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Asa Akira Interview

Asa Akira is without a doubt my favorite “new” starlet (she’s been in the business over a year). She’s gorgeous, completely approachable and really loves fucking. She’s the kind of girl you could chill out and watch a movie or play video games with – or have hot, nasty sex with.

We chatted at the Adult Entertainment Expo about her role in the movie Pure (coming soon to VideoBox); her favorite books and movies; Lexington Steele’s pipe cock and more. I hope you enjoy the interview. I definitely enjoyed doing it.

Vote in the Miss FreeOnes 2010 Competition

FreeOnes is the biggest, most comprehensive babe site on the web, hands down. While the site is a good way to find new girls, their annual Miss FreeOnes contest is about choosing the girls you already know and like.

Voting started on January 1st and they’ve narrowed the field down to 50 porn star/web model types. The upshot is that the girl who wins gets $10,000 and fans can win a 3-day trip to LA and an invite to a FreeOnes party (which are usually crawling with porn stars).

The final 50 seem to be a good mix of established porn chicks with a few I’ve never heard of and some web girls mixed in. There are two ballots: one that’s just a list of names and one with photos of the girls. I wish I’d started voting sooner because a lot of the girls I like didn’t make the cut, but I managed to find a few that I’ll be supporting in round 2. Round 3 starts in March and round 4 concludes at the end of the month with a winner.

So support your favorite girl(s). You might help them win ten grand and get yourself a free trip to LA in the process. And when you meet them at that party, you can tell them how instrumental you were to their success. (Bree Olson is already promising blowjobs…)

Consumers to be Charged in Obscenity Case?

In 1969, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on the case of Stanley v Georgia, unanimously concluding that a person has the right to watch pornography in the privacy of his or her own home. In the decision, Justice Thurgood Marshall wrote:

Whatever may be the justifications for other statutes regulating obscenity, we do not think they reach into the privacy of one’s own home. If the First Amendment means anything, it means that a State has no business telling a man, sitting alone in his own house, what books he may read or what films he may watch. Our whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men’s minds.

With this in mind, the news that federal prosecutors in Washington D.C. are attempting to force a company to turn over records that divulge the names and addresses of people who purchased “obscene” materials is puzzling at best and frightening at worst.

A company named only as Company X has been served with three Grand Jury subpoenas requesting business records and 2257 documentation – not uncommon or unreasonable in a prosecution of this type. But the fourth subpoena demands “a copy of records that show the identity of all movies sold or distributed, including the date of each transaction, payment received, and method and date of each of each shipment, from customer purchases” from the company’s website that occurred during 15-day windows in December 2007 and April 2008.

The company offered invoices with customer names and addresses blacked out, but the Dept of Justice demanded the originals that included personal information for everyone who purchased adult videos from this company in those time periods. While the judge presiding over the Grand Jury had the good sense to reject the prosecutors’ insistence that the documents show personal customer information, the motives of the Justice Department are open to speculation.

Could the DoJ be planning to go after consumers of adult materials in the future? It’s hard to say, but important to note that while possessing obscene materials is not a crime, receiving them is. I’m not sure how a person comes to possess anything without first receiving it, but the bottom line is that the feds may be considering stepping over a boundary that would put porn consumers in jeopardy.

Even though VideoBox has content standards and a business model that make it an extremely unlikely target for government witch hunts, I felt it was important that we all, as consumers of adult entertainment, know what’s happening elsewhere in the world of porn. The Grand Jury hasn’t made any indictments yet, so let’s hope that rationality prevails and Company X (whoever they are) doesn’t end up like Rob Zicari, Janet Romano or Max Hardcore.

via: AVN

Interview with Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine currently appears in 16 sex scenes on VideoBox (BTS doesn’t count). Of those, 10 are rated 4 stars or higher. Kelly is in a special league of porn stars; she gives it all in every scene, she’s got ass for days, and yet she was nominated for Unsung Starlet of the Year because despite all that, she’s not a marquee name…yet.

The first thing that strikes you about Kelly Divine is how open and approachable she is. Actually, let’s be honest – the first thing that strikes you about Kelly Divine is her big juicy ass. But after you get over that, it’s immediately apparent that she’s a down-to-earth girl. She tells you things no porn star ever admits in an interview – things most girls might not even admit to themselves. She wears her heart on her sleeve, for better or worse, and I couldn’t help but admire her willingness to show her vulnerability to a stranger. I hope you enjoy the result.

Alison’s Top 5 MILFs and Cougars – Vote for Yours

One of the most popular genres in porn right now is MILF/cougar. It’s actually one of the more recently developed, as the term became widespread in 1999 when Stiffler’s mom was identified as a MILF in American Pie. One of the earliest porn movies I know of in the genre was 2002’s M.I.L.T.F. #1 – still a decent film in my opinion, even by today’s standards.

