Old Site (VB2) Retired

Dear VideoBoxers,


Today we bid a fond farewell to our old site, known to many as VB2, as it sails beyond the horizon. Thank you to everyone who enjoys this site, whether in its old form(s) or in its current one, or both. We know some of you are sad to see her go, but all of us here at VB strongly feel that this is going to turn out great for all of you in the long run. Believe me, we would not have done this if we didn’t.

So, even as we say goodbye to the old site and the codebase that supported it, we are excited about the modern makeover VideoBox is getting behind the curtains and the redesign that is soon to come. Stay tuned, because this is not an ending but a new beginning.

Bob and the Whole VB Team


37 Responses to “Old Site (VB2) Retired”

  1. pat Says:

    I lost my username and pass how do i get it emailed to me

  2. benmar51 Says:

    Hi guys, Just one note about the `Comments` section, as it relates to the end of VB2 – I can only go by what I can view on my computer, but, it seems to me, that there is a WHOLE slew of comments `listed`, that come up empty when I click on them (on VB3). . . and this has been going on for a very long time. In the past, I could always go to VB2, where EVERY comment was there to be read (If it said a scene had 6 comments, I could usually see 2 or 3 on VB3. . . then go to VB2, click on the same scene and VIEW ALL 6). . . I don`t know the reason or cause for this problem, but with the end of VB2, I hope someone will look into it. . . Thanx, and good luck with the changes.

  3. dagmar Says:

    Bring on the new!

  4. Chris Says:

    your search function does not work properly – unless you have deleted entire categories – search for directors yields nothing – give us back the old site

  5. Lee Says:

    Unrelated to the changes, but I’ll take this opportunity to comment and ask:

    Is there any chance that A-Z sorting on VB will _someday_ sort numbered releases in the correct order? Both in the movie and scene listings as well as in the search results. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to place #1 in a series before #2, #3… #57, #58, etc.

  6. Lee Says:

    benmar51: I’ve noticed that as well. I suspect that comments are being moderated and hidden on VB3, and that the counts reflect the total, not the number that are still visible. Might also be that some members’ are effectively banned from commenting and their comments are hidden, again with the counts not reflecting that.

  7. site_user Says:

    Flow mode is working rather poorly for me. When you click on a video, it loads an extremely low-resolution version with no sound, with the navigation bar always at exactly 50%, even though the actual content of what is being shown is always the very beginning of the scene. Everything about flow mode is also noticeably slower.

  8. Bob Says:

    Everyone, thank you for your feedback! Right now we are working through some issues with our new content-delivery service, which is our top priority since it ensures that the porn keeps flowing. Another priority on the top of the list today is making sure the new streaming player buffers scenes all the way to the end. After that we will make our way down our list of issues to resolve, in priority order — a list that includes everything you have pointed out here: comment counts, search issues, and sorting with series titles.

    @benmar51 and @Lee: just to clarify about the comment counts, in all but a handful of cases the extra comments visible on VB2 were ones that had been deleted by their authors and the bug was that they were not being removed from the site. This was because of the legacy issues required to make that work on VB2, merely one example from a whole host of issues that grew exponentially the longer the old site stayed online. While VB3’s comment counts are inaccurate in many cases and that needs to be fixed, the site does display all the comments that are supposed to be displayed. We will fix it as soon as we can, though as mentioned above it will be a lower priority than things which ensure that everyone can find, stream and download the porn they want to see. 🙂

  9. Bob Says:

    @site_user: we are aware of the problem with flow mode, and it will be fixed asap.

  10. User Says:

    A lot of thumbnails aren’t showing up anymore and lots of problems playing videos on Roku since the change.

  11. Crunkle Says:

    Great work on the new site — however I hope the issue with low resolution video being used as the default in flow mode gets fixed soon. Flow mode is my most used feature. The low res videos are unwatchable.

  12. Strangepork Says:

    I agree, flow mode has become one of my favorite features and it is not currently usable. (Also, if you’re making a list, the toggle buttons for filtering in flow mode have not worked properly for quite some time. You can turn them on, but not back off again. Tested on multiple browsers and computers.)

