Want Help? Here’s How To Get It

Dear VideoBoxers,

While it’s natural to want to post a comment or two on the blog venting your frustration, I just want to make sure you all know that it’s not the best way to get your issues resolved. For one thing, I’m just one guy and I wear a LOT of other hats, so I might not see some of the comments for a while — especially over the next several days — and that’s time you could have been spending happily surfing porn, which is the real reason we’re all here after all.


So, just to be safe, I thought I’d provide some info/reminders on how to get the help that you need when your experience on the site is “not great”:

  • Start by reading the FAQs on the site.
  • No help on the FAQ? Email our Customer Support team. The single best way to do this is by going to our Contact Us form at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact, because the form adds some information about your browser, your account, etc.
  • Emailing Customer Support this way makes it easy for support to look up your account and troubleshoot before they have to ask a single question.
  • When you send a message to Customer Support, please provide as much detail as possible about your problem. They absolutely love things like the link to the page you have a problem with, the exact name of a video that isn’t working, or painstakingly thorough lists of steps you took that resulted in your issue. Seriously, nothing is too much here if it makes things more clear.
  • Check your spam or junk folders for replies from Customer Support if you don’t hear back within 24 hours (up to 48 if you send a message on the weekend). If you received the auto-reply from our system when you submitted the form, that’s great, but it’s not a guarantee you will get the reply from support in your inbox.
  • Reply quickly if Customer Support requests more information from you.

Follow these steps, and before you know it, you’ll be like:


Stay Calm and Watch Porn,
Bob and the VB team


45 Responses to “Want Help? Here’s How To Get It”

  1. michaelfb68 Says:

    You may not want negative comments, but when you charge people money based on a set of features — then you take those features away without a timetable for return – that is simply bullshit. You shouldn’t have switched until you had your house in order. VB acted in an amateurish fashion. To make matters worse, you have offered us nothing. No restitution for your screw up… we just keep paying. Again, that is shitty service and total bullshit.

  2. anon Says:

    i’m not angry because VB is a great value and you guys have always done right by me. But again, i think you should allow “resume download” of a file even if only for a few hours if its from the same computer and the same IP address. Can you answer to this?

  3. Got Help Says:

    Hi I submitted a question regarding DLs a couple of times … have not heard back yet. But, I may have stumbled upon a solution that may help others. I was not able to DL anything since the update. Kept getting a message error when I hit save. But, I noticed yesterday once I turned off my VPN, the videos would DL. And, I must say the DL speeds are much faster now.

  4. Bob Says:

    @michaelfb68: I hear that you are frustrated, and I would be too in your position. Please email us using the contact form, telling us which specific things are not working for you, and we will do our best to make sure you come away satisfied. I agree that things were rockier than I would have preferred, and I am sorry for any inconvenience. Of course I don’t want negative comments, because that means people are unhappy, but I’m grateful for yours and the others because it is helpful feedback. The point of this post was not to say don’t post negative comments; it was to make sure everyone knows that posting negative comments here is not the best way to get their issues solved.

  5. Bob Says:

    @anon: my hope is that we can get that sorted out for you quickly, but unfortunately we are dependent on the engineers at our new CDN to troubleshoot it. Will you please email us with your IP address and more info about your DL manager? Thanks.

  6. Bob Says:

    @GotHelp: thanks for your update and I’m thrilled to hear it’s working for you off the VPN. Now I’d like to get it working for you on the VPN. As I mentioned to @anon, this is an issue that we need to present to our new CDN for troubleshooting. Can you email us using the form and tell us your IP address and any info you can share about your VPN (software, settings etc)? That would be a big help to us and we can make it worth your time.

  7. michaelfb68 Says:

    @Bob – There is no need to email. I can’t download custom clips on movies older than 30 days. Same as everybody else. That is total BS and needs to be fixed ASAP.

  8. Steven Says:

    Another bug on the flash video player. Enlarge it to full screen and then bring it back to normal size and the video remains in full screen within the player box meaning you can’t see it all. Bug, bug, bug. I never thought I’d miss VB2 so much but 2 weeks after it’s demise I’ve had enough of this site. Thumbnails not working, recently viewed page not working, the fact I can’t filter out premium channels when searching.

  9. Bob Says:

    @michaelfb68: we are expanding custom clips to 8 weeks later today, as the next step in the process of enabling as much of the content to be clipped as possible, as quickly as is possible. The reason we are doing it incrementally is because, to borrow your phrase, we want to make sure we have our house in order before we open the floodgates on clipping.

    @Steven: good catch! Sorry about that. It just so happens that bug with the flash player was introduced yesterday when the player was fixed to support older Flash versions, OSes and browsers, and a fix for it will be pushed later today along with the 8-week threshold for clips.

    We are still working around the clock to get everything cleared up for you all as soon as we can; if I am less responsive over the next couple days it’s because I’m heads-down with the team putting the finishing touches on more improvements.

