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Microsoft Edge Browser Breaks Internet!

Hi VideoBoxers,

If you haven’t heard by now, Microsoft has recently released Windows 10, a much needed update from their previous OS disaster. Although Windows 10 looks to be a major improvement, there have been some strange decisions from Microsoft. One of these head-scratchers is to make their new browser “Microsoft Edge” the default browsers on Windows 10. When testing with Microsoft Edge we’ve discovered that not only do certain pages not render the same way across all other major browsers but Microsoft decided to remove the ability to download directly from a link! Seriously. If you right-click, you will not be presented with “Save Link/Target As” option.

If you are a VideoBox user who likes to stream our download files directly in the browser, that functionality will continue to work but right-clicking, and saving the video file will not be possible when using Microsoft Edge.

We hope that Microsoft will release an update soon – But in the meantime, if you already upgraded to Windows 10, we recommend using a different browser when using VideoBox.

“Save Link/Target As” Not displaying? Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, currently doesn’t offer the ability to save files directly from webpages. If you right-click on a download link or media file, the option to download is not provided.

We are hopeful the Microsoft will update Edge to allow downloading but in the meantime, please use an alternate browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Why is the page not loading correctly? Why are Images missing?

If a page on the site is not loading properly and/or the layout looks strange, then it is likely that you are trying to view the site during a period of site maintenance. Please try reloading the page – It might take a few attempts, but after reloading the page, the site should display properly.

Where is the old site (VB2)?

After 7+ years we had to say goodbye to our old site VB2. The technology we used to create VB2, and the infrastructure in place to run it, are both no longer supported. In order to continue to innovate and provide our customers with the best site experience, we had to move on and retire VB2. We have made some design and code improvements to that we hope will ease the transition for users who enjoyed the old site.

Why is the page not loading correctly? Why are Images missing?

If a page on the site is not loading properly and/or the layout looks strange, then it is likely that you are trying to view the site during a period of site maintenance. Please try reloading the page – It might take a few attempts, but after reloading the page, the site should display properly.

VideoBox Nominated for 2014 XBIZ Awards Adult Site of the Year!

Hey VideoBoxers,

We are glad to announce that VideoBox has officially been nominated for the XBIZ Adult Site of the Year! This is great honor and we are so glad that the industry and our valued members have nominated us for this award!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the XBIZ Awards, it is the biggest and most prestigious awards show in adult entertainment today. Both members of the industry and fans get to vote for their favorite adult performers and websites – A full list of fan voting categories can be found at:

We would be absolutely honored if you, our valued members, would take the time to vote for us and spread the word!

After you vote at the above link, you will be asked to “Tweet Your Vote”. If you are willing to do so – simply click on the “Vote” icon next to and we will give you access to any of our Premium Channels for free for 2-weeks! This is just a small gesture of thanks for taking the time to vote and for being a valued VideoBox member. All you need to do is email us at with the channel you would like and include your Twitter handle so we can verify the post.

Thanks again for your continued support! We would be nothing without our members! —
The VideoBox Team

Where are the WMV files?

We are no longer offering WMV as a file download format as of early 2015. As most of the world has moved on to the MP4 (also known as h.264) format for streaming video and downloads, and no affordable cloud-based encoding providers offer WMV as an option, we are following suit and limiting our download format to MP4.

Mac Users: the MP4 format should play for you without difficulty, both when streamed and downloaded. QuickTime Player is typically set as the default player for Mac, and the excellent VLC Media Player from VideoLAN can be used to play MP4 files on all operating systems.

Windows Users:Fortunately, Windows Media Player 12 can stream MP4s just as easily as it handles WMVs. Click here to download the latest Windows Media Player.

As mentioned above, VLC Media Player can be used to play MP4 files on all operating systems. Click here to download VLC Media Player.

Additionally, Windows users can set up Internet Explorer and other browsers to stream MP4s through VLC Media Player the same as they stream WMVs through Windows Media Player, using the instructions on this page.

Roku Questions

How do I install the VideoBox app on my Roku?

Step-by-step information on setting up the VB Roku app can be found at:

How do I start a Roku free trial?

Information on how to start your Roku free trial can be found at:

How do I sync the roku app with my VB account?

If you are already a VideoBox member and have the VideoBox roku app installed, simply do the following:

  1. Open the VideoBox Roku app
  2. Select “I have an account” and you will be shown a screen with a sync code
  3. Go to your account page at and enter sync code in the field shown under “My Roku Settings”
  4. Your TV/Roku screen will update automatically when the sync is completed


How do I get access to all the content, not just what I see in the rows in my Roku page?

