Update: Old Site & WMVs Back

UPDATE 1/1/14: The old site is back online and can be found at vb2.videobox.com. The WMV format and the “back to the old site” link on the new site are also back. Thank you all for your patience during this time, and Happy New Year! Please continue to use the “contact us” form on the site if you need support.


************ end of update ************

Hey All,

As some of you have noticed, we have experienced issues with a couple of our video servers this week. We are now taking every possible measure to resolve these issues, including temporarily removing the ability to download the WMV format and redirecting the old site to the new site. This is so we can streamline server traffic and add updated hardware to our server pools more quickly.

Rest assured that this is a temporary solution, and we are not planning to keep the WMV format off the site, or have the old site down, any longer than absolutely necessary. We will continue working around the clock and will restore everything to normal as soon as we are satisfied that we can do so and still give you all the best possible experience.


We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We are a bit short-handed with the holidays and busy with this situation, so any comments you post below will not get replied to very soon. If you have further questions, please use the contact form on the site and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Best Regards,


34 Responses to “Update: Old Site & WMVs Back”

  1. Levar Says:

    It’s okay to me, I rarely download that format, or use the old site. Nice of you to inform the members though, thanks

  2. dickrichy Says:

    Thank you very much for the news update on this situation. I want to add that during this maintenance or repair work that you are completing, all the videos that users had difficulty loading for playback on your individual video flash pages, now do not play at all. They display a grey end out play symbol with a line through it, and the H.264 videos for those same movies are inaccessible for download and streaming. An example of this can be found at the flash page for: I Got The Biggest Tits! Wet T-Shirt Contest #10 Scene 2. Thanks and hoping for a speedy completion for your maintenance work!

  3. wizard2ka Says:

    I don’t know if this is related or not, could you look into it? Scene 1, 3, and 6 of “Teenage Anal Princess #5” is unplayable through the flash player, roku and cannot be downloaded.

  4. omemeke Says:

    In my opinion the WMV format is the best option to download. MP4 files have visible worse quality, and I (personally) don’t care for larger file sizes.. Thank you for informing us about the situation (I was afraid that WMV files will be no longer available, and that would be a REALLY bad news for me)

  5. dnj35 Says:

    Random Scenes fail to download, this was the case earlier in the week with WMV on old site now it is happening on new site for both HD and h.26 The Sexporter scene 1 is an example download fails using either browser “save target as” or flashget download manager.

  6. dishmaxer Says:

    Having the same issues as dickrichy and wizard2ka. Older scenes seem to fail to play in flashplayer and cannot be downloaded.

  7. benmar51 Says:

    Thanks for the update and the explanation. . . In the mean time, I`ve got an idea – Why not temporarily open the Premium channels to everyone (for streaming only). . . This will accomplish 2 things – 1) It will be an outstanding show of good faith and appreciation by you, toward the incredibly LOYAL and PATIENT members of the VB community, and 2) It will allow everyone to see what they`ve been missing – probably leading to a surge of new subscriptions when we return to normal (because people will want to D/L what they have seen). . . Just a thought. . . Wishing your entire staff and all the members a very happy and healthy new year.

  8. ddstar Says:

    Please restore the old site and the WMV, the new site and MP4 are not as user friendly.

  9. Bill Says:

    The old site was very easy to use.Currently I have only the new site available and it is very slow and ponderous.I have been amember for awhile and these changes along with the current slowness and other problems (very slow service)are a real hassle. You had a great product ,what happened ! Bill

  10. Willie Says:

    What is time frame on getting the wmv’s and new site finished? Are you talking about a day or two or weeks?

  11. Iniquity-68 Says:

    I prefer the oldsite, and I’ll gladly wait for its return.

  12. Bill Says:

    I’d even pay a little more to keep the old site. I do mean a little more”

  13. Bill Hou Says:

    old site and wmv are the best, may be you actually knew about this through the traffic count.

  14. HuGRekShun Says:

    I download wmv’s… so this is a downer for me…

    Unless someone can tell of me decent splicer (split / join) for mp4’s.

    I’ve tried tons of mp4 splitters / joiners. None seem to work out well.

    As for the converters… I stay away because you always seem lose resolution when the video has to be converted to a different format.

    I’d hoping to location an application that doesn’t have to rescan the video – after you splice it.

    Any recommendation appreciated.

