Huge Mobile Update!

Hey VideoBoxers,

It is no secret that our use of phones and other mobile devices is increasing daily in this modern age. It is also no secret that the mobile VideoBox experience has thus far not provided the kind of top-notch experience we strive to offer to our valued members like you. Well, that is changing now, thanks to the HUGE update we just made to our mobile site!


OK, we have not perfected a Pokemon Go-style virtual porn reality experience with this version, but we still think you’re going to be really stoked about the improvements we’ve made. Just take a look at some of what you can do on your phone that you could not do before:

  • Browse and view Clips! – VideoBox is *STILL* the *ONLY* porn site out there that lets you create your own custom clips of our content. Now you can view them on a mobile device.
  • Scrubbing! – VideoBox is also the *ONLY* porn site that allows you to watch a comprehensive preview of a scene or clip just by moving your mouse across the thumbnail, and we’ve now got the same technology on our mobile site. Use the slider below a thumb to scrub.
  • Stashing! – Movies, scenes and clips can all now be added to and removed from your stash folders.
  • Search, Browse, Sort! – Now you can slice and dice browse pages and search results, narrowing and sorting, and you won’t lose your place. You can also browse by Star, Director or Studio.
  • Playlists! – View a page of content as a playlist that you can shuffle or loop.
  • And this is only the beginning! We’ll be rolling out more features in the near future, so stay tuned and have fun with the new site in the meantime. Leave us your feedback in the comments on this page or email us via our contact us form.

    Happy Viewing,
    Bob and the VideoBox Team


9 Responses to “Huge Mobile Update!”

  1. Blanko Says:

    Will this also update the cringeworthy experience of Roku?

  2. M Says:

    The one feature I wish you guys would roll out is adjustable windows for the popular windows. “Most popular” never changes; it’s old videos. “Recently popular” is too current; it only shows new stuff, not necessarily good stuff. All you need is “most popular” to have all time, year, month, week, and day filters; would allow a lot more content to be findable.

  3. Bob Says:

    @Blanko: our work for this update was focused solely on our mobile experience, so no, the Roku channel is not included. We would very much like to make some improvements there, though.

    So, while I’ve got you, though: is there something in particular you would like to see on the Roku channel? Have you seen any competitive porn Roku channels out there that have a feature or design you like?

    @M: thank you for the feedback. We will discuss it as a team (you’re not the first person to mention it).

  4. Blanko Says:

    Hi Bob.

    Yes I have seen other premium ones on Roku.

    VB is severely lacking in category options. useful search feature. Browsing (we only get to skim the surface of availability at best). You have a massive selection but don’t allow people to access it as its like trying to breathe through a straw.

    Respectfully, the VB is not better than any mature content app be they premium or free. It has the usefulness of a free preview demo app instead of an access point to TV’s.

    If you at the least expanded the category options to those that are offered instead limiting us to 12 categories that only span back 50 options that would be a big bandaid for now.

    Not to mention there is no way to search through girls or any other common options but the above will at least pull you up from being half a decade behind in multi-platform accessible technology to several years.

  5. Bob Says:

    @Blanko, gotcha. Agreed — the Roku channel was designed to work the way the Netflix Roku channel did, relative to its website at the time: you use the site to create a queue by browsing and stashing there, and you view that queue on the channel. That’s changed in the interim. So we agree with you on what is needed: our next update will beef up the categories, expand search, and enable you to continue well past 50 selections in each bucket, at a minimum. I can’t promise a delivery date on that, but it *is* in the works.

  6. Bob Says:

    So, now that we’ve touched on Roku and noted the popularity sorts, does anyone have an opinion on the new mobile site? 🙂

  7. Mike Says:

    I agree, the Roku channel needs a major overhaul, the last major update was in June of 2012 if I am correct and since then Videobox has completely ignored how poorly out of date the app really is. We need to be able to search by star, director, and category not just by movie title. We need a way to load our entire stash not just 20 items per folder a at a time and then we must constantly click ‘view more’ to see further back. We need a way to sort our stash, right now it’s only newest to oldest, we should be able to view it oldest to newest as well or alphabetically A-Z or Z-A. A resume function for partially watched videos would be nice as well as a ‘play all’ feature so we can watch an entire movie if we wish. The Star Stash also needs a change it is pretty useless the way it is set up now in my opinion, and why not put the random scene play option back on the main menu that used to be there? Sometimes it’s fun to just have Videobox choose something for you if you aren’t in the mood to scroll though titles.

  8. Matta2424 Says:

    Is there the ability to rate scenes? Everything thing else is awesome.

  9. Bob Says:

    @Matta2424, great question, and thanks for the feedback! Right now there is not a ratings function on mobile, no — that was something we couldn’t get in for this particular release. We’d like to change the ratings to thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the mobile site, which we think is more mobile-friendly than the current 5-star ratings system, but that’s a bigger job with more technical implications than it might seem. We absolutely will offer ratings in a future phase, and if we have our way it will be the very next one.