Site Search Updated!

Hey Everybody,

We are overjoyed to tell you that we have made a major update to VideoBox’s sitewide search engine. We thank you all for being patient as we incrementally upgraded our underlying search technology and then adjusted the search results. We think what is on the site as of today is better than the search results on our old site, and better than the new site has ever had. We think you will agree.

Let me break down a few of the major differences you will see starting today:


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.44.34 AM

The default result set for any search on the site is now Relevance. This pushes up items that are much more likely to be the content you were looking for. Note that the Movie, Scene and Clip searches are weighted more toward the text in the title now. If you are looking for content of a certain category, clicking the “Categories” list at the left of the page, or starting on the “Niches” page, is your best bet.

If you’re not liking Relevance, you can still choose from the other sorts we offer, as seen in the screenshot above; namely, Recently Popular, Newest to Oldest, A to Z, and Most Popular.

Vastly Improved Star Search:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.56.38 AM

Yes, you will find that the results for searches on star names are much more accurate than they were. You will also find a link at the top of the default result set (which is Movies) to easily switch to Scenes and back to Movies as you wish.

Series Searches:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.04.20 PM

It is now easier than ever to find other titles from a Movie series you like via the search field. As a bonus, we have added a link on the Movie details pages next to the title of any Movie with a “#” in the title, which takes you to a page of search results for that title. It’s not 100% exact, but it’s very handy.

Overall Better Results:
Generally speaking, you are going to get better results than you’ve been getting for searches, which means more of what you want and less of what you don’t, saving time you used to spend sifting through excess content.

Enjoy, and let us know how it’s working for you in the comments section below.

Bob and the VB Team


22 Responses to “Site Search Updated!”

  1. benmar51 Says:

    GREAT job, guys. . . Search is now lickety-split fast, on-the-button accurate, and easy-as-pie to use – ALL you can ask for in a search function. . . Well done.

  2. Jordan Says:

    Truly awesome, you guys never cease to get better 🙂

  3. me Says:

    All I can say is freaking awesome job on the new search.Quick accurate and clean.I Like the other vids with same title option on movies as well.

    well done

  4. benmar51 Says:

    . . . Just 1 problem I`ve encountered – Searched `Lorelei Lee`. . . Switched to `scenes`. . . Clicked on `No Lesbian` – It switches back to DVDs w/Lorelei, No Lesbian. . . Hit scenes – the lesbian scenes are , once again, included.

  5. Bob Says:

    @benmar51: thanks very much for reporting that bug. You are right, good catch — we are on it. I’ll report again when the fix is live.

  6. snickelb Says:

    Doesn’t work well for me. I never get a ‘star’ as a result, only a director or a dvd in the pop-up preview that you get while typing. Then, when I click search the results are always dvd boxes. If I’m trying to search for a star I expect to get a listing of stars. Yes, I selected stars from the drop-down list.

    This result is rather discouraging, as VideoBox ‘hides’ a lot of stars who don’t have preview photos, and some of them have plenty of scenes.

  7. Bob Says:

    @snickelb: you are correct, by default the “Stars” search returns DVDs that include the star you searched for, with the option to switch to scenes. The issue you are raising is by design. Our thinking is that for one, you’re not likely to get a lot of results searching for, say “Sasha Grey,” and secondly, you can click the star’s name in the pop-up that appears when you hover over a DVD cover, or below the thumbnail on the scenes view to get more details about that star. So we prefer to push content to the foreground in the search results as we feel that viewing said content is the primary goal for the majority of searches. Let me know if there’s something I’m missing about what you said, though. Cheers.

  8. TommyTitty Says:

    There are a couple of problems with that, Bob… 1. VB has some stars either mislabeled or they have multiple spellings of a star’s name (eg: Nicki Hunter/Nikki Hunter or Shyla Stylez/Shyla Styles), 2. Sometimes one doesn’t remember the full name and 3. Y’all have some stars in single name groups (eg: I might find Nicki Hunter in “Nicki” or “Nikki”)…in fact most single name stars contain a few different stars (EG: “Diamond”)…so the drop down list of actual stars (which used to be auto populated) is useful if it works properly, thanks.

