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New Kid In The Box

Have you ever made a decision you knew, with an overwhelming sense of confidence and harmony, was the right one? A decision you didn’t hesitate  to make? One you’d never second-guess? Well I have, a few times, the most recent being accepting the opportunity to take a product focused position on the Videobox team. So, you’re my customer. Each of you, and the collective whole that makes up the Videobox user community.

I’m pleased to meet you all.

Before joining this team, I worked for a high-profile tech company. When I’d meet somebody and in conversation, disclose my position and employer, I’d hear all kinds of comments, pro and con, about the company’s product line. I’d share high fives over the awesomeness of what they liked, I’d explain and hopefully resolve usage related struggles, and I’d frequently take their feedback and feature request and get them into the hand of the right people. As a user, I wanted the product to be world-class, easier, more feature rich and always on the cutting edge, well ahead of the competition, and as an employee, I had the opportunity to influence those directions.

I plan to do so here as well.

The team behind Videobox is a tightly knit forward thinking group of motivated, creative and enthusiastic contributors. There’s not here just to meet the status quo, but to shift paradigm, think outside the box, and provide our customers with a best-of-class user experience. Perhaps that’s why I feel so at home, because It’s my goal as well.

I’m ramping up, learning the ropes, and working on defining and delivering a set of features and improvements in the near future that’ll knock your socks, or the apparel of your choice, right off. You’ll be hearing from me here as these innovation roll out, and I’ll respond to your blog comments as often as possible as well.

The year ahead will be a rewarding one for our customers. We’re improving things you already use and more importantly, we’re working on things you’d never imagined.

– Jeff

PS: Everybody have a safe and pleasant holiday season.