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New VB Channels: Elegant Angel & SOD

Hey Everyone,

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our newest VBChannels: Elegant Angel and SOD (Soft on Demand)!

Elegant Angel Channel

For years we have been trying to work out a deal to offer Elegant Angel on VideoBox. We have received countless emails asking for Elegant Angel and we are extremely excited that their content is now available to you all through the site.

Elegant Angel: Glamour Girls #3 Elegant Angel: Big Wet Asses #15 Elegant Angel: Pornstar Workout #2 Elegant Angel: Big Wet Tits #8

Soft On Demand

SOD (Soft on Demand) is the top adult studio in Japan. A common request we receive is for more Japanese content, so we made a concerted effort to bring you the best there is.

Soft On Demand: Japanese Juggs And The Beauties They Reside On Soft On Demand: Total Recall Me Maybe Soft On Demand: Bikes With Dildos And The Girls Who Ride Soft On Demand: School Girl Slut

For those who are interested in these channels, here are the details:

  • 40 full DVDs available as of this writing, for each studio
  • Elegant Angel – 3 DVDs added per week, including HD titles
  • SOD – 4 DVDs added per week
  • Elegant Angel is priced at $15/month
  • SOD is priced at $35/month

We hope you enjoy these new studios. I’m sure you’ll find at least a few scenes or movies that interest you ;)

Have fun!

Holiday Free Roku Giveaway!!

UPDATE: The giveaway drawing is now closed, and we are no longer accepting new entries. We have emailed all the winners, and we’ll announce them in a separate post as soon as we have heard back from all of them. Thanks to every one of you who entered!


Hello VideoBoxers! ‘Tis the holiday season, and to ring in this special time of year, we have decided to give away 5 top of the line Roku boxes to you, our valued members! What better way to escape and relax from the holiday craziness than watching your favorite VideoBox scenes and movies on your big-screen TV?!

We’re giving away Roku XS boxes to 5 lucky winners that will be drawn at random. These Rokus are top of the line and retail at $99.99.

To be eligible to win a Roku, all we ask of you is to answer the following questions in the comments section of this post:

  • What is your VideoBox account username?
  • What is your favorite feature or aspect of or the Roku channel?
  • What is your #1 suggestion that would make VideoBox or the Roku channel even better?
  • What specific studio or content genre would you like to see more of?

That’s it! Just answer the above questions in the comments section of this post and you’re entered! Don’t forget to include your username so we can contact you if you’re chosen.

The drawing will be on Thursday, December 20.

This giveaway is only available to residents of the United States and territories, and you must have a current active account at the time of the drawing.

We will be doing many more giveaways in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Holidays from the VideoBox Team!

For official rules please see: Holiday Roku Giveaway

My VideoBox/Favorites Issue

UPDATE! We have synced around 99% of member’s favorites! If your favorites haven’t been synced by the end of the day, simply post a comment with your username and we will take care of it. Thanks!

Some members may have noticed that their saved favorites have been a little screwy lately, this is an issue we are aware of and I can assure you, that your favorites will be restored!

A fix is in the works and we hope to have it pushed shortly. Resolving this problem is our top priority!

Here’s a note from our engineer who is working on this:

“Hi folks. I want to assure everyone that their favorites data has not been deleted. We are in the process of restoring all favorites back to the way they were before we made a code change. We have a lot of future plans ahead involving favorites and that has caused some complications with maintaining compatibility between VB2 and VB3.

To explain in more detail, the way that VB2 stored “video” favorites was a bit messy. It allowed the user to store both DVDs and Scenes in the same list. Moving forward, we found that it was advantageous to separate these lists.

Unfortunately, I underestimated the activity and personal investment people had in their favorites on VB2. And I agree with the sentiment that we should have had VB2 favorites synced up with VB3 stashes long before we launched VB3. That didn’t happen and this is where we are now. But we’re fixing it. As of this moment, we have restored a few hundred accounts and we are in the process of confirming that it works 100% of the time. If all goes well, we will begin running the restore scripts over the entire user base.

Again, we apologize for this mistake and we are committed to fixing it as fast and accurately as we can.


We will update this post once we confirm a fix is in place.

Thanks again for your patience!