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Full HD Is Coming To Videobox!


Ever since David let the cat out of the bag back in January that Videobox is going to start having HD releases, it’s been a popular discussion topic on this blog, and in the customer service emails. It may seem trivial to simply add an HD title to the release schedule, but there were many wrinkles to iron out. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The biggest issue being that many studios claimed to have full HD, but when we received samples from them it was actually only 480p. (Shocker – an adult company would embellish the description of their product…) So with all the hard work behind us, I would like to announce that there’s good news…and there’s really good news!

The Good News:
Videobox will start releasing one 720p HD title every day beginning in early March – hopefully the first week. Best case would be March 1st,, which is what we’re shooting for. Now if you’re wondering why I’m hedging (which I am a bit), it’s because the encoding process for HD is different from standard definition DVDs and we ’re still collecting the content from studios. Not to mention that this is a new process for them as well. But there are multiple hard drives traveling around the country right now and we’re feeling optimistic.

The Really Good News:
When we first started discussing having HD on VB last year, we knew that we didn’t want to roll it out with just any random content. We wanted it to look GOOD and have value to you by being differentiated with the brand, girls and production quality. The following studios; Wicked Pictures, Burning Angel, Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree Films are the first group of studios that will be joining the VB HD family. All of these studios are known for their dedication to producing high quality original content that you now can see on VB


You will also start seeing some of the more popular Studios in HD as well:
New Sensations
Digital Sin
Combat Zone

I probably shouldn’t throw this out there, but there is a strong possibility that we could get Anabolic Pictures in HD as well. That said, I’ve been trying to do a deal with them for 4 years, so if it falls apart again don’t ask, “where the fuck is the Anabolic?”

It’s a Harmony Pictures Weekend

So after many many requests from VB users I finally managed to nail a deal down with Harmony Pictures. I think you guys are really going to like as the production is stellar, the sex is nasty, and the babes are smoking hot. On top of that we will be adding their newest stuff over time. This weekend will kick off as Harmony weekend, we will be doing one title a day starting on Friday at the 7.30 spot and to make it even more interesting if Oakland Raiders can score 2 TD’s against the Eagles this weekend we will show 2 on Monday.

General consensus around the house isThe Initiation of Nikki Jayne is a good title to start off with so I hope you guys enjoy.

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Alison is sick

Just got a message from Alison apologizing for no post today. Apparently she has come down with a really bad case of food poisoning from lunch today. She said she will make her post as soon as she gets well.

H2 Redux

H2 Video
Almost a year ago, I made a post with a poll asking if we should add a studio called H2 to VB’s catalog. The vote went 70% in favor. This seemed like a no brainer, H2 had already said they were good to go before I did the post and VB viewers liked the idea so i was ready to pull the trigger…BUT! For whatever reason that was never explained to me, they got cold feet and backed out after I made the post.

To put this into perspective, it isn’t entirely uncommon for deals to take a while.

The current batch of Red Light District you are enjoying took over 2 years to get done. The Sensations/Sensational took over a year. But that is more negotiating on the front end. So I was a little annoyed that it fell through so suddenly and without explanation (not to mention the emails of hey content dude WTF happened to the H2 stuff).

But if I’ve learned anything in this business over the years it’s that ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘no’ it just means ‘not now’. So despite my irritation I kept in touch with them (harassment might be a more accurate description) and after a year they decided that they were ready to move forward. I would have been making this post a lot sooner except for the month delay the product had in US customs.

But wejumped through that hoop as well and I am happy to finally say that tomorrow we will release our first H2 title in the 7.30 PST time slot.

BTW – The one good thing that came out of the waiting was they expanded the titles available for us to license so we ended up with a better deal than we had a year ago.

Favorite Website Content Redux

In last week’s post, Favorite Website Content, there were over 50 specific sites suggested. I felt it would be impossible to create a follow-up poll that we could get better information from, so I took the liberty of boiling the list down to 20 using the most requested and repeated site genre type. I feel this poll represents what most everyone was discussing. (sorry AC, no joyangels) Please vote on your faves. I have a pretty good idea of how I think this will play out but you never know…


VideoBox Annouces Premium Upgrades

Well, we have been saying there is going to be a huge change at Videobox and by now you are fully aware that you can add additional Evil Angel or Vivid movies to your membership at VideoBox.

It wasn’t an easy decsion on our part to add these additional subscriptions. We get a huge number of requests for Evil and Vivid from our members, but those studios were not interested in licensing their content. The only way to get them on board (so that we could give you guys additional content options) was a model like this.

