Learn What VB Can Do, Part 1

From our customer support emails, we have found that there are some cool features on VideoBox that members like you, dear reader, may not know about. Consider this part 1 of an occasionally-updated series of posts designed to keep you informed about the many things you can do on VB that you may not have known you could.

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Also, if you have other favorite VB features to share, please do so in the comments below. We may even pick yours for a future post to give it a brighter spotlight!

For this first installment, let’s talk about the drag-and-drop and deletion features in the VideoBox “My Stash” page and popups.

So, let’s say you’re looking at your main movie-stash page, and you want to move some of the movies on this page to a different folder. If you click on a DVD cover and hold down the mouse button, you can drag the movie over to any folder (that you have given a name) at the upper left of the page. When you move the selected DVD over the folders, you’ll see an arrow over each folder that is eligible for dropping when you hover on that folder. Want to add it to a new folder? No problem, just click on the word “rename” below that folder and type a new name. When you drag the movie over, that folder will be “droppable.”

All of the above can be done with your stashed scenes, clips and stars as well, on their respective stash pages.

But let’s say you want to remove some items from your stash, or even remove every item in a given folder? You can do this one item at a time using the trash-can icon at the lower right of each item’s thumbnail image, or delete the whole folder and its contents by using the “DELETE ENTIRE FOLDER” button at the upper right of the page. For more details on this, see this previous blog post.

For our final lesson today, go to any movie, scene or player page and click the “add to stash” button for that piece of content. Did you know that if you have this piece of content in a stash folder already, that folder will be green and have a check mark and a trash can icon on it? You can then stash the item in a different folder by selecting one, or remove it from the folder it’s already in by clicking the trash can. The popup stays open so you can stash it elsewhere after deleting it, and you can just close the popup with the red “X” if you decide not to stash.

Pretty cool, right? Personally, I’m a big fan of the VideoBox Roku channel, so my stashing these days is designed mostly to queue up interesting content for TV viewing. We’d all love to hear your thoughts about these features and how you use your stash in the comments below, so please chime in!

Happy Stashing, Dragging and Dropping,
Bob and the VB Team


4 Responses to “Learn What VB Can Do, Part 1”

  1. harakusara Says:

    Where can we give feedback on site features such as this?
    This has been around for awhile and there are certain features that just need to be fixed.

  2. i69n63780 Says:

    If u go to the very bottom of the any Videobox web page there is a “Contact Us” button. Clicking on it brings up a page where u can select a number of different subject from a drop-down menu and then enter your comments. I have to say that from my experience, they don’t pay much attention to it. Its long been a problem in this industry that they are for more interested in getting money out of our pockets than they are in giving full value for the dollar spent.

  3. Bob Says:

    @i69n63780: you are right about the Contact Us link being the best place to go for providing us with feedback. However, we do indeed pay attention to the messages we receive from the form. If you are not seeing a reply, be sure to check your spam and junk folders and make sure videobox.com is set up as a trusted sender in your email client. We are grateful for all the feedback we receive, and we pride ourselves on giving great customer service. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate every request we get, but we read every message, discuss many of them, and act on every one we can. Is there some way you feel we are not giving you the full value of your dollars spent? If so, please write to us and let us know.

  4. gib69 Says:

    To be honest I just wish you would do more Quality Control on content. Some examples:

    – Files that download as NULL.mp4
    – Broken video files i.e. no sound or stop playing at points
    – File downloads that stop with “not found on server (I often tweak the mcacheX part of the URL, where X is a number).
    – Bad scene edits e.g. scene suddenly ends!

    To be farir though I think it is better in recent times.