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Here’s The Deal…

Hey VideoBoxers,

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to get more for your money. That’s why I’m stoked to say we’ve secured a whole ton of super-cheap deals on other top porn sites, which you can find on our new site VideoBox Deals. Check it out, and use the extra cash you’re saving to MAKE IT RAIN!


P.S. Yep, this is what that new banner on the homepage is about. 🙂 Enjoy!

Happy Surfing,


UPDATE 2: SOD Caught Up

UPDATE 8/13/15: We have added the previously-missed SOD updates to the site. Here’s hoping this is the end of our content woes for this channel. Happy streaming!


UPDATE 8/3/15: We received a new batch of content from Soft On Demand last week and were able to post a new title last weekend. Updates to the channel will continue normally from here forward. We are looking into the timing involved in adding the missed updates and I will post more news as soon as we have it.

Once again, we apologize for the situation and will continue to make every effort to prevent it in the future. My original post is below.


Dear SOD Subscribers,

Due to logistical challenges with getting content from Japan to the USA, we do not have a Soft On Demand content update for this week. We are communicating with the studio and doing everything we can to track down the content as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the inconvenience; we know how important it is that new content hit the site on time, and this is doubly true in the case of a channel upgrade. Please rest assured that we have done everything in our power to prevent this from happening, but have been unable to overcome the various obstacles we faced.

As soon as we have the content on our premises and encoded, we will post the missing update(s) immediately. I will provide an update to this post as soon as we have more details for you all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer support by clicking here to submit our web form.

More Soon,
Bob and The VB Content Team

Flow Mode Greatly Improved!

Hey VideoBoxers,

I know it was not lost on some of you that our Flow Mode feature has not been working as well as any of us would have liked since February of this year. I apologize for the downgraded experience, and I am elated to tell you that the flow mode experience is tremendously better as of our code updates yesterday afternoon.


Everyone here at VideoBox sincerely wishes you a very heavy flow for many years to come! Enjoy, and please let us know if you encounter any further issues with the performance. We think it’s looking great, but sometimes little surprises pop up once a feature is released into the wild.

If you do have issues to report, using our “Contact Us” form is ideal for troubleshooting assistance, but comments below are great too. Either way, the more details you provide, the better.

Bob and The VB Team


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Adam & Eve Is Back!

Hey VideoBoxers,

Our content team has been busy lately, making deals to bring you more great porn from top studios. I mentioned our other recent addition just yesterday, and today I want to point out that, after a 9-year gap, new titles from Adam & Eve are once again hitting VideoBox!


We are delighted to have Adam & Eve back in the VideoBox family. We’ve got 15 of their movies on the site now, with many more on their way to you. Once again, all of us here wish you the happiest of quality porn viewing in the weeks, months and years to come.

Bob and The VB Team

Devil’s Film Now on VB!

Hey Everyone,

I’m willing to bet most of you already noticed this, but for the few of you who don’t check the site daily, you may have missed a very exciting addition to the VB catalog: Devil’s Film!


This deal has been in the works for some time, and we are stoked to welcome Devil’s Film to the VideoBox family. We already have 18 “Devil’s Hardcore” titles on the site, with much more of their content to come. All of us here hope you all thoroughly enjoy the quality porn that’s here now and will continue to come your way.

Have Fun,
Bob and The VB Team

Elegant Angel Release-Rate Change


It should be no secret by now that porn production has slowed down in recent years. Nearly every studio out there is producing fewer new titles each year than they used to. For this reason, from time to time we have to reduce the rate at which we post new titles from said studios.

Case in point: our premium channel of Elegant Angel content. Our update schedule will soon outpace their rate of output unless we reduce the number of DVDs we post each week. So, as of this coming Saturday, April 25th, we will be releasing 1 new DVD from Elegant Angel each week.

The price of the channel will remain $15 per month, which we think is still a great deal considering that you get more than 2,070 scenes to stream or download & keep when you sign up. Also, we are very close to the point where we have all of the best Elegant Angel content on the site, and their brand-new releases will become available to you on VideoBox very soon after the studio releases them.

Bob and the VB Team

Clip-Creation in Flash Player is Back!

Hey Everyone,

Tuesdays are rarely very fun or exciting. Well, we’ve decided to change all that by letting you know that we released an update to our flash player today, and among other things, it restores the custom-clip creation feature to the player.


Sure, Clint’s playing it cool, but here at VB HQ we are pretty stoked about it. Oh, and did I mention that every single scene on the site has been available for custom clipping since the beginning of March? Maybe you already knew that?

This release also re-enables the “HQ” button on the player, so you can manually choose between higher and lower-res streams, which is especially nice for HD scenes if you’ve got the bandwidth.


We also have drastic performance improvements to the flow mode player underway now, so you should see that work hit the site shortly. I have some other cool news to announce soon as well, but let’s not blow our whole load on a Tuesday, right?

Bob and The VB Team

Want Help? Here’s How To Get It

Dear VideoBoxers,

While it’s natural to want to post a comment or two on the blog venting your frustration, I just want to make sure you all know that it’s not the best way to get your issues resolved. For one thing, I’m just one guy and I wear a LOT of other hats, so I might not see some of the comments for a while — especially over the next several days — and that’s time you could have been spending happily surfing porn, which is the real reason we’re all here after all.


So, just to be safe, I thought I’d provide some info/reminders on how to get the help that you need when your experience on the site is “not great”:

  • Start by reading the FAQs on the site.
  • No help on the FAQ? Email our Customer Support team. The single best way to do this is by going to our Contact Us form at, because the form adds some information about your browser, your account, etc.
  • Emailing Customer Support this way makes it easy for support to look up your account and troubleshoot before they have to ask a single question.
  • When you send a message to Customer Support, please provide as much detail as possible about your problem. They absolutely love things like the link to the page you have a problem with, the exact name of a video that isn’t working, or painstakingly thorough lists of steps you took that resulted in your issue. Seriously, nothing is too much here if it makes things more clear.
  • Check your spam or junk folders for replies from Customer Support if you don’t hear back within 24 hours (up to 48 if you send a message on the weekend). If you received the auto-reply from our system when you submitted the form, that’s great, but it’s not a guarantee you will get the reply from support in your inbox.
  • Reply quickly if Customer Support requests more information from you.

Follow these steps, and before you know it, you’ll be like:


Stay Calm and Watch Porn,
Bob and the VB team

Flow Mode Updated


Like the Roku channel, we have another item functional in time for your weekend: flow mode is showing watchable-resolution videos when you select one. Thanks again to all of you for your patience as we worked feverishly to get our player to show the good stuff.


Rest assured, if there’s something else not quite working for you, someone has been tasked with making it right and won’t be resting until it is. And you should hit us up with any issues you are having via our Contact Us form, where awesome customer service folks are ready to dive in and help you get the site working for you.

Bob and the VB Team