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Is That A Phone In Your Pocket…

vbmobile…or are you just happy to be a member of VideoBox?

Yes, as the title of this post implies, we’re rolling out mobile device support. Now, as a member of videobox, you can enjoy the pleasures of our content from not only the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer, but from your mobile device as well.

We’re literally putting porn in the palm of your hand.

Starting today, point your mobile device to Login and start experiencing the true rewards of one-handed browsing. We’re supporting the current Android OS, The Palm product line, the iPhone and iPod Touch, and of course, the iPad.

We’re calling this beta because we’re still working behind the scenes to improve and expand the user experience.

  • We are still working on and definitely plan to evolve the “Favorites” implementation to support all your saved clips and videos.
  • We intend to add additional details about the scene along side the preview image.

If you’ve got a mobile browser in your phone, whip it out, check it out and send any bugs, enhancement requests or suggestions our way.


This Just In – Bug Fixes!

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that we’ve just rolled out a few bug fixes to some issues you’ve encountered and have been reporting through the support page. I’m in the heat of helping to review other work in progress of this same nature, so I’ll make this brief.
The bug fixes we just rolled out address…

  • Clips Playback – Clips no longer stop playing back before complete and the player controls won’t disappear on you.
  • The “Move” of Videos you saved in “My Videobox” from one list to another is working again.
  • The User Profile page’s display of a users clips pagination is working again.
  • Clicking the tags below a clips playback will show you ALL clips using that tag instead of just the clip creator’s clips.
  • As always, we continue to work to address your feedback, bug reports and feature requests. Please continue to use the support page to reach us. We’re actually working on an improvement in how you can report issues or ideas, but for the time being, directing feedback through that page is the best way to get your ideas into our hands.

    – Jeff

    Star Search – We’re On It…

    Hello Videobox Members,

    As you are likely aware, we’ve been quite busy lately bringing some significant user enhancements to the table. We’re aggressively working on a number of changes that we anticipate will raise the bar and bring your videobox experience to a whole new level.

    However, there’s definitely a vocal set of our community that’s been raising concerns about other areas of the site they’d like some attention on. And we hear you.

    We are hearing a great deal of interest in handling star name variations (aliases) in searches. For example, searching for Babaloo should also return Babalu, Babalu Monike, Bab Lu, and of course, Babau.

    We have a number of interesting ideas around how to solve this, but before we get too fancy, we have a set of engineers focused on getting a minimal functionality in place ASAP. We’re going to roll out a revised search functionality that’ll return all of a stars aliases when you’re searching for any one of them. Once we have that and some additional time we’ll likely put some energy into a more dynamic searching capability.

    We hope to have this out in the very near future and I’ll update the blog when we do.

    Click For The Solution

    Thanks go out to ropeadope for providing the star names in this blog/puzzle 🙂

    Clips Page “Beta” – Exposing Ourselves Prematurely

    Hello Videobox Members,

    It’s been a very short time since we rolled out our improved clip creation method, and the new ability to save your own set of custom clips. For many of you, as your blog comments testify, you had a sense we were heading in a specific direction.

    And you were right…


    New Features : Clip Creation, MyClips and Right Hand Navigation

    Hello VideoBox Members,

    Once again, I have the honor of announcing site enhancements for your browsing and playback pleasure. We’ve worked extremely hard at making these as “game changing” as we could for your benefit. I think we’ve done a great job, and it’s only the beginning.


    “Quick Preview” Disappeared?!?! WTF, VideoBox?

    QuickPreviewMilkCartonAs many of you know, VideoBox has rolled out a few new features and we have many more wonderful surprises lined up and on their way. But we hit a snag in our recent release, and we recognize it’s thrown you for a loop.

    We have something “evolutionary” on the horizon, and were all ready to roll this new paradigm shift out last week. We found some issues that made us think twice about it’s maturity and readiness. Part of this involved replacing and evolving the ‘mouse-over’ effects you see on scene pages. While we held back the big change, the removal of the mouse-over went live, and nobody told you. Our statistics indicate it’s not a highly used feature, but those of you who do use it let us know that you were surprised to see it disappear.

    We’re sorry. It’s not our intention or game plan to change functionality without advising you when it changed. This one slipped through earlier than expected.

