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Its here, it’s finally here!!!

I’m sure most of you have already noticed, but for the few of you who don’t check the site daily, you may have missed two very exciting additions to the VB catalog: Jules Jordan and most recently, Anabolic. These deals have literally been in the works for years. Finally, after a lot of negotiation we walked away with hundreds of excellent titles from these two top tier studios. We are very excited to welcome Jules Jordan and Anabolic to the VideoBox family and I hope all of you enjoy the quality porn that’s coming your way.

HD is here!!!

Hey Videoboxers,

I know you guys have been chomping at the bit to get HD and I’m happy to tell you that it’s finally here! Woohoo! We took a little longer than expected so to make it up to you we’re dropping the first HD title tonight as a bonus to today’s 5. It’s gonna be a Digital Sin title which is one of the many studios you’re going to start seeing in HD including some awesome new studios like Wicked and Burning Angel. So the way it’s gonna go is you’ll get your five DVD’s a day and the first one displayed will be in HD starting tomorrow. You’ll recognize it by the little banner that says HD on it. Ok, I think I’ve said HD about 20 times now. You’ve got the point, we’ve got HD. Enjoy.


Noah’s Celebrity Lookalikes

Do you ever wonder if there’s someone who watches as much porn as you do? Well there is…Me. My name is Noah and I’m your VideoBox frame picker. It’s my job to watch every movie on the site and pick out the best still frames so you guys can see what’s going on in each scene. Not a bad gig!

Seeing as how I look at porn ALL DAY LONG, you can imagine how much interesting and weird stuff I get/have to see. I usually save the best pictures in a folder so I can entertain myself and co-workers but I realized, hey, maybe the VideoBoxers would get a kick outta this stuff too. Today I’m gonna keep it pretty mild and just show you some of the celebrity look-alikes I’ve come across but I promise I’ll come back and share some juicier stuff later.

So here they are in no particular order:

Felicia Looks Like Brooke Burke

Teagan Presley Looks Like Britney Spears