star stash.

    So for example, if I have Jenna Haze, Sativa Rose, and Chastity Lynn in my star stash it should show an icon for each of those girls in the star stash folder. Then when I click Sativa Rose for instance it should show me a row or multiple rows with every single seen for her that is on the site. This would be a MAJOR improvement in finding your favorite scenes from your favorite stars. You’d no longer have to search for newly added scenes from your favorite porn stars daily or weekly, they would always be automatically all right there in the star stash for you to view. And of course it would be great to edit that list of scenes A-Z or Z-A or by date or niche. Can someone please make that happen?

    The way it is now, if I want to add all scenes for one star I have to use the Scene Stash, rename a folder for a particular star then manually add each scene for her one by one which could take ages if she has hundreds of scenes. Then I have to keep checking for newer scenes to add to the stash as more of the girls scenes get added to the site as weeks go by because they don’t get automatically added to the stash folder I created for that girl. And as we all know you can only have a very few limited number of folders in the DVD and Scene stashes. There aren’t enough to make for all of my favorite girls. We should be able to create as many folders as we want and add as many scenes as we want to each folder. Then have ALL of that show up on the Roku app. As most of you know when you find a DVD maybe one or two scenes are good the rest isn’t worth watching, so by doing the star stash the way I suggested you’d have all of your favorite scenes from your favorite stars right at your fingertips without having to sift through a bunch of DVD covers. Because we all know you can’t just type in a girls name and get her scenes, you only get DVD cover results on the Roku.

    Also I’d like to point out that the Recently Watched folder seems to only be displaying scenes from the Scene Stash that I click on but it does not show scenes from the DVD stash, or scenes played from DVD’s returned in the search, or standard rows that I play. Recently viewed should show absolutely everything that was clicked on no matter what, so you can easily find your way back to your favorite scenes you might not have saved or forgotten about. And also there should be a way to remove individual scenes from this folder, or clear the recently watched folder entirely if you want to, for privacy reasons. Like if you are sharing a Videobox account with other Roku boxes in your household. Maybe I don’t want my roommate seeing on his Roku list that I like watching certain fetish scenes and movies because it’s personal or embarassing, and vice versa. But as it is now everyone’s dirty laundry is on display in the recently watched list.

    Please tell me what is the point of showing all of the specialty channel folders if you aren’t even subscribed to any of them? I don’t have Vivid or Evil Angel or Elegant Angel or Club Tranny, and when I click on them it says I don’t have permission to access these folders. So that entire row is just a complete annoyance and is useless to me, I think if you aren’t subscribed to them then the Roku app should know this about your account information and just simply not show those channels at all if you don’t have them. That way you can clear a row for something you’ll not be using and not have to look at it ever.

    Oh and can we please have the search function mirror the websites search, and have it stop showing me Gay Male results? If I type a word in like “Gloryhole” because I want to see the movie “Gloryhole Confessions” a straight movie, I get some results from the “Videbox Men” site that is supposed to be separate. I am not subscribed to that and I don’t want to see categories or movies showing up from there, not ever.

    All of the criticisms of mine and others I have read about the new app version are totally legit. Let’s please not have this become a many weeks or months process before anything gets done and all of these problems get sorted out. Because I’m telling you right now, I’m already getting very annoyed having to run back to my computer just to look through my stashes to find things of mine to watch just because the damn Roku app will only show me the last 50 things added. I feel like most of my stuff is locked away in a safe and I don’t have access to it. Seriously, how could something this simple get completely overlooked in a new upgrade? Somebody obviously got sloppy and made mistakes and botched the job, because before in the old app I could see hundreds of stashed items.

    I’d like to ask can you give us Roku members the option to downgrade back to the previous app version? I’d rather use the old one for right now, and see all of my stashed items until this new version gets improved. This new one is not better in my opinion and if it remains in its present form like this for a long time I can honestly say that I will not want to use Videobox anymore.
    Thank you!