  13. anon Says:

    Seems like quality going downhill lately and user options decreasing. Several (like more than 5 out of 50) of my recent downloads in the past few months wouldn’t play in VLC or any other media player after about 2 minutes in or not at all (although the soundtrack played). Now WMV not avail any longer, downloads cant be restarted in the middle now, wouldn’t surprise me if you decide to disallow downloads altogether in the near future. Maybe if you charged an extra $5/month for “premium” membership and we can have all these things back? would be worth it to me as i dont think you’ve raised prices in the ~6 years that i’ve been subscribing. i rather have all the old options available and a better site for a measly $5 extra per month. its not unreasonable.

  14. Bob Says:

    @Crunkle and @Strangepork: yes, flow mode will get some love as soon as we can get to it. It is very high on the list, but we still have some steps to take first, some of which are not customer-facing but are important — like making sure our content team can still add more porn to the library. 🙂

    @anon: First off, NO we will not be disallowing downloads and there’s no reason at all to speculate about that. Second, please hit us up at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact and we will dig in to help you sort out any and all DL issues. If you can supply sample links for problem scenes in your message that’s a big help. Cheers.

  15. site_user Says:

    By the way, I wasn’t sure whether to mention this, but hopefully the VideoBox staff is OK with it. I do some web development and I found the site’s user interface deficient in a somewhat tragic way: of the many categories for videos, only 30 of them are visible on the scene selection sidebar as well as on top of the flow mode Flash app. I collected a list of VideoBox categories and their numeric identifiers, and wrote a couple of FireFox GreaseMonkey scripts. For flow mode, I intercept the loading of flow_mode.js and inject code on the client side to change metai.browsePage.categoryList to a list containing all of the categories. For scene selection, I just add the missing categories to the ul element under the categories div. Both scripts work perfectly.

    I hope the VB staff isn’t pissed off at my antics, but my GreaseMonkey scripts have enhanced my appreciation of the site (despite requiring maintenance when you guys change stuff under-the-hood). It leads me to wonder, though: given that it is technically possible (I did it), is there some specific reason why VideoBox does not just expose all of the categories on the scene selection and flow mode pages?

  16. Bob Says:

    @site_user: I don’t see why we would be pissed off… there’s nothing in our code to prevent you from searching additional niches. In fact, if you go to the “Niches” page you will find links to all of our niches. We list the most popular niches on the browse and flow mode pages primarily for usability reasons: if we listed them all, those pages would look bad and be very hard to use easily (trust me). Plus our data shows the usage of niches other than the ones we feature to be very, very low, even though we get emails all the time from folks asking us to add a default sort for their favorite niche, which they assume everyone on the internet is obsessed with. 🙂 We have done well by keeping our appeal broad, so sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to maintain that appeal and good usability. I hope that answers your question.

  17. site_user Says:

    Well, fair enough. I could make the counter-argument that, given that we are talking about “niches”, that a user’s preferences will obviously be unique to them personally, and that therefore it makes sense to have a “settings” page that allows the users to determine which niches show up on flow mode / scene selection. If the users select too many of them and it becomes ugly, it’s on them. It’s a “cheap” way to allow users to customize their experience on the site. But I don’t actually know how “cheap” that would be on the VB end of things, and my solution works for me anyway, so I’ll continue to be a customer regardless of whether you implement something like that.

  18. Strangepork Says:

    @site_user If there isn’t going to be an official solution, is there any way you could share those scripts? I got as far as manually adding the category numbers to the URL on list pages, but couldn’t work out a way to get more specific results in flow mode.

    @Bob There are ways to keep a design simple while still giving advanced options. Few people would be confused by a toggle button to switch between simple and complete category lists, for example. Think of the broad appeal of letting anyone easily get to exactly what they want.

    And speaking of broad appeal, do you really think GILF has broader appeal as a category than Big Butt? I’m sure you have numbers on that. If it’s not going to list all categories maybe base it on the top categories of what people are actually watching and downloading and/or the categories with the most videos available.