VideoBox has been and will continue to be the best value on the net. If you look at the average price of an adult website at $29.95, $17.95 is still a pretty good deal.

I look at it like HBO. You can have basic cable, or, if you want to watch the Sopranos you can add HBO. Granted, it’s not for everyone and you don’t have to subscribe. VideoBox will still provide the same great service we have and the content will continue to be good and get better. I have no intention of rigging the Videobox queue with crappy content that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Without wanting to sound salesy, I think you should try one if they look interesting to you. If not, you can continue to enjoy VideoBox the way you always have. I am committed to continuing to bringing you the best content service at the lowest cost possible and we never intend to change that.

Cutest Cuties

Greetings Videobox members! My name is Andy and I work at Videobox as a member of the Content Team. My primary role in the company is to scan and edit all of the DVD box covers on the site. In addition to this I also help out with encoding the content that we get in. In short, my job often requires me to look at these porn stars from an aesthetic standpoint.

It’s been about two years since I first started here, and during my time at Videobox I’ve seen thousands of girls. So I’ve decided to pick out five of what I think are the prettiest girls on the site, pretty all around. Each pick includes a recommendation for a scene to check out. I hope you’ll agree with some of my choices.

Mary Anne
Mary Anne
Mary Anne is a total cutie pie. I first noticed her back when we were encoding some of the first of the Platinum X stuff hitting the site. She seems to have that slightly awkward, amateur thing going on, which I really dig, and her eyes are really blue and hypnotic. Be sure to check her out in Teens Cumming of Age #2, Scene 6, where she claims that her nice ass comes from “all that soccer I used to play back in high school”. Hot!
Annette Schwarz
Annette Schwarz
I truly believe that underneath all that cum-snorting and double anal that there is a sweet little German girl inside of Annette Schwarz. Yes, Annette is one extreme porn star. But, you know what? I think she’s pretty. Don’t miss Annette in Registered Nurse, Scene 2.
Franchezca Valentina
Franchezca Valentina
Franchezca Valentina is one of the hottest pornstars around. I love her long, brown hair and her matching brown eyes. Scene 1 of Clothes Freaks is one of my favorite scenes from Franchezca because of all the different outfits she tries on. I also like the way they do her makeup in that scene and it goes especially well with the black and pink stockings that she puts on at 10:30.
Monica Sweetheart
Monica Sweetheart
I think Monica Sweetheart is drop-dead gorgeous. Lucky for you, there are presently fifty-seven Monica Sweetheart scenes on the site. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but for the sake of time I’m going to say that Cum Drippers #2, Scene 6 is a good one to watch. Monica Sweetheart has beautiful everything and she knows it.
Rebecca Linares
Rebecca Linares
This Spanish cutie is also among my favorites in porn. If you haven’t already, definitely check her out in Booty and the Geek, Scene 4. This is one of Rebecca’s finest scenes and Johnny Thrust is hilarious playing the geek. Listen to the way she pretends to be creeped out. She can hardly contain her cute little smile the whole time. Oh, and you can’t tell me that accent isn’t cute as hell. Linares would be my first choice if I could meet a pornstar in person. She seems absolutely lovely.

Which Studio Do You Wish VideoBox Had?

Hi everybody, Content Dude here. Buying content that satisfies a user base of diverse tastes and interests is no easy task, but we do track your comments and read all of the content suggestions members send in.

Most of the time, I think we do a pretty good job at getting you stuff you like, but sometimes we fall short. Every now and then, DVDs I think will go over pretty well get ripped apart. And sure, you can blame me for the plague of Audrey.

People usually ask for particular DVDs or stars as opposed to studios. So what I am asking is for you to tell me what studios you feel we are either missing or have gap in coverage in.

Think of this as a to-do/wish list for me. The sky is the limit, but I can’t make any promises.

New Content Dilemma

H2 Video
I have been considering adding H2 Video to our catalog. Surprisingly, this has led to a little debate in-house about it’s likely reception by our members.

So I wanted you to play my role for a minute. You need to remove yourself from your own personal interest and look at these previews from my perspective. The question I ask myself is, “on the whole will the community of users on VideoBox enjoy these titles?”

The production is generally the first thing I look at. This stuff is pretty well-lit and the camera work is good. There are some different girls than the normal Valley talent and the action doesn’t look so canned that it’s predictable. An extra plus is the light fetish for some of the users on the site that like that. What do you guys think?