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Hey VideoBoxers,

As you probably noticed, we have released a new top-level navigation scheme on the site. Gone are the fat, iPhone-like graphical tiles for Movies, Scenes, Clips and the like, and we’ve grouped things into a more organized layout. It loads faster, takes up less vertical space, allows us to communicate more information in that area, and looks/feels more clean.


We’ve also moved some things off of the home page and into a drop-down that appears when you click on your username at the upper right. That drop-down includes handy links to a whole bunch of account-specific items while allowing us to de-clutter the site a bit.


We have also made the search bar more user-friendly. And speaking of search, we have received your feedback about it and are close to completion on an overhaul that will greatly improve it. We know the results being returned right now are not as good as they should be, and I can assure you that will be rectified soon.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

Bob and the VB Team


25 Responses to “New Top Nav”

  1. benmar51 Says:

    Crisp, clean, precise design. . . Nice job. . . The main bugaboo however, is the dysfunctional search function on VB3. . . I like to stream scenes on VB3, but it gets extremely tiresome, having to click back and forth to the old site`s superior search system. . . One more thing – I noticed a new icon in the comment box, something about `blacklist user`. Could you explain what this is?

  2. Bob Says:

    Hey @benmar51, thanks so much for all of this feedback. Agreed, as I mentioned above, the search functionality is not what we want it to be, and the improvements we are working on will hit the site very soon.

    Thanks also for the heads-up on the “blacklist user” icons appearing on the site. That was a bug, which allowed anyone — administrative user or no — to see those icons, and it is now fixed. The story is, administrative users have the ability to ban users who are being abusive in the comment sections, which they do via a button on any given comment. We had a JavaScript bug in the release that made those visible (though not functional) to all.


  3. me Says:

    The new top nav is really nice and will be better when search is finished.But I’m still very frustrated with the bugs that roku has now.I tried contacting support twice and have no response other then the standard reply.Please try to get the bug with roku cleaned up.

    thank you,


  4. Bob Says:

    @me: can you say more about the bug(s) you are seeing on the Roku channel? Thanks.

  5. TommyTitty Says:

    So far, I like what I see. One of the things that has bugged me is that when I search for a name (in stars), I get a drop box with all (sometimes) the Stars with that name and a number in parentheses (presumably the number of scenes for that star) next to it, but when I click on the blue hyperlink for that star, I get a page with all the stars with that name & still have to wander through looking for that exact name to get to that star’s page…you would think if there’s a “link” it should take you to the star’s page directly…just a thought 😉

  6. Bob Says:

    @TommyTittly: thanks for your feedback. We will definitely address the dropdown autocomplete functionality as part of our search overhaul. We agree that it is part of what is not great about the search in its current form. The search result set itself may be released before the autocomplete window, but the changes will hit the site in rapid succession.

  7. me Says:

    The problem I’m having with roku is that most movies or scenes are loading very slowly and when they do load the buffering is constant.I’ve tried everything on my end from resetting routers,roku.All other channels on my roku sre working fine.I am logged off vb on all other computers when using roku.I have to go thru movie after movie till i find one that loads quickly and doesn’t buffer.I also notice that maybe 2 out of last 20 new releases will play as well as archives.If you can,please give me some help bob.

    Thank you

  8. Bob Says:

    @me, does this happen on the website too, or on the Roku only? I will check in with our network operations and customer support folks and make sure someone follows up with you.

  9. me Says:

    no problems at all on website

    Thanks for your help,

  10. Bob Says:

    Hey @me, can you tell me your VB username? We need that to look up your info. You can post it here, or if you want to email it to and mention you are chatting with me on the blog, that’s fine too. Thanks.

  11. hawkwing Says:

    Would like an index or search function that allows the user to select video scenes according to the star’s name, or if that is unavailable a star name sort of returned video scenes would also be acceptable.

    RE-“My stash/Sort: Name|Date|Most Popular|Date Added to List” can be changed to drop down to declutter the sort area, and add the ‘Star Name’ field.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. putalvr Says:

    Hi.having the same problems as ‘me’ mentioned about viewing with ‘Roku’, annoying constant”Loading” in the middle or other parts of a scene, thought it was my wireless router, but it checked out o.k….glad someone else mentioned it, because I thought it was just my problem..thanks

  13. Bob Says:

    @hawkwing, thanks for the suggestion. Noted!

    @putalvr, is that your VB username? If so, we’ll use it to look into your situation. If not, please post it here or email it to support. You and everyone should be aware, some ISPs are throttling Amazon Web Services, which we (and many, many other video sites) are using to serve a portion of our videos. If that is the case, an email and/or a call of complaint to your ISP can be very productive.