If you are looking for more content than what you see in the Roku app, fear not – there are several ways to access our huge library of movies and scenes!

For full members and users who are on a free-trial subscription, you can use the search feature in the Roku app to search for scene/movie titles. Simply go to the “Browse” section of the Roku app and scroll down. You will see the search button.

Users who have a full subscription are also able to stash any content they find on our site and then access those scenes and movies on their synced Roku app.

How do I hide the roku app? Install discreet app?

Using an access control pin will prevent unwanted visitors in your channel, but it won’t prevent people from seeing the channel on your Roku home screen. For that, you can install this alternative channel:

The channel itself is identical to our flagship videobox channel, but the logo and messaging that appear on the roku home screen are different, such that anyone seeing them won’t think they’re associated with an adult-oriented channel. You’ll never get busted again!


I signed up for a full membership before my trial expired. How can I sync my account?

If you signed up for a full membership before your free trial expired and need to sync your roku to the new account, simply email customer support at

How do I set Parental Controls (password protection) on the Roku app?

Enable an access control pin. From your “My Account” page, once you’ve synced your Roku to your VB account, under the “Roku Settings” heading, you’ll see a entry field called “Access control pin (4-digit)”. Simply enter a 4-digit (numeric) pin there, and you’ll be required to enter that pin each time you enter the channel.

How do I add Premium Channel content to my Roku?

Members can add Premium Channel content to their Roku accounts at anytime in the “My Account” section of

Simply login to and click on the “My Account” link in the top right hand corner of the site. Once in your account page, you will see green buttons where you can upgrade to add premium content to your subscription.

How do I add an additional roku?

You’ve got more than one room in your house, right? Well, why not put a Roku in each of them, then you can enjoy hot VideoBox action wherever you are in your house!

Once you setup your first roku and install the VB app on a new roku, simply click “Link this Roku to my existing account” and you’re all set! Your additional Roku will work precisely like your primary Roku, with the same feeds, Stash and Parental Control. If you unlink your primary Roku from your VideoBox account, it will unlink all your Rokus.

Why do I get the message “You cannot view video on the web at this time” or “You cannot take this action”?

If you are seeing either of these messages on the full website, then you are subscribed to our Streaming-only plan or Roku-only plan and are attempting to use a feature that is only available to full videobox members.

Streaming-only members are able to stream content but not download videos.

Roku-only members are able to watch content only on their roku boxes but are still free to search, browse, and manage their favorite DVD and scene stash folders on

Clips cannot be stashed or viewed by Roku-only members at this time.

If you are a Streaming-only or Roku-only member and wish to upgrade to a full subscription, please email us at

Terms and Conditions for Free Roku Plan

Only one free Roku is permitted per order. Minimum order to qualify for the free Roku is $144 (USD), the price of the required 18-month membership to Unqualified claims or orders claiming more than one free Roku will be disregarded. The free Roku is not eligible for exchange or refund. The Free Roku product is the Roku Express, as depicted here: This offer categorically requires a minimum order value of $144 (USD) to qualify; if you later request a refund or plan change which results in your final order total falling below the required minimum value of $144 (USD), VideoBox reserves the right to request the return of the free Roku (if already sent to you) or to cancel the shipment of the free Roku to you (if it has not yet been received by you). The free-Roku bundle plan rebills every 18 months at the price of $144 USD, however only one free Roku is available per user account, accompanying only the initial 18-month order. Users whose accounts rebill or who sign up for the free-Roku bundle plan after their first 18-month period has elapsed are not eligible to receive another free Roku. The free Roku has no cash value and is not transferable or refundable.

A free Roku Express, and therefore the free Roku plan, is only available to citizens of the 50 United States, Armed Forces Americas, District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Offer is invalid in any other geographical area. Shipments can only be made to a verifiable physical address; no post office boxes, mail services, or any locations other than a residence or physical place of business are eligible. VideoBox and Meta Interfaces, LLC are not directly responsible for shipping and cannot be held liable in the event of shipping error by carriers responsible for fulfillment and delivery; any and all inquiries regarding lost, missing or stolen shipments must be made directly to the responsible carrier, whose name and information can be supplied to you by VideoBox support staff upon your request.

By taking advantage of this offer you accept and agree to the above terms and conditions. This offer began on October 15, 2012 at Midnight GMT. Orders placed before the start time are not eligible.