  19. jondoman Says:

    I’ve recently been subscribed to one of the premium channels. I’ve noticed that there is no option to use flow mode on the premium channels without adding individual videos or scenes to the stash. It would be an awesome feature to be able to use for that content, especially since flow mode is one of my favorite things to use on this site. Videobox is still the best site out there!

  20. Bob Says:

    @site_user and @Strangepork: we have had various customization options like you mention on the site before, and the usage rate has always been low; around 1 to 3% if memory serves. So you are right that we can do it — though it is not as simple as it might seem — but experience has taught us that when choosing how to spend the limited time we have with such a small development team, we have to go with the things that the most users want and will use. Believe me, I was surprised and disappointed by those usage numbers too. Also, please bear in mind that we are a business in a very competitive industry, and endeavors that our most engaged users want are always being weighed against those that bring in more users. My commitment is to strike the best balance I can, so that nobody feels cheated or ignored. I hate having to say no to our users ever, but unfortunately it comes with the job sometimes. So, will there be sorting for all niches on the site this month? No. Will we add it as part of the redesign? It’s possible. The easier it is to bake in, the higher the likelihood it will arrive. Whenever we meet to discuss what to work on next, we always consult our list of user requests like yours, and we work them in whenever we can. I’m sorry that that’s as close to a guarantee as I can give you. Not that it’s much consolation, if any, but that’s probably more than you’d get from any other porn site out there, since I generally find that the folks running them never engage with their users at all. This is one of the ways we strive to be different from our competitors.

    Also @Strangepork, I haven’t checked the numbers for a while vis-a-vis GILF, but… you’d be surprised. That’s one of those niches, like BBW and Transsexual, that generate some of the most complaints (“why do you even have this???!!!”) in addition to a large amount of requests for more. We do already factor in the number of videos in a given category. I promise you this: when we get the redesign out, it will feature the hottest and most populated categories at the time of the release.

    @jondoman: one of the goals of our upcoming redesign is to expand what you can “flow” in flow mode, and make “flowing” things more like a sort option than a separate section on the main nav. I can’t promise 100% that it will go down that way, because we have not fully investigated the complexity of that approach, but it’s in the plan — and adding premium content as an input is a must in my opinion, regardless.

  21. Strangepork Says:

    @Bob I’m definitely not expecting new and improved features to magically appear within a month, especially with the old features from last month still not yet working. (Any timetable on that, btw?) I was just taking the opportunity to chime in while you were interacting. Also, keep in mind that low usage of a feature isn’t necessarily an indicator of how people feel about it. Maybe some users REALLY liked it, some didn’t care, and some just didn’t know where it was or how/why to use it.

    Also, I meant no disrespect to any GILF fans out there. Whenever a video in a genre I don’t care for is posted, I just move on, knowing that video probably made somebody else’s day. And I’m also sure that people into rarer content send appreciative e-mails asking for more when they find a site that has even a little of what they are looking for.

    So the case I am making goes something like this : You’ve got the content there to appeal to the big and the small niches, but the category selection is seemingly arbitrarily divided, with some pretty mainstream categories hidden away. When you say “our data shows the usage of niches other than the ones we feature to be very, very low” I say of course it is, because the site is currently designed in a way that makes them difficult to find and use. People don’t filter by Facials or Tit Fucking because they don’t show up as an option unless you go directly to the Niches tab or click on the link in a video’s description. The question of what categories are most popular means nothing to the guy who can only get off by watching Hairy women do Ass To Mouth, nor to the guy who wants to see some CunnIlIngus in the Shower. Since you seem to be a stats guy, don’t underestimate the “long tail”.

  22. Bob Says:

    @Strangepork, I appreciate your chiming in! I asked for feedback, and I’m grateful to get it from you and any user who wants to offer it. I want to avoid sounding argumentative, because I really appreciate your points and the manner in which you are offering them — so, let me just say that I hear you are passionate about seeing the full range of niches available for sorting on the browse pages and in flow mode, and we will bear that in mind when coding the redesign. I’d prefer not to offer a timeline for things coming online, since I’m an “under-promise and over-deliver” kind of guy, and I find that setting deadlines and then missing them can really make people unhappy. However, I can tell you that everyone is still working long hours here to get everything in top condition. I can also tell you that a fantastic, fast-working developer is tuning flow mode as we speak. We will get each item up on the site as soon as it is available.