  10. A Says:

    still not able to download anything. already contacted customer service and explained things in full detail. this is ridiculous. the site was working perfectly fine before this update. what am i even paying for at this point?

  11. Steven Says:

    Great new thanks Bob. Also found one of my favourite films is missing. Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts 3 starring Brianna Love and Britney Stevens. Why’s this one been removed, any ideas?

  12. jack_black3 Says:

    Bob – you mentioned fixing the flash player. Ever since all these updates/changes began, I am getting constant “Shockwave has crashed” errors when I try to watch videos. I literally can’t watch ANYTHING on the site right now, and it’s very frustrating.

    I’ve never had any issue w/ the player until now.

    Is this going to be corrected in the fix?


  13. jestegans Says:

    I am also having the flash problem. It doesn’t show the whole video unless I go full screen. Also flow mode still isn’t working. It only shows maybe 10 flicks at a time, most of the screen is black, and only 2 actually show a video preview… the rest are just still thumbs.

  14. ringostar Says:

    Anybody else having flash player issues on videobox.com? Been a struggle to watch flash on this site regardless of browser. Trouble on multiple devices and my Internet is running at a high speed. Bummed! Picked a bad time to upgrade my account.

  15. Bob Says:

    Folks with flash issues: things should be OK now. Try clearing your cache and restarting your browser, as Flash objects have been known to get aggressively cached and you might not be seeing the latest version of the player. We expanded the compatibility and tuned it this week. Beyond that, please follow the steps in the article and we will do our best to resolve these issues. Thanks!

  16. Bob Says:

    @anon, I don’t know if you emailed us yet but I did a test run with our CDN and they had no issues resuming downloads. I then personally installed IDM on my Windows 7 machine, tested it thoroughly, and also had no issues resuming downloads. At this point there may be other factors involved and we’ll need you to email us to help resolve it. Thanks. Bottom line though, there is nothing preventing anyone from resuming downloads that have errored out for any reason.

  17. planterguy Says:

    I’m using the free download manager and when the download completes they it will only play for about 3 or 4 seconds and the video freezes. Been like this since you rolled out the new updates. Really disappointed in this as I am paying for the ability to download.

  18. jestegans Says:

    My flow mode still isn’t working properly. Only about 12 still thumbnails scrolling across the screen with space for 24 and sometimes one or two of them are motion video.

  19. HeyWhatGives Says:

    What gives, I am unable to download any videos for the past few days, the button with the download button where you right click and save as is now gone from all the videos. Needs fix.

  20. A Says:

    been nearly a week and still haven’t heard back from Customer Service. haven’t been able to download anything since this horrible update. Now the site is all wonky and messed up. Seriously, VB dropped the ball big time with this.

  21. rajmahalwow Says:

    Still having issues with Flash Player plugin on all browsers. Cannot have more than one video buffering at a time as it causes the plugin to freeze and crash. Some videos don’t begin buffering unless you reload the page once or twice.

  22. jack_black3 Says:

    ^^^^^^ My issue is exactly the same as ‘rajmahalwow’. The freezing, the crashing, etc anytime more than one video is open. As someone who does not download, streaming is my only reason for being on VB as long as I’ve been, and now I can’t watch anything b/c the Flash player is pretty much inoperable.

    To VB’s credit, the flash player was always, IMO, the best of any adult site. So please re-store/fix it ASAP.

  23. fingerroll1953 Says:

    I Can’t download anything! this is BS. Sent an e-mail but no
    reply, great customer service.

  24. jamez Says:

    the videos are no longer downloadable – failed network error

  25. Chris Says:

    I have asked for help several times and no-one ever gets back to me – your videos do NOT download!!!!!!!!

  26. Reiner Says:

    Since the update all downloaded files are corrupted and play only a few seconds!

  27. Bob Says:

    Everyone, I can tell you that all support emails we receive are replied to. If you are not getting them, be sure to check your spam and/or junk folders in your email client. If you’ve done that and have not heard from someone and it’s been more than 48 hours, post your account username in a comment here and I will personally look into it.

  28. Kev Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I am sure a lot of us here wants to know when will the flow mode going to work smoothly again? It have been having issues since the old site went down.

    Can you please reply back to my recent emails too? it’s been over 48 hours now! the only email i got was a auto reply from videobox support! Thank you!

  29. anon Says:

    @Bob – thanks for taking the time to install and test IDM on your Win 7 machine. Its a problem with my copy of IDM here for some reason. i tried Free Download Manager and it does offer resume capability from your site so i’ll have to re-install IDM or contact them about the error.
    My apologies and thanks.

  30. Bob Says:

    @Kev: is “Kev” your VB username? I’d like to look at the emails you’ve sent. As for flow mode, I do not have an exact timeframe for updating it, but we know why the performance is sub-optimal and we are working with our CDN on a fix. That fix will go live as soon as it is ready.

