Flow Mode Greatly Improved!

Hey VideoBoxers,

I know it was not lost on some of you that our Flow Mode feature has not been working as well as any of us would have liked since February of this year. I apologize for the downgraded experience, and I am elated to tell you that the flow mode experience is tremendously better as of our code updates yesterday afternoon.


Everyone here at VideoBox sincerely wishes you a very heavy flow for many years to come! Enjoy, and please let us know if you encounter any further issues with the performance. We think it’s looking great, but sometimes little surprises pop up once a feature is released into the wild.

If you do have issues to report, using our “Contact Us” form is ideal for troubleshooting assistance, but comments below are great too. Either way, the more details you provide, the better.

Bob and The VB Team



9 Responses to “Flow Mode Greatly Improved!”

  1. teejay82 Says:

    I’ve found the site to be really laggy over the last couple of days and can’t download video’s, comes up with network error!! What’s the point of having a membership if it can’t be used??

  2. Bob Says:

    @teejay82: we did have a brief outage on one of our servers last week, but it was resolved fairly quickly. Are you still having trouble? If so, please let us know via our contact us form and someone will get back to you ASAP.

  3. Brandon Says:

    Hi Bob, ive been experiencing this issue since i signed up with VB 2 years ago, it has never been fixed through many emails to customer support, i am having to hand move hundreds of scenes from stash folders where my scenes are no longer visible, to ones that still work correctly, for instance my first stash folder has 370 scenes but only displays 179 of them, another folder has 256 scenes but only shows 178 etc.. This is strictly a Roku issue which is the only way i use VB and the reason i subscribed, stash folder works fine from a PC. Customer support had said in the past if it happens again to contact them first before spending hours rearranging scenes one by one so i can “See” them again from the Roku. Is there anything you can do to help with this situation? This has been a very frustrating experience. Thank you.

  4. Bob Says:

    Hi @Brandon, I’m sorry about your stash issues. I saw that you emailed about this as well, and thank you for that. We put some time into debugging the problem yesterday, and we ruled some stuff out but unfortunately could not find the cause of the bug. We have escalated the issue to one of our senior devs, who is looking into it further, and either I or a Customer Support representative will get back to you with more details ASAP.

  5. anon Says:

    That Deal Tab is pretty cool. if i could add those studios thru Videobox monthly billing (at those prices) instead of that other site i’d be more inclined. Most of the porn companies and websites are not trustworthy so when they say “lifetime 70% off” and then it looks like for 30 days only and who knows what they’ll bill you next month. VB is one of the very few porn websites that i trust.

  6. michaelfb68 Says:

    At what point will custom clips be fixed? It is literally hit or miss everywhere, and it is growing tiresome.

  7. Bob Says:

    @anon: thanks for the suggestion, and the compliments! We are working on sharpening up the Deals tab and running the billing exclusively. I’ll post an update on the blog when that happens.

    @michaelfb68: will you please email Customer Support using our Contact Us form at http://www.videobox.com/support/contact and include as much detail as possible, including what scenes you are trying to make clips on that fail and any error messages that display? We discussed your comment this morning and we want to get to the bottom of this asap if you are willing to send us details. Thanks in advance!

  8. reg Says:

    I’m glad flowmode is working!

    What’s up with the HQ feature? I doesn’t seem to work on most movies. When did that start?

  9. Bob Says:

    @reg: The “HQ” button only changes things if there is an HD version available of the scene or clip you are viewing. If you are watching the DVD-quality MP4 of an HD scene, and you select “HQ,” the HD version of the scene will start streaming instead. For SD movies, the default file that we stream is the highest-quality one we have available, so in that case the “HQ” button is greyed out. There is nothing for it to do. I hope that clears things up! Thanks for asking.