  17. Queef Eater Says:

    Whoa guys. Get a life…or a job. Whatever it is you’re lacking that enables you to spend so much time on a porn thread.

  18. Steve Says:

    hahahahaha Queef Eater. Funny.

  19. RK Says:

    Got to love the guy commenting on the porn site that EVERYONE ELSE watches to much porn. Anyway. I am glad to see I am not the only one not happy with the upgrade. I agree with Mike completely, ROKU is the main reason to subscribe. I feel the limitations of the roku itself explain many of the problems, but the simple earlier version of the VB app, though cosmetically inferior, did allow more user customization. Hopefully all of the collective feedback will not be pigeon holed into “your TV is too small” and “its faster I swear” answers. But, we will see.

  20. Matthew Says:

    Well, I have to comment. I just opened up the Roku app. When I launched my scene stash I noticed it was taking a bit longer to load than it had earlier. Then I realized it seemed to be taking longer on my bigger folders. Then holy crap, ALL my folder scenes are there. Not just 50. ALL of them. So I checked the DVD stash. I’ll be goddammed if that isn’t showing all my content as well. I next checked the Stashed Stars, and that is still showing random DVDs. But, I gotta say… Way to F’ing go Videobox. Your customers spoke and you listened and you acted, FAST! I am very pleased to see you took your customers comments seriously and I am actually shocked to see how quickly you fixed the #1 thing that bothered everyone. I am seriously looking forward to more improvements in the Roku app and I am really pleased to be a Videobox customer, a subscribed member. Mahalo.

  21. Mike Says:

    I’m actually very pleased to see that there has been significant improvement to the Scene and DVD Stash folders on the Roku compared to 24 hours ago.

    Now in the Scene Stash every single one of my folders is visible and in the same order as the site. Every scene in every folder is also visible and in the same order as it is on the site, newest to oldest. Excellent!

    My DVD Stash went from the limitation of 50 movies yesterday up to 500 today! They are also in the same order going newest to oldest. This is a vast improvement, I must congratulate and give credit where credit is due to the Videobox team for listening to us and helping to solve this stash issue quickly and efficiently.

    If you guys remember on the old Roku app the DVD stash completely randomized the movies in one long row and it was so hard to make sense of things. I like how everything is beginning to mirror the website stashes exactly, and even though I still can’t see them all I like how they are in order. I’m very encouraged to see this improvement so quickly but we still have a ways to go.

    I have many more movies in my DVD Stash on the site in my folder and I still cannot see them all on my Roku. Only the 500 newest added are visible, so please keeping working on this so the ENTIRE stash will be viewable for us all.

    I actually think the 500 row thing is great, instead of having it like it was before with the entire DVD Stash in one long endless row maybe now we can just break it up into rows of 500?

    This way it’s easier to jump up and down rows from the end to the middle and beginning of large stashes like mine. I’d love my whole stash of 2,000 to be divided into 4 rows of 500 that would be fantastic and so easy to look through, instead of just cycling through left or right in one long row. Please consider this idea.

    Keep working on this app to make all of our stashes completely visible this was the major downside of the upgrade and it is fast becoming improved. Nice job, keep up the good work, and thanks!

  22. Mike Says:

    I’m still having a lot of problems playing certain movies. I click play scene and they won’t play or load at all just goes back to menu. It’s happening to quite a bit of the scenes I have been trying to play tonite. What’s up with this glitch, this didn’t happen on the old app. Also the HD scenes playback is still very poor, very long initial load times and rebuffing constantly. I thought things were supposed to be faster now? Can you guys look into these problems? Thanks.

  23. Mike Says:

    I think I should also point out that the Quick Player option on the home screen is only cycling through the same 10 or 12 scenes over and over again and not showing anything else. It’s been doing this for over 24 hours now I just forgot to mention it before because of all of the other issues the Roku app is having. This used to cycle randomly a ton of scenes and now it’s just stuck in a feedback loop! And hey wouldn’t it be nice if once this is fixed an option was also added to view the pictures that go along with the scenes? That is how it is on every other menu for scenes except the quick player, why is that?

