Site Maintenance This Thursday 3/29/16

Hey VideoBoxers,

Please note that our team of sexy engineers (led by the team leaders seen in the photo below) is going to do some database maintenance on VideoBox and VideoBoxMEN at around 11am Pacific Daylight Time this Thursday, March 29. We expect this to take down both sites for roughly 10 minutes. You will all see a not-so-sexy maintenance page while the sites are down.


Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions directly related to this. If you have specific technical or billing support issues, your best bet as always is to use our Contact Us page.

Best Regards,
Bob and the VB Team


7 Responses to “Site Maintenance This Thursday 3/29/16”

  1. DP Says:

    Please stop posting videos from T&A studios.

  2. Bob Dole Says:

    Idea for “VB 4”: Use the open source reddit code and make a porn democracy: A pornocracy. This means folks can upvote/downvote the tags so the niche fetishers can get granular. Sub-reddit style subs can sprout up for niches like Hairy arm pits, pony tails, whatever they like. This would spur interest in older content (which you have some real sweet stuff). Keep the subscription model, but modernize to the way that content gets consumed now a days. Long time subscriber here so I’m just trying to help. -bobb

  3. mcewena Says:

    What’s happened to Reality kings?

  4. Darkseid Says:

    I reported it before, but I don’t think my comments are being seen. Many appear as videobox user.

  5. Bob Says:

    @DP: I’ll pass your feedback on to our content team.

    @Bob Dole: Thanks for the suggestion! I agree that we want/need some adjustments regarding tags and categories. We’ll discuss it and see what we can do once we finish the project we’re on now, which involves upgrades to streaming, clips and mobile (speaking of the way content gets consumed nowadays). Cheers!

    @mcewena and @Darkseid: Please contact Customer Support using our form at and they’ll help you with both issues. In the latter case, I can tell you that a while ago we obscured all user names when someone is viewing the site and is not logged in, so it just says “VideoBox User” in that case. This is to protect our users’ privacy and to discourage people from attempting to hack user accounts. Which is a good place for me to add: always use secure passwords, folks! Something with numbers, letters, mixed case, and at least 1 special character will pretty much ensure the security of your account, not just on this site but on every website. Be safe out there!

  6. deathpar Says:

    any chance of getting more hentai or vr movies?

  7. twocentz Says:

    The “Scenes” page hasn’t updated in weeks! Still showing scenes from March 3 or March 23 in each of the top-5 slots. Of maybe this is a cookie issue on my end?