We’ve Added Dating!

Hey VideoBoxers,

Sometimes watching previously-filmed porn scenes just isn’t quite enough. Thanks to our new partnership with the biggest, most popular adult dating network on the web, we are pleased to introduce VideoBoxHookups.com, our very own site where you can meet partners for whatever action you could possibly want!


Like our cams site, VideoBoxCams.com, VideoBoxHookups.com offers interaction with real live girls and can be accessed from a link on the main navigation at the top of the VideoBox site — in this case, the one that says “Dating.” Unlike our cams site, however, the girls here not only want to flirt, chat and interact in a range of possibilities limited only by your imagination; ultimately they want to hook up in person.

We wish all of you some fun, sexy and fulfilling time with any number of hot ladies across the globe. Let us know what you think of this new dimension to the VideoBox experience.

The VideoBox Team


6 Responses to “We’ve Added Dating!”

  1. tanasinn4 Says:

    Why cant I see most comments?

  2. 432 Says:

    i like this part:
    “VideoBoxHookups.com offers interaction with REAL LIVE GIRLS”

  3. Bob Says:

    @432: Ha ha, as opposed to all the dead ones you see in the videos I suppose? Bad choice of words on my part, perhaps…

    @tanasinn4: Please email us via the Contact Us form at https://www.videobox.com/tour/support/contact and give as much detail as you can, and someone will help you out.

  4. Music Says:

    So this site has zero female profiles that are purposely inserted in there like all the rest out there? Also no Russian or African scammers using someone else pictures? With a ratio of 75 men 25 women, who needs that!!

  5. Bob Says:

    @Music: we chose the largest and most reputable partner in the hookup space to create this site with us. Give it a try and let us know what you think, and our excellent customer service folks will do everything they can to help if you have problems with it.

  6. 432 Says:

    hope it works Bob.
    Im kinda ugly so i need all the help i can get 🙂