What makes a good MILF? I think any woman in a MILF role should be over 35 (of course), very confident and beautiful in an elegant way, not a trashy way. You can tell when a woman has taken care of herself and knows what she wants. Twenty-somethings may be cute, but a MILF has experience and isn’t afraid to use it.

So with that in mind, I present my Top 5 MILF/Cougar performers (don’t forget to vote for yours at the end of the post):

1. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is, in my humble opinion, Queen of the MILFs. She started performing in 1993 at age 21 but left porn four years later over an AIDS scare. She made her comeback in 2005 and has become one of the most popular, recognizable MILF actresses in the business.


Gianna Michaels Retires. Big Boobs Must Go On.

Upon hearing that Gianna Michaels has retired from performing, I asked myself, “Who will carry the incredibly curvaceous torch now that she’s gone?” Gianna had the kind of tits you had to make up fake words to describe – ginormous, hugemongous and so on. Who could possibly satisfy the need for natural pendulous cantaloupe-sized boobles created by her departure?

Below are 10 ladies who – as far as I know – have giant, 100% natural breasts and continue to make movies for our mammarial enjoyment. I’ve selected a video of each girl showing off exactly what she’s working with in the breast department. Gianna’s beauty and incredible sexual intensity will be missed, but I look forward to more of these fine women in the future:

Christina Jolie


Report from the Adult Entertainment Expo 2010

For the last two days, I’ve been in Vegas for the annual Adult Entertainment Expo. The convention seems a lot smaller to me than years past, but thankfully that doesn’t mean there’s been a big reduction in opportunities to see and talk to the hottest stars in the business.

Some of the highlights of my trip so far have been:

  • Meeting and developing a huge crush on Asa Akira
  • Finding out, a bit to my surprise, that a lot of stars are really proud of the AVN Awards they’ve won
  • Watching Ashley Fires’ fembot impression.
  • Talking to Katsuni about how she ended up in Mexican prison in 2004
  • Learning that everyone in the Evil Angel booth thinks I look like that chick from Twilight.
  • Getting to meet the legendary and retired Angela Summers. She didn’t rule out making a comeback as a cougar!
  • Talking football with Jesse Jane.
  • Hearing about Belladonna’s love of birdwatching and the Scrub-Jays in her backyard.

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken while I’ve been here:

Nicole Ray Sunny Lane Raylene Naomi Banxxx Kristina Rose and Faye Reagan Diamond Foxxx Nikki Benz

If you’d like to see more, check out my Flickr page and my Twitpics. I’ll be updating them both (as well as Twitter) through Sunday. I’m also hoping to get a pass to photograph the red carpet at the AVN Awards, so keep an eye out!

Headed off to AEE

twiter_01Hey folks, just a quick note to let you know that I’m headed to the Adult Entertainment Expo right now. I set up a Twitter account just for show updates: AlisonAEE.

Your Picks for the AVN Awards

Happy New Year, everyone! With the start of every new year comes the Adult Entertainment Expo and AVN Awards in Las Vegas. The award show is next Saturday and while there are approximately 10 zillion awards and nominees, who wins Best Seven-Person All Girl Sex Scene Involving a Dairy Product in a Classroom really doesn’t interest me. I’m most interested in the star-focused awards and I want to know who you guys think will win these two:



The Pornos of VideoBox Past and Future

Three years ago, VideoBox released its first Christmas porno: The Tits That Saved XXX-mas. This year, we’ll be welcoming three new Christmas movies onto the site, so I wanted to put together a small list of what’s come before and give a sneak preview of what to expect in your VideoBox stocking today.

2006: The Tits That Saved XXX-mas
Four scenes with people dressed up in Christmas-y costumes. Excellent Christmas porn because there’s very little plot, girls with big tits, and festive costumes/decorations.

If you liked this, check out:

sexy santaSexy Santa
Available at 1:36pm PST
2007: Big Titty Christmas
My favorite Christmas video on the site. Six scenes with eight girls dressed up in Santa outfits, four scenes with anal, two sets of natural tits, and a partridge in a pear tree.

If you liked this, check out:

sexy santaSexy Santa (also)
Available at 1:36pm PST
2008: Very Very Bad Santa
Ron Jeremy (ironically?) plays a pathetic Santa who fantasizes about sex. The least Christmas-y of the X-mas porn, the only holiday-themed fucking is Brian Surewood dressed as an elf while getting a blowjob.

If you liked this, check out:

santas revengeSanta’s Revenge
Available at 11:12pm PST
2008: A Very Creamy Christmas
Cute Christmas-themed lingerie with creampies. Worst part is definitely scene 4 starring Tabitha (the one with the terrifying pussy tattoo).

If you liked this, check out:

very creamy xmas 2A Very Creamy Christmas #2
Available at 8:48am PST

I want to wish a very happy and safe holiday to all of you, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa or Festivus (for the rest of us).