    Let me emphatically assure you that we have features coming out shortly that’ll replace that in ways that’ll rock your world, and you’ll consider the old mouse-over as having been antiquated and outdated.

    Yet for the time being, they’ve disappeared, and we’ve left you hanging. Perhaps literally.

    Again, we apologize for any confusion or frustration. It was not intentional, it’s certainly not permanent, and in the coming weeks you’ll see new capabilities that’ll raise the bar and make your VB experience top notch and industry leading.

    Trust me. We won’t leave you hanging.

    – Jeff

    The VideoBox User Survey Is Closed

    Thank you, one and all, for your response to our request for your feedback about VideoBox. We’ve received an overwhelming response. We have lots of sifting and sorting to do. Rest assured that the input you’ve provided will be used in helping us focus on energy on the direction we’re taking for 2010. Although the more structured survey is offline now, we’re always open to and interested in site feedback. If you want to make suggestions, you can always do so through our contact form… just be sure to set the subject to “Feedback on VideoBox” or “Suggest Site Enhancement”.

    New Features – “Nicknames” & “User’s Ratings”

    What’s In A Name? You Tell Us. “Nicknames” Have Arrived.

    identityWhat’s in a name? Identify. Up until now, your permanent user name is what appears in comments you make. And you’ve been stuck with it. But that is changing. Starting today you have the ability to define your public “nickname”. Your nickname defaults to your username and is easily accessed and changed in your user profile. Simply click on “My VideoBox”, then “My Profile”, and make the change.

    How Do you rate? How did THEY rate? Let The Star Gazing Begin.

    rated5starsFollowing the recently introduced user profile links in comments has enable me to click on a name and view all of their comments. In doing so I discover new and interesting content. Now, not only can you find out what they said, you can find out what they rated. Starting today, the user profile page includes a “Total Ratings” section on the sidebar. This not only tells you how many ratings you or another member has made, you can see and browse them all with a single click on the rating total.

    News Feeding Frenzy

    news cryerExtra! Extra! Read All About It! VideoBox has added a news alert to the Member’s page. We have so many things we want to tell you about that the blog alone isn’t going to cut it. We’re taking it to the street, or to the feed, and giving you a simple way to be kept abreast (heh heh… he said “breast”) of new developments on our website, as well as news and content related updates. If we have a new feature, support related updates, or discover another star in our collection coming out of Tiger Woods closet, we’ll have a way to alert you.


    – Jeff

    Your VideoBox Library. On Your iPhone. Today.

    Hello VB members,

    I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. I certainly did, and during that time I starting using VideoBox in a way that really surprised and excited me. Well, the excitement part comes naturally, but the surprise is because it’s not something I believe enough of our users are either aware or or utilizing.

    Simply stated, you’ve got access to your entire VideoBox account content, including your favorites, on your iPhone. Today. Now. And you don’t have to download or sync anything to get it.


    New Feature – User Comment Browsing

    I know it’s only been a short while since my introductory post, but cool things are happening here at VideoBox, and I’m eager to keep you up on what’s new and exciting.

    We’ve just rolled out a great new feature that I’ve personally found incredibly fun and enlightening. If you’re like me, user comments can be just as interesting as, and occasionally even more entertaining than, the content itself. Wouldn’t it be great, when you stumble across that one brilliant comment that completely echo’s your own thoughts, to see what else that user has had to say about other scenes? Imagine how you might find content you did not know about as well, just by following the ‘breadcrumb’ trail that can be found browsing user reviews. And when you want to find that scene you commented on many months ago and can’t recall just where you found it, wouldn’t it be ideal to review your own comment history?

    Well, now you can!


    Part of my own fun with this has been finding a hilarious comment, and discovering that the user has a pattern of consistently cracking me up. And yes, I’ve also found user’s raving about a specific scene or star, and used their comments to find even more content I didn’t know about.

    It’s incredible. And it’s available now. Go check it out. Start exploring by clicking on a username in any comment, and off you go. View your own comments from the Profile section in the MYVIDEOBOX tab. Just click on “View My Profile Page”.


    Hmmmm… Interesting stuff, that Profile section and Profile page. Kind of makes you wonder what else might be coming, doesn’t it? 😉

    – Jeff