    @anon: glad to hear that FDM is working for you, and I really appreciate you letting me know! You’re welcome, and I’m sorry you had trouble.

  31. rajmahalwow Says:

    Hey Bob, still having issues with flash player on this site alone. The “Shockwave Flash Plugin” in Chrome crashes when attempting to load multiple videos (literally anymore than 1) at a time. I cannot reproduce this on any other site that uses flash player so it must be something specifically with VB. This is happening in all browsers.

    The name listed here is my username, let me know if you need help reproducing the issue or any further details.

  32. Bob Says:

    @rajmahalwow: thanks for the feedback. Just curious, did the player not crash when you did that on the site before our move to the cloud? I ask because we are trying to sort out whether the new streaming format or the player is the source of our trouble. And FWIW, we are looking into resurrecting the pre-cloud player and streaming MP4 again rather than HLS. No promises, but knowing that the previous player was multi-tab-friendly would be very useful information for us. I have to also say, Flash is not great and sometimes an Adobe update will drastically change the player’s behavior. Anyway, let me know. Thanks.

  33. rajmahalwow Says:

    @Bob: Before the move to the cloud I was not experiencing any issues worth noting, definitely not with multi-tab buffering as that is my primary means of viewing content on the site, versus downloading. Totally agree with you about Flash (and Adobe for that matter)…

    Thanks for looking into this. Again, let me know if I can provide any further details.

  34. jestegans Says:

    Wow, 30 days and no improvement whatsoever. Videos are extremely slow loading especially when clicking on different parts of the timeline, and flow mode still isn’t working. VB was my favorite web site until January 29th, 2015. It is now my least favorite. When I e-mailed customer service about my issues I received a useless generic response.

  35. elmo Says:

    would be great if you guys could eliminate duplicate comments cluttering up both the scenes and individual pornstar pages. there should be a way to do this thru some code tweaks.

  36. AA Says:

    @rajmahalwow… Agree!
    @jestegans… Agree!

    @Bob… My god, the last month on VB has been diabolical!!!

    @Bob… You state that you are “one guy”? Dude, you better fix your site, because I reckon in 6-12 months you’ll have no members, no income, no life! Get your sh*t, and this site, together!

    Pay money for VB? Not for much longer… 🙁

  37. Bob Says:

    @AA: I am one guy who writes and reads the blog, among many many other things. There is a team of people working hard here at VB day and night, so no, this is not a 1-man operation. I am really sorry to hear that you or anyone else is unhappy, and please just know that we are working tirelessly to resolve any and all issues both global and individual. Most people are not having technical issues with the site right now beyond the slowness of flow mode (we are working on it), only being able to clip the last 6 months worth of content (we are working on it) and the less-than-ideal buffering on the player (we are working on it), so anyone who is having problems beyond those, please email us via the support form and we will help you get right. Cheers.

  38. jestegans Says:

    Those are pretty crippling issues Bob. While I do appreciate the teams effort to resolve, it’s been going on long enough that I don’t feel like I am getting my moneys worth anymore.

  39. Bob Says:

    @jestegans: please email us via the contact us form and say that to the support team. They will have a better handle on timing and the ability to address your billing.

  40. Bob Says:

    @elmo: I agree. I added a ticket for that fix, and it will go into the queue for development. No way to say how soon it will happen, but it’s annoying and needs to stop.

  41. elmo Says:

    @ Bob – thanks.

  42. whathappened Says:

    @Bob – not trying to pile on here, but it looks like the entire collection of Evasive Angles DVD’s have dropped off the site. Those were some of the best movies on here.


  43. Bob Says:

    @whathappened: like Amazon, Netflix, iTunes et al, we have some variation in our content licensing agreements. Sometimes, as in the case of the Evasive Angles titles, the license expires and we have to remove the content from the site. We try to prevent that wherever possible, but we simply can’t avoid it in every single case. One of the ways we are better than Netflix, though, is that if you ever come across something you really like, you can download it and keep it! So when in doubt, if you REALLY like a scene or DVD, download it just in case, and you won’t have to miss it if it goes away. Thanks for your question, as that comes up now and then from other members.

  44. Planterguy Says:

    So does that mean that we will not see those Evasive angels videos ever again or is there a chance that you will get the license back, and if so will they all be added back like it was before or will they be trickled in to the daily updates over a period of time.

  45. Hawkwing Says:

    Re: Licensed Content. Please ask your content providers to get their shit together. Case in point, Diabolic, Unnatural Sex 1, Scene 6 – your download/playback scene is showing scene 7, extras. I hope your licensing agreement provides for providing correct video files. I assume other download issues I have are related to corrupted content from the providers:
    Suckers 5, Scene 3
    Suckers 7, Scene 2
    Suckers 3, Scenes 2 and 3

    Also how will you notify the subscribers when corrected content has been provided. So far it is the black hole of information.