    A hell of a lot of movies still won’t play when I go to the scene. Tried some new ones like “Country Comfort” and “Dirty Blondes” both new additions and each scene for both movies kicks me back to the menu when I press play. This is also happening for older movies I stashed months ago and watched before that played fine. This is also happening with some scenes from “Kink” and “Reality Kings” I’d say very close to 40 percent of the videos I have tried watching tonight simply will not play. This is a MAJOR annoyance, please fix soon!

  24. Steve Says:

    Holy shit Mike. You. Are. Insane. The VB roku app is by far the best adult channel on the Roku and the new interfaces is tits. Looks great on my 55″ HD bad mamajama….Take a look at the price you pay for this service and what you get is amazing so please take a chill pill brah and watch some hotties in HD on videobox. The fact that you’re writing an essay for each of your comments is a MAJOR annoyance to everyone. That is all. Steve. Out. *drops mic*

  25. AssFace Says:

    LOL, huge props to Steve. That is all.

  26. jerry Says:

    Steve Says:
    June 28th, 2013 at 8:37 am
    Holy shit Mike. You. Are. Insane. The VB roku app is by far the best adult channel on the Roku and the new interfaces is tits. Looks great on my 55″ HD bad mamajama….Take a look at the price you pay for this service and what you get is amazing so please take a chill pill brah and watch some hotties in HD on videobox. The fact that you’re writing an essay for each of your comments is a MAJOR annoyance to everyone. That is all. Steve. Out. *drops mic*

    amen,,All well here cept some videos in stashes dont play,,so go to search get the video again and play it,,,works fine,,,wtf you people want for $100 a year,,,jeeeeze

    nice job vb,,

  27. Queef Eater Says:

    For the record, RK, I wasn’t commenting that these chuckleheads are watching too much porn. I was stating that they’re spending too much time bitching about porn. Get your nut off and shut up, Mike. @Steve, cheers!

  28. Mike Says:

    Point well taken Steve, I do tend to lean towards the extreme detail and explanations when I start to write but I confess I’m a perfectionist. So when things don’t work right and I feel I have something to contribute by reporting issues or suggestions I can go overboard and over express.

    I honestly didn’t mean to annoy anyone, I was trying to provide honest feedback and engage more people to post their experiences as well. I do like to interact with other members.

    I’d love to chill and watch some HD hotties as you suggest but as I wrote before HD playback is usually extremely poor for me. I know it’s not my router, internet, or roku because all my other channels like Netflix and Amazon stream HD perfectly.

    It has to be something wrong on the Videobox end. Does anyone else have this problem on almost a daily basis? Usually SD videos play great but constant re-buffering with HD ones makes most unwatchable.

    By the way, is there a section to post requests for porn stars, movies, or studio content? I’d love to make a few suggestions.

  29. Watcher Says:

    Not able to view video’s since upgrade

  30. Steve Says:

    After reading these comments I think I will not upgrade and stick with the old version until they can get these issues resolved

  31. Steve Says:

    I wonder if they hired the same programmers that Microsoft got to write Windows 8

  32. Matt Says:

    As some have stated, many “recommendations” do not play. I assume one needs the appropriate “premium” level to watch those particular videos but it would be nice if recommendations only showed what is available for one’s particular subscription level, i.e. only showing those “premium” videos if you’re subscribed to that channel.

  33. ed piontek Says:

    just noticed that the recently watched section doesn’t seem to load.

  34. Mike Says:

    I emailed Videobox and asked why are so many videos no longer playing for me when I clicked on them. I thought it was some type of glitch in the new Roku version at first, it turns out I was told that a lot of my movies and scenes that are in my stash is content that I am not subscribed to and therefore cannot play it.

