*UPDATE* Bandwidth Switch

*UPDATE #2* – Phase 1 of our bandwidth switchover went off without a hitch. There was actually no downtime on the site associated with this work. Thanks for your patience and your membership, and we’ll keep you posted on developments for Phase 2!

*UPDATE* – The Bandwidth switchover has been rescheduled for Wednesday morning, 2/19. Unfortunately the upstream providers ran into a minor issue w/ their hardware this morning and contacted us last minute to reschedule.

We will be doing some network-related maintenance tomorrow (Tuesday) morning between 8am – 11am PST that may result in brief service disruptions. The site may seem inaccessible or downloads may fail during this time. If a service disruption occurs, we will do our best to ensure it is restored as quickly as possible.

Please bear with us as this is one step (of many planned) towards improving video streaming/downloading experience for everyone. With this change, in particular, we will be reducing the number of hops to get our content delivered for many of you.

Our customers are extremely important to us and we want to make you all happy!

Let us know if you have any questions.


19 Responses to “*UPDATE* Bandwidth Switch”

  1. mike33q Says:

    So you’re having server problems, denial-of-service problems and maybe a few others. This is still the best site I have been on over time and I’m sure you’ll get it worked out. Keep up the good work and in a short time this period will just be a bad memory.


  2. pvertrue Says:

    “without a hitch”?! Not a chance! You were down for over 6 hours. (Verified with several web-checking sites.)

  3. Bob Says:

    @pvertrue: This morning’s outage was not related to the bandwidth switch; we had a hardware failure on our load balancers. Service has been restored and the faulty hardware is being fixed as we speak. Sorry for the inconvenience; please email us via the customer support form if you have further issues.

  4. Strangepork Says:

    I’ve been getting your “404 You’ve caught us with our pants down!” error page all day when trying to access any page of the site, including when trying to get to the customer support form.

  5. Bob Says:

    @Strangepork: for you and anyone else experiencing this, try going to http://www.videobox.com/logout and then hitting the contact us form, either after logging in again or not. The hardware outage may have caused some active sessions to become corrupted. If that does not work, you can try clearing your browser’s cookies before you hit the site again. If neither of those suggestions work for you, post here again and we’ll look into it further.

  6. ozymandias07730 Says:

    I have tried both of the suggestions given to Strangepork and have had the same issues. I have cleared cookies, and have attempted to log in on Firefox, Chrome, and IE. Still nothing.

  7. ozymandias07730 Says:

    Follow-up: Turning off and restarting my wireless router seems to have done the trick.

  8. tsunglung Says:

    I have the error “404 you’ve caught us with our pants down” error all day. I tried your logout link and tried to re-sign-in with no luck. I can not access the support option either all I get is a white screen with 404 at the top.

  9. cwqtaekwondo2 Says:

    I can’t log into the site either. About when will the service be back on? I love your site, thank you.

  10. me Says:

    since this update as you call it,I was able to watch full HD scenes WITHOUT any Problems at all,no buffering constantly and extremely fast loading.I bitch when its wrong so I will praise when its right.Keep it up VB and so will I

    Thank you,

  11. me Says:

    Forgot to say it was streaming on roku and it was impossible before this fix.


  12. draganov3 Says:

    I still have terrible programs w/ downloading. mcache2 seems to be especially screwed up. Please kindly look into it. Thanks.

  13. draganov3 Says:

    Mon Feb 24 23:34:29 2014 Connecting mcache2.videobox.com [IP=] keeps on timing out

  14. writer53 Says:

    I have been with VideoBox since 2010 and believe it is the best site offered. I love the variety, the quality and the value. I will gladly hang in there and know these download issues will be fixed. Thank you, VideoBox.

  15. draganov3 Says:

    @writer53: well said.

  16. smokeyy73 Says:

    I’m having issues downloading still… over an hour for a movie that normally would take 1 to 2 minutes… any updates?

  17. draganov3 Says:

    I can hardly DL anything. Very slow, then dies, cannot resolve names to mcache servers or connect at all.

  18. hottubpussy Says:

    “Loading, please wait…” Very slow with Roku today – especially HD videos. 10 seconds to a minute of video followed by 5 minutes loading content.

  19. voyance Says:


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