  15. Flodd Says:

    I don’t really use the new site just because it doesn’t have the option of most popular (or all time favorite), recent scenes (within a week or a month). If the new site had this option, I wouldn’t use the old site.

  16. lovespason Says:

    you can download REALPLAYER, and download the iphone feed but it is really iffy if it wants to play them, at least on my acient beauty. Really would like an ETA? for repairs on WMP, and WMP dvd. Hope they get back up soon. down to about 2 sites that keep my business, with WmP
    Happy newyear.

  17. lovespason Says:

    While I here, I was pondering why the custom download went away from WMP? Once again. pls get the WMP downloads up asap.

  18. Brrr Says:

    I use Avidemux to trim the H264 files works perfectly.
    I wish that they would update their H264 encoder though
    They use an old Handbrake (0.9.3) according to Mediainfo and their x264 encoder is ancient. I can understand that they don’t want to update to the latest every time in case something gets broken. But once a year shouldn’t hurt.
    I don’t know whether they use a fixed bitrate or 2 pass VBR but they should use a Constant Rate Factor or at least raise the bitrate then H264 would blow WMV out of the water.

  19. falseemail Says:

    Great news – I am in the minority – I prefer the OLD site – much easier to navigate without all the extra “stuff” I find annoying

    Was worried vb2 was gone

    I am glad you are allowing the option for members to CHOOSE

    Thank you – and NEVER (please) get rid of vb2 🙂

  20. FixItNow Says:

    As luck would have it my annual subscription is coming up for renewal
    Please fix or I won’t have a reason to renew

  21. Bob Says:

    @benmar51: thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately our channels are not set up to stream only, so we chose to focus our limited resources on the problem at hand rather than do the work it would have taken to make that possible.

    @Bill Hou: actually, the old site gets a very small fraction of our overall traffic. In a crisis, we always prioritize what will keep the largest possible number of subscribers happy, thus the decision to limit the less-used things while we got issues sorted out.

    @Brrr: thanks for the feedback. I believe there are reasons for the specific settings we use but don’t have that info handy at the moment. I do know that a big problem we wrestle with is the amazingly varied types of source files we deal with for encoding, so what may seem like an obvious choice simply doesn’t work for many of the DVDs and files we receive from producers.

    Everyone, thanks again for your patience and understanding. We value all of you, and all of our other great customers too. Please use our “contact us” form to write to customer support if there’s something we can do for you to improve your experience and/or keep you as a customer. Happy holidays to all!

  22. me Says:

    it’s my fault i just renewed my yearly sub :-/

  23. Wet Cumshots Says:

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  24. HuGRekShun Says:

    yay !… Hr. Happy is happy again.

  25. islander Says:

    What happend to the preview function?

  26. Russ Davis Says:

    I’m still having difficulty downloading certain videos. I get the “…couldn’t be downloaded” message about a third of the times I attempt to download.

  27. Dave Says:

    I continue to have problems downloading videos. This has been going on for WEEKS now. When is this issue going to be fixed?

  28. EUgene79 Says:

    I can’t download or stream. The service has always been sluggish but I have never seen a day like this.

  29. lparistotle Says:

    A lot of your movies fail to play. I get the loading up condition but nothing loads up. Please fix asap or give a refund.

  30. cougar57 Says:

    I just posted a letter to customer service about these issues.Been a member for wayyyy over 6 years and the same issues have been here the whole time. Never seems to get totally resolved and yet they were nominated for the best site. I have to laugh at that because I’m sure they don’t know of all the issues this site can’t seem to fix but yet want to charge you out the ass. what a joke!!! I’m making a copy of this comment in case they decide not to post it. Speak up people. It’s good money we pay here!!!!!!!!!! Have a Happy New Year!

  31. Dee Says:

    I’m dead in the water today….nothing is showing other than the movie image previews. Anyone else?

  32. Howard Says:

    The website is pretty much broken today. Hardly any HD downloads work. PLEASE FIX THE WEBSITE!

    Hire more people, because when a problem continues for more than a few months it’s clear you need more expertise.

  33. Andy Smith Says:

    No longer able to download from new site using Firefox – just saves the html script. Tried with Opera and it’s fine (but don’t want to have to keep using that).

  34. Speed97 Says:

    Wish you guys could post comments on videos after there fixed. I hate downloading 300MB files and finding out they only play for the first second.