    This is absolutely infuriating, because BEFORE this Roku update all of these movies that I can no longer play now all worked fine. It didn’t matter what video the studio was from I was never denied playback of any title I selected. That’s why all of those movies were in my stash in the first place, I wouldn’t have added Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Vivid, Reality Kings, or Kink videos to my stash if I couldn’t play them before!

    Now I find that all of those movies from those studios that I like, that I have already watched numerous times before, I can no longer see at all. Not unless I pay extra for what I used to get included! Smooth moves Vidobox team, this Roku app update wasn’t really to improve functionality at all, that was just a cover, the real intent is to extort more money by locking out the premium content that used to work freely on the previous app version.

    Considering the fact that they were sneaky about this and the HD streaming is so poor I’m seriously considering cancelling my account. If you subtract the premium channel content a lot of the rest of the videos aren’t very good, and most of the HD content is unwatchable it’s just a constant re-buffer fest whenever I try to watch anything. There is no way I am going to spend more money for a service that hasn’t been improved and just to watch stuff I got before included. Everyone should complain about this. I want the old Roku app back!

  35. The_Real_Steve Says:

    So in case anyone is wondering, the recent comments from Steve were not made by me – I would guess that it was the crazy ranting person known as Mike…But in any case, I digress. So now Mike is upset because he can no longer watch premium videos that cost more money and require an upgrade and wants the old roku app back…that’s hilarious! So pretty much he’s saying “Hey, I was taking part of an exploit in your service and getting access to things that everyone else has to pay for. Can you please make it so I can watch these videos for free again?”…..Yes Mike, I’m sure that VB will do this. It’s like if you were getting HBO for free from your cable provider for months and then they figure it out and stop it…Do you think you should have given access again for free? No, that wouldn’t make sense would it? And neither does most of the things you say. I pay for premium channels, I feel like it’s worth and and it’s humorous to see you are upset about this. And FWIW, HD works great for me.

  36. Bob Says:

    Hi Everyone, I apologize for the fact that there were some issues with the new app. We have cleared most of them up, and we will investigate and clear the ones that continue to make the app less useable as soon as we are able. Thank you all for reporting the bugs you have experienced, and thank you for being gracious about this (for the most part, anyway). 🙂

    This new app is a ground-up rewrite of the codebase that powers VB on Roku. When the first version was created, shortcuts were taken to get it to market quickly. We came at the rewrite as a means to “do it right,” using the same security and API as the website. Now that that is the case, we found that the first version of the app had security holes. So I also apologize for the fact that some of you may have been viewing content that is part of an additional-fee subscription, and now you cannot. We would not dream of asking you to pay for content you’ve been viewing, because the mistake was ours. But now that the app functions as it was always supposed to, premium content will have to be paid for in order to be viewable on the Roku, as it is on the site. No “sneakiness” or ulterior motives here.

    @Mike: if you still feel wronged by us, feel free to contact customer service and we will provide you with a refund of $8 for your subscription in the month of June. We strive to be the fairest, most customer-friendly company in the adult space, and to offer the most affordable and desirable way to watch the highest-quality adult video content on the web. We are not perfect, but we are happy to make it right when we have made a mistake. Thanks again to all for your feedback and your patience as we bring our Roku app to where it can provide the best possible experience from here forward.

  37. The_Real_Steve Says:

    Thanks for chiming in Bob – It’s always nice to hear from the employees of a service you use and it’s good to know that there are people in VB HQ that read what customers say…@Mike if what I understand from Bob’s post, you have the $8-month plan?! And you’re complaining! For that price you get access to pretty much 16k movies and it’s growing every single day. It’s comparing apples to oranges but in my opinion that’s a better deal than netflix bc you know for sure new movies are available daily. Anyway, I have spent way too much time arguing with someone on a porn blog (fml) and hopefully I’m not compelled to write anymore. Bob was even nice enough to offer you a refund which I think is crazy considering you were getting access to premium channels for free when other users like myself were paying for it. night night everyone.

