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Maintain Your Privacy by Anonymizng Your Clips

Not everyone wants to share every one of their Clips with the entire VideoBox membership. To accommodate that, the VideoBox development team has been hard at work improving and refining Clips and they’ve just released new features that allow you to have a little privacy for the Clips you don’t feel like sharing with the world.

When you make a Clip, you can now check a box labeled “Anonymize Clip” that will keep it private. It won’t show up on the public Clips page, but it’s available for you in the My Clips section located in the My VideoBox tab.


But wait, what if you want to go back and anonymize some of the Clips you’ve already made? No sweat. I made this video that’ll show you exactly how to make all or some of your current clips private.

After you’ve clicked “Remove Your Name As the Creator From Selected Clips,” your clip will disappear from your public profile page, but it will still show up on your main My Clips page.

Does Familiarity with Porn Stars Breed Contempt?

Perusing the porn star list this morning, I started thinking about what makes a porn star unpopular. Audrey Hollander is a pretty girl who’s made a lot of porn, but she’s not the most popular starlet with VideoBox members (to put it mildly). I had to wonder if those things were connected in some way.

Does the number of scenes a star has on VideoBox affect how popular she is on the site? I hypothesized that the answer was yes. Then I wrote a script to gather up 1,000 stars’ scene counts and popularity ratings. Shortly thereafter I was disappointed to learn that those things appeared to have nothing at all to do with one another. Even the stars with the top 25 scene counts didn’t correlate well with popularity (or lack thereof).

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I went back to the drawing board. What was it that people disliked about Audrey? Was it her willingness to do more, shall we say, extreme scenes? New question: How does the willingness to engage in gangbangs on camera relate to popularity?


10 Short-Haired Cuties

Spring begins a beautiful time of year when the things women wear start to get smaller and smaller. Short sleeves, short skirts…and for some, short hair. Even though short hair doesn’t look good on every girl, a few pull it off really well. Here are 10 such girls, in not-quite-random order, for your viewing enjoyment.

Missy Monroe


Squirting: Who’s For Real and Who’s Faking?

As of today, VideoBox has 135 DVDs and over 1,000 scenes featuring female ejaculation, also known as squirting. It’s a popular genre and it seems like while the ability to squirt among the general population is pretty rare, porn is just chock full of female ejaculators.

I don’t doubt that some women secrete fluid when they have an orgasm. On the other hand, many folks in the porn industry say that faking is rampant and what viewers think is female ejaculate is often actually pee. People like Annie Cruz in her interview with Ropeadope:

It’s a shame no fans can see what happens behind the scenes of these shoots. I’ve been up-close and personal with a lot of other “squirters” in porn, and the truth is in the taste and smell even if it comes out clear. Also, if you see a girl “squirting” a steady stream for several seconds, it usually means she’s pissing. For me personally, I have an orgasm when I squirt.

There are clearly squirting pretenders out there, passing their pee off as lady jizz. How to tell who’s for real and who’s full of piss? (ha) Read on for some industry insight and some examples from the VideoBox archives.


Clips Gets an Upgrade

Along with the new playlist functionality, VideoBox added some options to Clips yesterday that I think are a nice upgrade to an already cool feature.

If you haven’t tried out Clips yet, you can check out my quick guide to how to use them to get up to speed. For those already familiar with the feature, you may have noticed two new options when you create a Clip: Select a List for This Clip and Select an Image for This Clip.

As you may already know, you can make favorites lists for your Clips the same way you can for scenes and DVDs. Now, when you create a clip, you can add it directly to the list(s) of your choice – which means you can make a custom playlist of clips for your viewing pleasure.
add to list


New Feature Guide: Playlists

You may notice some new features on the right sidebar when you watch a Flash video today. VideoBox has added a new module that will allow you to make playlists, change their order, loop them and more.

non active state
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I, like many of you, have wanted this kind of functionality for a long time. So I’m really excited that the VideoBox developers were able to make it happen. Read on for an explanation of how everything works and what you can do with it.


New Girls on VideoBox Next Week

Out of the 35 DVDs posted every week, there’s usually a brand-new girl hitting the site every couple of days. Next week, we’ll see the VideoBox debut of four girls who I think are noteworthy: two Eastern European beauties, a new Indian starlet and an all-American MILF.

Aneta Head
Katalin Kiraly
Jhazira Minxxx
Felicia Fallon

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Producer Arrested for Allegedly Filming 17 Year Old

dirty_dI have a feeling this still-developing story may end up being the most talked about of 2010. It’s really got everything – lies, blackmail, secret identities, arrests, and an underage girl.

The classy gentleman pictured to the left is Michael Storm, aka Dirty D. He is being accused of knowingly filming a scene with a minor. Specifically “two counts of the promotion of a sexual performance of a child, two counts of the use of a child in a sexual performance and one count of illegal computer pornography, which refers to the streaming of underage content.”

Her Story
The accusations are being made by a girl who usually goes by the name Kelsey Cummings (she has several aliases). Her story is that she was contacted by Dirty D via her account on a modeling website and was asked to do a porn scene. She told him she was 17, but he said it wasn’t a problem because she’s married (to a porn performer, in fact). She says okay, procures an ID from another woman who looks nothing like her, and shoots a scene on a Sybian.


Interview with Director Myles Long

mileslong_marine1Miles Long (pictured left with his fiancée Mariné) is an industry veteran who’s been performing in porn since 1999 and directing since 2003.

Every movie he’s directed in the VideoBox catalog is rated 5 stars, and for good reason; he’s a thoughtful, detail-oriented director who strives to do his best work every time.

In our interview, Miles talks about what it was like to be Jenna Haze’s very first on-screen partner, how he creates the right atmosphere on set, his mainstream work, and more. Enjoy!

Most people probably don’t know that you were Jenna Haze’s co-star in Joey Silvera’s “Service Animals 4,” which was her very first scene. Do you remember that scene? Did Jenna stand out to you at the time?

I will always remember that scene, she had an energy about her that I always look for in talent that I book for myself these days, I want someone who loves sex, and wants to be there with the person they are working with. I realized right away that she was 1) meant for this business, and 2) destined to be a star.

She fondly recounted how she watched porn incessantly as a child and some of her more memorable exhibitionist encounters as a civilian before the scene started, and the scene we shot was so hot, that Joey Silvera, the director was turned on and after my scene, she happily blew him, and I filmed it with his camera.


Six Black Porn Stars Who Love Cum

I think the best performers are the ones who give their all in a scene and relish the results. Girls who can’t wait for a mouth full of cum, who take a squirt in the eye with aplomb, who smile when they’re slurping up a big load.

Member Henry Raw inspired me to do a black themed post today, so I’ve rounded up 6 scenes with girls who I think take a cum shot like a champ. They’re all great performers and I think the videos I’ve chosen demonstrate their enthusiasm for jizz.

Havana Ginger