  23. A Says:

    i’ve been experiencing problems with download speeds since the change. incredibly slow. it’s nothing to do with “peak hours” or my connection, this is only a problem with videobox downloads. hope i’m not the only one with this problem :\

  24. Bob Says:

    @A: Please email us using the form for http://www.videobox.com/support/contact and we will work with you to resolve any issues you have.

  25. Role Says:

    download speed stiil so slow, watch in flashplayer still very slow and bad, I look for a other xxx side next an cancel videobox

  26. Bob Says:

    @Role: whether or not you are seriously considering ending your membership, I would ask that you email us using the form at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact, giving us a chance to get more clarity on your issues and work with you to make you a satisfied customer once again. That goes for anyone reading this comment; we are committed to making our users as happy as we are able.

  27. Tim Says:

    @StrangePork, if you use Chrome and right-click on the filter button in Flow Mode, then you can edit the HTML to change the ID and the label if you want. Then you can view Flow Mode based on your own combo of niches, as long as you know the category number. For instance petite is “2102”.
    I wrong a longer post explaining this, but looks like the embedded HTML prevented it from posting. (Or perhaps posts need approval and mine is just waiting for that.)

  28. Tim Says:

    Here is an edited version of my earlier explanatory post.
    * Open Flow Mode, then Pause it.
    * Click on “Only Show…”
    * identify something I want to replace, like “Classic Porn”
    * right-click, choose “Inspect Element”. A Developer Tools area will open at the bottom of the page. You will see a highlighted row down there.
    For instance:
    class=”filter-button” id=”61″>Classic Porn
    * click on the arrow to the left of the row.
    * Change the id=”61″ with the ID of what you like, e.g. Small Tits is “2104”.
    * Change the name “Classic Porn” to your category name.
    For instance:
    class=”filter-button” id=”2104″>Small Tits

  29. Bob Says:

    Everyone, flow mode is back to flowing happily, just in time to brighten your weekend. I will be posting about this shortly but wanted to quickly update any of you who are following this comment thread.

  30. User Says:

    It’s not flowing for me.

  31. Role Says:

    flowmode still not work, to play movie in flashplayer not work.
    on vista, W7 with firefox, chrome or IE. So bad videoside now. I can not use now.

  32. Role1 Says:

    now they block me to write coments, why why!!!!!
    flowmode still not work, to play movie in flashplayer not work.
    on vista, W7 with firefox, chrome or IE. So bad videoside now. I can not use now.

  33. Bob Says:

    @Role: nobody is blocking your blog comments. Are you talking about comments on the site? I am not aware of any comment blocking there either. For any issues you are seeing, including flow mode, email us via http://www.videobox.com/support/contact and give us as much info as you can (not just browser but browser version, flash player version, steps you are taking). We will do our very best to get your issues resolved and your mode flowing again.

  34. Steven Says:

    My comment never appeared so I’ll post it again. I have contacted customer support about this nearly two weeks ago. The recently viewed page on the top right drop down menu doesn’t work.

    The flash player isn’t as stable as what we had on VB2. I miss the thumbnails at the bottom for easy selection and also if you skip backwards it’ll debuffer.

    I’ve also discovered a few old favourite films have been taken down. “Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts 3 is one of those. Why have they been removed and will they be coming back?

    I like the look of the new Videobox but I crave for the functionality of VB2 which is why I never upgraded and continued using VB2 until it’s demise.

  35. Bill Says:

    Your new site is really a joke. You can’t see previously viewed shows. The studio list is incomplete.New movies are a pain to find. 3 steps backwards, one step forward. You had a wonderful site,now I may have to go somewhere else.You had the best site on the web.Now you have—-. Sometimes hi tech turns stuff into a waste of time. This seems to be the case.

  36. Bill Says:

    “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it “

  37. jestegans Says: