Welcome… to the FUTURE!

Hi Everybody,

Yes, it’s a huge week here at VideoBox HQ, as we boldly venture into… the FUTURE!

OK, so mostly what I mean by that is, as of now we are no longer offering WMVs for scene downloads. You can get more info about the decision, and tips for using our other files, on this page.


But the move away from WMVs is only part of a sweeping modernization and tech upgrade. We are finishing up our migration from our own servers to a fully-virtual cloud solution for our application and content servers.

If that makes no sense to you, don’t worry about it; the simple version is, the site will be run with the latest technology, including video streams that get higher- or lower-res depending on your Internet connection. This should make things faster and snappier for you and make it easier for us to grow and improve.

I can’t promise you there won’t be some rockiness along the way, and some of you may have seen a little of it in the last week or so, but rest assured that when this migration is complete it will make 2015 a great year to watch porn.

Leave us a comment below or send an email via our contact us form if you have questions, concerns or words of celebration. Here’s to the future!

Best Regards,
Bob and the Whole VB Team


29 Responses to “Welcome… to the FUTURE!”

  1. Dredgie Says:

    No films avaiable today – says can’t be found on server

  2. Jordan Says:

    Well that sounds weird. Can you try logging out of VideoBox, logging back in and downloading again?

  3. abustman Says:

    I am currently unanble to download todays content 3pm GMT 29/01/15.
    Is this temporary as the changes to the site are in progress.
    By the way best of luck with things when all the hard work is done, I’m looking forward to all the improvements.

  4. datapanic Says:

    If this is the future, I prefer the past!

  5. Fifolet Says:

    The future seems bleak indeed. It was bad enough you removed the best quality files this side of HD, but now nothing works for download.

  6. Shaun Says:

    I hope you guys are willing to extend out membership as I’m now paying for something that i can’t download!!!

  7. Bob Says:

    Hi everyone, we are very sorry for the missing download files. Our new CDN provider tells us this was an issue at their end and only for customers outside of the US, and they say it should be fixed now. If you still see it, let us know. If you are in the US and having trouble, send us a message via our contact form at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact.

  8. Brad Says:

    I’m not able to download content any longer and I live in the U.S.. Will this be the new norm? I know you stated that it was only an issue outside of the U.S. but it is happening here too.

  9. Bob Says:

    @Brad: try logging out and then back in. If that doesn’t work, hit us up at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact and we’ll get your issue straightened out.

  10. Ed Says:

    I’ve tried everything imaginable and can no longer download content either.US.

  11. Brad Says:

    Bob the problem remains the same after logging off and then back on

  12. joef69 Says:

    “Failed – Server problem” Come on VB, get your shit together.
    Every time you do one of your glorious upgrades we, the customer, pay for your amateurish releases. WTF!

  13. Lee Says:

    You would think that before removing all of the WMVs you would make sure that every scene is available for download in MP4. Yet there a thousands of scenes where there are no MP4 files. Just one example: Salad Eating Sluts.

    I also have to say that the standard definition MP4s are disappointing in their quality. Please step up the quality level of the encoding, at the expense of file size.

  14. Jason Says:

    I can’t get anything to load on Roku anymore. It will say loading for 5-10 seconds and then revert back to scene title page. Also, it will periodically crash and close the channel completely….

  15. benmar51 Says:

    Hi guys – My only concern is the `temporary` loss of `Custom-Clip Making` for older scenes. . . . I was slowly working my way thru your vast archive, searching for missed nuggets – the loss of the custom Clip stopped me cold in my tracks. . . It Is Vital. . . . Please give this Top Priority, as it is one of the main features that sets your site apart from all the rest. Best of luck with all the improvements – I`m sure you guys will do a great job. Thanx.

  16. Fifolet Says:

    standard MP4s with 270 image resolution? That’s what i get now? Great upgrade!!!
    I won’t be extending my membership this year.

  17. Chris Says:

    Not happy with your new site – very slow – poor navigation – many images just don’t show at all – you will lose my membership

  18. benmar51 Says:

    Just one additional note – When left-clicking a scene to view the download, in about half the clips I`ve tried – I am UNABLE to skip ahead. Thanx.

