New Features Added!

Hey Everyone,

We recently released a couple of things I want to point out to you, since I’m hoping both will enhance your VB experience and just generally make your porn-browsing time better.

Delete Entire Folder

First off, to aid your stash management, there is a new button at the top of your stash pages that says “Delete Entire Folder.” (See image above.) This does exactly what it sounds like: whatever stash folder you’re viewing at the time will be emptied and the folder name will be removed. So now, you can quickly delete individual items by clicking the little trash can icon (see image below), or wipe out a whole folder at once. Happy stash cleanup!


Second, did you know we have a VideoBox VOD site? If there’s a scene or DVD you really want to see, and VideoBox doesn’t have it for some reason (usually because the studio wouldn’t license it to us), you can hit the VideoBox VOD site and search through more than 100,000 movies to watch on a pay-per-view basis, rent, or download to own. We’ve had a link to it in the top nav for years (see image below), but you’ve always had to create a new username and password, and re-enter your billing information…


until now.

Much like our Live Girls implementation, if you paid for your VB membership with a credit card you can now just click the VOD tab, hit the link on that page, and you will automatically have an account at VideoBox VOD under your current VB username. Any charges you incur will go through your VideoBox account. As of today, you will also get 15 minutes of pay-per-view time absolutely FREE the first time you visit via the new page! The combination of our current library and this huge database of content is true nirvana for porn collectors.

So, enjoy these new additions, use up that free 15 minutes, and we’ll have more improvements to share with you before too long. Let us know if you see any issues or have any questions about the above.

Bob and the VB Team


8 Responses to “New Features Added!”

  1. benmar51 Says:

    Some questions on the VOD – If I click on the `VOD` link, have I bought something?. . . If I click on a DVD inside, have I bought something?. . . I`m very interested in the Digital Sin collection – ARE THEY DOWNLOADABLE? (Because, they`re NOT anywhere else). . . Can you tell me how much it is to view a 20 minute scene?. . . How much to D/L that 20 minute scene?. . . And, if I D/L a 20 minute scene WITHOUT viewing it, is it the same price?. . . Oh, and one more question – WHY WAS THIS NOT PROMOTED BEFORE? I`ve been trying to get some of these Digital Sin movies forever, and they`ve been here all along! I`m Not Getting Any Younger!!

  2. Bob Says:

    @benmar51: If you click on the VOD link, you have not bought anything, no. A VideoBox VOD account will get created if you do not already have one, and your card on file with us will be checked for funds. Right now that is done with a $1 authorization-only transaction (no money is actually charged, but you may see a $1 auth charge for a day). We are working with the cc processor to make this a $0 auth instead, since many users don’t love the $1 auths; I’ll update this comment when that change is live.

    I don’t know which specific studios are downloadable and which are not; with over 100,000 DVDs available, it’s hard to keep track, but I encourage you to click through and check it out. I’ll say the same about costs: there is a lot of content, and some of it can only be viewed PPV, some can only be rented, etc. The prices also vary a little bit from what I can tell, not having used it much myself at this point. So I can’t really tell you how much a given scene will cost to view or download, sorry.

    As for your last question, I believe it was promoted when it was launched, but that was long ago. Now that we’ve made it much easier to check out, it seemed like a good time to point it out again. Perhaps I should just do a blog post now and then to remind everyone of the goodies we already have on the site. 🙂 Click around, everyone!

  3. Bob Says:

    As promised, the switch to $0 authorization checks is now live. When your account is created, a check is run on your card on file to make sure it is valid, in the form of an authorization for $0. Using the site is free for the first 15 minutes you are allotted, and then you should be prompted to approve further charges as you browse. Nothing will be charged without your knowledge and consent.

  4. benmar51 Says:

    Thanks, Bob, for the info. . . However, a brief perusal of the site reveals 2 immediate problems – First, there are a whole lot of movies there that are ALREADY available on your main site! (That simply should NOT happen). . . Second, it appears, and correct me if I`m wrong, that downloading is limited to the entire DVD – I could not find any way to D/L separate scenes. This is likely to be a dealbreaker for me, as I can count on one hand the number of DVDs I come across where I want every single scene in it. . . Thanx again for your assistance.

  5. Bob Says:

    @benmar51: Yes, there is some overlap of content between VB and the VOD site. This is because the VOD content library is provided by a third party that has its own set of content licenses. They can get a bunch of titles we already have, but they also have licenses for content that cannot be streamed or downloaded or for which we were unable to procure a license. As for downloads: those are for the entire movie. We don’t currently have an option for purchasing downloads of individual scenes. Very sorry if that is a deal-breaker on the downloads, but thanks for your interest.

  6. benmar51 Says:

    Hey Bob, thanks so much for taking the time to provide such a comprehensive explanation (I know you have your hands full). . . Its that kind of hands-on, meticulous attention to details that sets you guys apart in the area of customer support. . And I, for one, appreciate it.

  7. hmmmm Says:

    hmm, today i only see H264 and iPhone links, no WMV HI i think it was called – what is the reason for that?

    also, my download manager says NO RESUME CAPABILITY, which is a real PITA for those of us that have crappy internet connections that drop quite often like mobile.

    Please fix – these are not “improvements” by any stretch.

  8. Brandon Says:

    Hi, maybe its because of the recent update for deleting scenes but i am no longer able to delete scenes from the roku, that is kind of frustrating, also two of my folders will not show past 19 scenes on the roku, the “view more scenes” is missing, do you have a suggestion?