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Two Sites One Login

Today we added a new way of logging into VB3. Just log into Videobox and click on the link in the header that says “Go To VB3” and you’ll automatically be logged in. This feature is called “Single Sign On” and it works in both directions. So, log into VB3 and click on the link that says “Back To Old Site” and you will be logged into Videobox.

Note: This won’t work if you click on the “Check it out here” graphic on the Videobox homepage. You need to use the text link in the header only.

Updated: Porn on your TV – AirPlay

Quick update: Thanks to a change we released this evening, AirPlay now works on the mobile site via iPhone4 without the need for the JavaScript bookmark offered in the iPad instructions below. It has the same limitations we listed for the iPad (chiefly, that the videos’ resolution is optimized for mobile devices), but as of right now it’s the easiest way to use AirPlay with the VB mobile site. Post a comment below if you have any questions on how to use it, or spot any issues.

AirFlick or Roku are still your best options for high-quality streaming to your TV, but if this change carries even just one of you valued VB members over until you get one of those other options working, it was worth it. 🙂


A few of our users have asked us to support AirPlay, which allows people to stream media from various devices onto their AppleTV.  While we don’t officially support AirPlay on VideoBox at the moment, we did investigate several methods for our users to watch videos from VideoBox via AirPlay, using either a Mac computer, or an iPad.  Here are the methods we like the best:

Mac Computer to AppleTV

1. Make sure that your Mac and your AppleTV are on the same network and that AirPlay is enabled on your AppleTV.  There are ample instructions on the web for how to do this.
2. Download and install AirFlick here.
3. Login to VideoBox (whichever one you want,this is not limited to the mobile site).
4. Download the scenes you’d like to view to your Mac.
5. Start AirFlick.  It should recognize your AppleTV and if all is going well, you will see your AppleTV listed in the drop-down on the upper left-hand side of the AirFlick app.
6. Drag the scene you’d like to start watching into AirFlick.
7. Enjoy

I have to say, I tested this on a brand new Sony 60” with one of the new HD titles from Burning Angel and it looked awesome!  Also, note that I installed this on my MacBookPro which is running Snow Leopard. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone is able to get this working on older versions of OSX.

iPad to AppleTV

The resolution is not the best when using an iPad with AirPlay because our beta mobile site is optimized for a phone. Also, the mobile site is unfortunately a bit buggy right now, but hey, it’s something. The next iteration of VB for mobile devices will support AirPlay from the get-go.

1. Make sure your iPad and your AppleTV are on the same network and that AirPlay is enabled on your AppleTV.  There are ample instructions on the web for how to do this.
2. Make sure your iPad is updated to iOS 4.3. This will not work on 4.2 or lower.
3. Go to Ben Dodson’s site and follow the instructions for adding the javascript bookmark to your browser.
4. Login to  This is our beta mobile site, and we should warn you again that it’s a little buggy.  Our suggestion is that before viewing, you mark any movies you want to watch as ‘Favorite.’ Then use your ‘Favorites’ list to watch videos via the mobile site on your iPad.  You must use the mobile site for AirPlay to work with an iPad.
5. Tap on the image of the movie you’d like to view. You will now be in play mode. At this point, if you click on the AirPlay icon, you will see that you can get sound via AirPlay but not video.
6. Select the bookmark you created in Step 3. It will execute javascript but will leave you in the same place, in play mode.
7. Now when you click the AirPlay icon, you should see AppleTV streaming the video.  Cool, eh?

The methods I listed seemed to be the least technical methods that didn’t require jailbreaks. Again, VideoBox doesn’t officially support AirPlay yet, so use these at your own risk!