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New Channel – Check It Out!

Hey VideoBoxers,

We are so excited to announce that we have launched a new premium X-Channel for your hot HD babe enjoyment: Porn Pros!


The channel went live yesterday with 30 movies comprised of 147 scenes featuring hot new girls and amazing production value, all in HD. Subscribers get a new HD movie (usually 5 scenes) every Thursday, all for a pro-rated price of just $15 per month. Check it out at our Porn Pros Movies browse page. Signups are already rolling in, so feel free to make your VideoBox membership even better by adding this awesome channel today.


In case you don’t know what X-Channels are, here’s a bit of background: here at VideoBox we’re always on the hunt for the best porn content we can license from quality studios, with our goal being to bring it to you for our low monthly fee. There are still studios out there shooting awesome movies, but they either don’t license their content to others or their licensing policy restricts them from providing videos to “all you can eat” sites like ours.

Because of our great relationships in the industry, though, we’ve managed to find a way to get that content to you at the lowest prices possible: through X-Channels, which are add-ons to your monthly subscription to VideoBox. Think of VideoBox as basic cable, and the X-Channels are HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc. In fact, we are the only site other than their own where you can find Evil Angel, Soft On Demand and one other partner whose name we can’t mention outside our members area!

Let us know what you think of this new channel… we hope you fully enjoy the top-notch porn it provides.

The VideoBox Team

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