VideoBox Nominated for 2014 XBIZ Awards Adult Site of the Year!

Hey VideoBoxers,

We are glad to announce that VideoBox has officially been nominated for the XBIZ Adult Site of the Year! This is great honor and we are so glad that the industry and our valued members have nominated us for this award!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the XBIZ Awards, it is the biggest and most prestigious awards show in adult entertainment today. Both members of the industry and fans get to vote for their favorite adult performers and websites – A full list of fan voting categories can be found at:

We would be absolutely honored if you, our valued members, would take the time to vote for us and spread the word!

After you vote at the above link, you will be asked to “Tweet Your Vote”. If you are willing to do so – simply click on the “Vote” icon next to and we will give you access to any of our Premium Channels for free for 2-weeks! This is just a small gesture of thanks for taking the time to vote and for being a valued VideoBox member. All you need to do is email us at with the channel you would like and include your Twitter handle so we can verify the post.

Thanks again for your continued support! We would be nothing without our members! —
The VideoBox Team


One Response to “VideoBox Nominated for 2014 XBIZ Awards Adult Site of the Year!”

  1. 1234 Says:

    Congrats on good news.

    An idea that you might consider implementing:

    allow users to help fix errors in your database like actors and genres for each scene. Then give users Rep Points for suggestions that were correct and show the Rep Points next to their names whenever they post in the comments section.

    it should work something like this:

    have a settings type of wheel that can be clicked next to each scene and maybe if you hover over it it says “submit scene corrections”. then a user clicks on that wheel and opens up a small section that shows each star that is currently listed for the scene and to the right of each name the option to check a box that says “not in scene” and below the list of stars is a blank that can be filled in with the name of a star or multiple stars that need to be added to the scene. Then next to each of those is choice to select something like “i’m pretty sure” or “i’m positive”

    and the same can be done for adding or deleting genres for each scene.

    then when you get to a certain number of people agreeing that this or that star is in the scene or this genre is incorrect, a message is sent to webmaster at VB to look at it for editing. Or you allow superusers with great knowledge like BenMar or RopeaDope to preliminarily ok an edit for later approval by VB.

    Then users get awarded points for their corrections.