  38. Slayyer Says:

    According to Mike if I save something in my stash on VB then it totally becomes mine? That would make VB a cloud server then no? Thought this was a porno site? Damn, might have to unsubscribe now…..

  39. Mike Says:

    I’d like to point out that when you are on the scenes menu of movies now on the Roku it is no longer showing the back box cover description of the movie anymore, how come? Instead all we are getting now is all of the tags involved in the scene. For example, blonde, big-boobs, toys, lesbian, gonzo, one on one, oral, cunnilingus, sixtynine etc, all shown in the space where the description once was. But it still has the normal tags on the bottom under the length and date and rating. Why the tags overkill? I’d much rather read the movie description like it was before. Could you please but that back the way it was? I think removing the description makes it less informative than before and a downgrade. Also the font for the descriptions should be made smaller than it used to be, because I remember before many titles ran off the screen because there wasn’t enough room to display all of the words and you couldn’t read the entire paragraph.

    Secondly I’d like to say that it is no longer displaying the studio information for who produced each movie. Now it is only showing the director of the film. This makes it difficult to find out who produced the movie if the title isn’t stamped on the box cover picture. Can this be fixed to show the studio and director information both? I think these would be good fixes to make. What do you guys think? Thanks.

  40. Queef Eater Says:



  41. Matthew Says:

    The Roku app is now only showing me 10 scenes from each stash folder. Went from 50, which was lame, to all, which was great, now to 10, which is just unacceptable. Whats going on?

  42. Mike Says:

    Ten scenes per stash folder. Starts off at 50, gets bumped way up to 500, instead of another increase it’s now down to 10? It’s obvious this app wasn’t ready to be rolled out there are too many issues. Can we get the gallery section put back up too?

  43. ben Says:

    Stash page size has been bumped back to 500. Honest mistake by me whilst improving the app in other ways. More improvements are on the way.

  44. Mike Says:

    Have you figured out a way to break down long stash’s into multiple rows? A stash folder that has over 500 should get another row of 500 and so on until it is completely shown. It’s easier to navigate through that way.

    And it would be nice if it let you into the stash after a few movies have loaded so you can start looking through some titles while the rest are continuing to load so we don’t have to sit for two minutes waiting for every single cover to load. Loading as you are browsing would be much better.

  45. Mike Says:

    Does anybody else think the “Star Stash” is a good idea, but isn’t quite right in its present form? For the new Roku app I have a suggestion for the “Star Stash” that I think will make it much better.

    Instead of displaying box covers of full movies that stashed stars appear in, why not make it a stash of just individual scenes? Because people won’t be using this stash to find full movies, they’ll be using it to find individual scenes of their favorite stars without the extra scenes that don’t include them.

    The way it is now you just see a bunch of box covers displayed when you enter this folder, you don’t even know right off which stars are being displayed until you click the covers and look inside, then you have to cycle the scenes within that movie to find your star. Then there might only be one scene with a stashed star in there and the rest of the scenes don’t include any.

    I think this section should be converted from a movie style row that gives DVD results to a scenes style row like the scenes stash that returns scene only results. This way all of the scenes of the stashed stars will show up and you can see the girl and her name on the title and you won’t get the extra scenes you don’t want to see from the box covers that don’t include your stashed stars.

    This could be taken a step further and selectable folders could be put inside the star stash so all stars have their own folder. Then if you click inside it will show all of the scenes from the site for that particular star.

    Could this be done, what do you guys think? I think this stash was a long time coming and it has the potential to be extremely useful for finding content for our favorite girls and scenes.

  46. ben Says:

    Two quick updates to the Roku: 1) “Recently Stashed Stars” now return a list of scenes instead of a list of dvds. 2) The scene images are now restored to the large images.

    Your patience as always, is appreciated. I am now closing this comment thread. Thanks for all your feedback on the Roku. More updates are coming later this summer. Stay tuned.