vb2 removal

Out with the old, in with the new.

It’s been 7 years since our old web site, known as VB2, was launched.

In that time, the cost of using the cloud to support our business has plummeted while the ease of doing so has increased. This year, we realized that to continue providing an affordable, feature-rich adult-video experience to all of our valued customers, we need to replace aging hardware and code with a cloud-based solution.

The technology we used to create VB2, and the infrastructure in place to run it, are both no longer supported. In order to move to the cloud, it is much more costly and time-consuming to attempt to make the old site work than it is worth. For these reasons and others too arcane and boring to list here, we have taken the old site down as part of our migration.

Over the last several months, we have made some design and code improvements to VideoBox.com that we hope will ease the transition for users who still frequent the old site. The biggest has been a replacement of our search technology, as feedback from fans of the old site overwhelmingly listed the search functionality on VideoBox.com as the main reason they kept going back. We also plan to implement a redesign in 2015 that will further combine the best aspects of both sites into one cleaner, faster-loading experience. For a preview of how this redesign will generally look, click here.

We welcome your feedback on all of these decisions; you can do so via the contact form on this site, as mentioned below under the heading “Other questions? Comments?”.


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