New Download Labels

Hey VideoBoxers,

I’m sure many of you noticed that we changed the labels on the download links and rearranged the order of them recently, as shown below:


Popular technology is changing rapidly, and we felt that the labels and grouping of our links were a bit behind the times. For instance, calling a smaller .MP4 file an “iPhone” file seems a bit restrictive, given that you could play that file on an Android phone, an iPad, a PS4 or a Windows Surface.

We also felt that it made more sense, especially once they were renamed, to have the MP4s and the WMVs grouped together rather than intermingled. While this may disrupt you a bit at first if you’re used to going right for the link you always hit, we’re expecting that this will make everyone’s lives easier in the long run.

So enjoy the new labels, and we hope they make things a bit clearer and a lot more current. Rest assured that we have not removed any file types, we have just renamed them and rearranged them.

Download Porn

Bob and the VB Team


5 Responses to “New Download Labels”

  1. Larry Says:

    Why is it that I can’t download anything? It says every time I right click the icon Save Link As instead of Save As. And it only saves the web address. The wrong box is coming up when right clicking.

  2. Bob Says:

    @Larry, and anyone else with a specific issue who may comment below, please email our customer support team using our support form at and we’ll help you out as soon as possible.

  3. tossedsaladman Says:

    What happened to the H.264 downloads?

  4. Bob Says:

    @tossedsaladman: “MP4” is the file extension for H.264. Sorry for the confusion. So they are called MP4 now but they’re the same format as always; we have not changed, added or removed anything, just changed the labels. I hope that clears things up but certainly let us know if not.

  5. Bob Says:

    We need to take additional measures to fight spam on this blog, as it has gotten out of hand in recent months. While we work on that, I am closing comments on this post so as to stop endlessly deleting spam comments that slip through our current WordPress spam filter. If anyone has questions or issues, please contact us via the form on the site.