  9. xxsandtigerxx Says:

    I want to talk about the “star” search but of a different kind.

    Why can’t I sort the videos in my collection based on my “star” rating of the video?

    I have a big collection that I have rated some videos more highly than others and sometimes I just want to see my top rated videos, but that is not possible. Currently I have to keep skipping through each page to find which ones I rated high.

    Can you please consider adding that as a feature of the way you can sort the results or at least the view of folders under the collections.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for all your constant updates.

  10. Bob Says:

    @TommyTitty: thanks for elaborating! If I’m interpreting your comment correctly, the issue is twofold: 1) mislabeled stars can make finding all of a girl’s scenes difficult, and 2) the autocomplete drop-down doesn’t deal with stars as well as you’d like. Is that right?

    Regarding the mislabeled star names: this comes up from time to time over email and on blog posts like this, and sadly the situation hasn’t really changed, which is to say that sometimes the content we receive has misspellings and incorrect or missing information. I’m not saying it’s all the fault of the suppliers, as we have very experienced and knowledgeable content team leaders who fix things when they find them. Unfortunately we also have a couple of less porn-savvy contractors who do data entry, and they type what they see on the box or on the scene, and sometimes those things slip through. I’m sorry that it shows up on the front end, but when you consider that we have 18,596 movies comprised of over 103,000 scenes starring somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 different girls, with 5 more coming in every single day, I think our team is doing really well from a pure quality-control standpoint. 🙂 We are a small team working very hard and doing our best, and I hope that shows to most users as much as it does to me.

    @xxsandtigerxx: thanks very much for the suggestion. I’ve noted it and will talk to the team about how much work it would be to add this.

  11. Admcewen Says:

    Hi guys the site down completely for me. Could not find anywhere else to contact you on this matter as the “contact us” button is also not working.

  12. Bob Says:

    @Admcewen: understood. We had a rogue server, so any sessions tied to it were unable to connect for a bit this morning. It’s fixed now, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

  13. Dksinner Says:

    Great update to a great site!
    One thing i’ll add is it would be awesome if there was a way to search a star based on movies within a certain studio. Say for instance if I wanted to narrow down all the movies starring Hillary Scott that were made by Pink Visual. Not sure how hard that would be to add but I think that would be great. Thanks again!

  14. mrnicexxx Says:

    The search really has a lot of issues and should have been tested more before rolling it out. For example if in the main search bar I choose the “scene” radio button and type in “shor” it returns a list but if you hit enter instead of selecting one it will throw a 404 error and it displays movies instead of scenes if you pick one from the list. If you do get the 404 error you’ll also notice that you’re able to login again even though you are already logged in.
    In the old site if you did the above you’d see a list of Scenes that contained the term “shor”.

  15. Zazaof Says:

    VideoBox’s sitewide search engine is not working for me

  16. Bob Says:

    @mrnicexxx: thanks for the bug report. A ticket has been filed and we will fix any issues we find with partial-word searches.

    @Zazaof: can you provide more detail please? Or better yet, submit a bug report on our contact form on the site? Thanks.

  17. omzero Says:

    Overall it looks good, but what happened to the “recently viewed scenes” button / feature. That was a great forwhen I wanted to go back to something I looked at a day or 2 ago or to look up a star I saw a scene with. Please bring it back.

  18. Bob Says:

    @omzero: It is now in the top navigation at the right. Click on your user name at the upper right of the screen and you will see it in the drop-down menu, 3rd item from the top. For more on the new nav and associated changes, see my previous post:

  19. Bob Says:

    @benmar51: we just released the fix for the bug you reported with categorizing star search results. Enjoy!

  20. benmar51 Says:

    @Bob – Thanx for the fix (Works great). . . And, thanx for taking the time to let me know.

  21. fmc Says:

    Absolutely love the site and the fact that you gus are on it, but any types of search still do not work for me, with -404 errors.
    Tried the recommended fix…no go.

  22. Bob Says:

    @fmc: *ANY* kind of search gives you a 404 error? Like, if you type “anal” in the search field and hit the enter key on your keyboard you get a 404? Either way, please fill out the form at, which will send us an email and debugging info, and someone will help you ASAP. Please include as much detail and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue as you can. Thanks.