  19. Bob Says:

    Hi All. First off, thank you for your feedback! I’m sorry you are having any issues at all; it pains me when our users are unhappy. I’ll just reiterate the gist of what I said on the post about retiring VB2: right now we are working through some issues with our new content-delivery service, which is our top priority since it ensures that the porn keeps flowing. Those issues are the root cause of every problem mentioned above except Roku ones, which is very high on the list and will also be addressed soon.

    We will continue to make our way down our list of issues to resolve, in priority order. Thank you all for your patience, and please pardon our dust; this move is the most challenging and ambitious one we have made in the last 8 years but it will pay off once it is complete.

    If you continue to have trouble viewing content, the best way to notify us and get your issues resolved is always to hit us up at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction so please give us the chance to make it right.

  20. ryan smith Says:

    I can’t understand how you think you will stay in business after removing the high quality wmv downloads. The mp4s are garbage quality and not even worth downloading. A wmv file was 720×480 2k bitrate and the mp4s are 640×480 with less than a 1k bitrate and they look awful. Who should i contact to get a refund on my yearly membership?

  21. Bx Says:

    The reason why the mp4s are ‘garbage’ is because they use software from 2008!!! to encode the files. I checked the mp4s with MediaInfo. They use a version of Handbrake from november 2008 with a STONE AGE x264 core. I was hoping that when they ditched the WMVs that they finally would update their software to a more modern version.
    Guess it’s time to say goodbye to VideoBox

  22. Bob Says:

    @ryan smith and @Bx: I just wanted to quickly respond to say I saw your feedback and I am talking to the team about the quality of our MP4s. One thing I can say for sure is that we get source files from studios that vary widely in terms of quality, so any encoding of that source file cannot be larger or higher-res than the source itself, which can result in less-than-ideal visual clarity. We have our encoding settings optimized for the range of source files we have to encode and QA, all in a high volume and a very tight timeframe. However, we are hopeful that our new backend opens up some possibilities, especially for the better source files we receive. More on this story as it develops.

    In both of your cases, if you are considering ending your membership, I would ask that you first email us using the form at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact, giving us a chance to get more clarity on your issues and work with you to make each of you a satisfied customer once again. That goes for anyone reading this comment; we are committed to making our users as happy as we are able.

  23. Jill Says:

    If it ain’t broke, why did ya fix it? A perfectly good site has been fucked up for no obvious reason. I’m very tempted to go elsewhere at this point too, and I’ve been here for years. The download speeds seem to have dropped off a cliff as well. FFS put it back as it was!!!!

  24. hottubpussy Says:

    My biggest disappointment is the tiny “scene photos” that the Roku now displays for the new videos being posted.

  25. Bob Says:

    @Jill: I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but I’m going to assume you are talking about videobox.com now that VB2 has been retired. If so, I’m sorry you don’t like the new site and I hope that you will contact us via http://www.videobox.com/support/contact so we can help you sort our your download speeds. Also keep in mind that we will be doing a redesign too, which you can preview at http://www.videobox.com/design/vb5. For more info in the move away from VB2, see http://www.videobox.com/wmv-removal. The short version is, it *was* broke, so that’s why we fixed it. 🙂 But contact us and let us do our best to make you a satisfied customer.

  26. Bob Says:

    @hottubpussy: the Roku image issues have been fixed, as I will post shortly. Please contact us via the form at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact if you see any further issues with that.

  27. User Says:

    I have had nothing but problems watching videos on both my PC and Roku since you retired the old site, and too many videos are of low quality or even many times display in the wrong aspect ratio. It will be difficult for me to justify continuing my membership if these issues are not resolved by the time it comes up for renewal.

  28. michaelfb68 Says:

    I prefer the “past”, where custom clips used to live.

  29. robert Says:

    I am done, i am contacted meta-billing for a full refund. The quality of the mp4s for SD films released today is low quality garbage and unwatchable on anything other than a phone. Your decision to remove the high quality WMVs will be the reason this site goes out of business and it’s pretty sad.