  14. Dksinner Says:

    Awesome i’m glad stuff is getting worked on, especially glad to hear the search is getting reworked.

    A few things i would love to see are,

    1. The old site VB2 had an awesome function where if it was a movie in a series it had links to all the other movies in that series on each movie page i.e. If I was on the “A Perverted Point Of View #1” page it had a link to take me to each movie in that series, A Perverted Point Of View #2 through #6.

    2. It seems the ability to see all the movies a user has rated is not functional, it’s on your profile page and it shows on the left how many movies and scenes you have rated but when you click on the link you get the 404 error message.

    Please see if those issues can be looked into, otherwise great job!

  15. Bob Says:

    @Dksinner, thanks very much for the suggestion and feedback. I looked into the “rated” bug and cannot reproduce it, so can you fill out the form on our “contact us” page and tell us some specific links that are breaking? That way we can dig into it a bit more for you. As for the series links, there is a technical limitation in our new content management system that caused us to take that off the site. But, as part of the new search update, we might add a link on the DVD-details pages that takes you to a search results page for that DVD’s title if the title has a # in it. I hope that will be close enough to get you what you want.

    Everyone, the updated search engine will go live soon, and it will be a big improvement over what is on VideoBox now.

  16. WTF Says:

    I love the new changes! But I don’t know if you are aware but some videos don’t work. I haven’t come upon any of them recently but in the past I came upon a lot of them. Either the video is all green, or the audio sounds static or half of the video is gone

  17. Mike Says:

    I really like the new link on a movie page taking you to all other volumes in the same series. This is what I do every time I come across a title that I like, I immediately do a search to find all other volumes in the same series and add them all to my stash. I saw you wrote this may only work if the title has a “#” in it, so does this mean it is not a true returner of all results? If not I hope that is fixed soon. Also You wrote about a new search engine coming soon, is this only going to be for the site, or for the Roku app too? We really need the option to be able to search by star, studio, and director just like on the site, not just by movie title. That really limits the amount of content you can search for on the Roku, by being able to search by porn star it will be so much easier to find your favorite content. Please add this.

  18. Bob Says:

    Hi @Mike, thanks for the feedback. Yes, this new DVD series link is a bit of a brute-force approach: we detect that a title has a “#” in it and if it does, we add a link to a search for the title with quotes around it (minus the “#”). Occasionally we will only have one volume of the series and so you’ll only see 1 DVD in the resulting page, and it sometimes gives you 2 series (I got both “Teen Anal Virgins” and “Anal Virgins” DVDs when I clicked the series link for an “Anal Virgins” title. On the whole, though, it’s a handy way to get quick access to other series titles in the vast majority of cases.

    As for the Roku search: we agree with you that the search there is in need of love, and that’s why our Roku developer has already checked in a version with the ability to search by star and category. Studio and director are harder than they sound, but these new changes are being tested and will hopefully go out very soon. I’ll do another blog post to announce that when it happens.

  19. me Says:

    Hi Bob,
    Just reporting back. As the problem I was having with Roku seems to have stopped as of about a week ago. Everything is back to normal and running smooth as silk.

    thank you for your help,

  20. Bob Says:

    @me, that’s great news. Thanks for following up.

  21. TommyTitty Says:

    Update on your Search function: The search does not work at all for “Stars”. Even if I check the “Stars” box on the search window, all I get are Movies.

  22. Bob Says:

    @TommyTitty: can you give an example of a star search that is not working for you? Just so you know, by default the “Stars” search returns DVDs that include the star you searched for, with the option to switch to scenes with that star via a link at the top. Our thinking is that for one, you’re not likely to get a lot of results searching for, say “Sasha Grey,” and secondly, you can click the star’s name in the pop-up that appears when you hover over a DVD cover, or below the thumbnail on the scenes view to get more details about that star. Let me know if that clears things up or not. Cheers.

  23. TommyTitty Says:

    Bob, see a more detailed comment I put in the “Search Improved” section

  24. Bob Says:

    @TommyTitty: ok, I’ll reply there sometime today.

  25. me Says:

    The Problem with roku has returned. I Tried calling verizon fios,the provider. They asked if any other streaming channels were affected,I said no netflix and others run fine,thats when they told me it was Vb,of course it couldnt be them. Any help would be great! Problem is same as before no or slow laoding,constant buffering,except for certain videos,which load and play fine

    thanks again