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Videobox Moves to “5 at a time” Release Cycle

Greetings, fellow lovers of porn! If you’re like me, you don’t like sitting around waiting 4 hours for the next release to come out. And since we pride ourselves on variety, it is inevitable that we sometime release titles not everyone will enjoy. At those times it can be quite frustrating for me to have to continue waiting another few hours for a title you like to hit the site.

Well we’ve heard you loud and clear, and here’s what we’ve done: we did some research to determine when you, the loyal Videobox fan, likes to download content the most, and we’ve decided to release all the titles we’d normally release throughout the day all at once at 7pm PST the previous night, when we determined you are most likely to be available to see it.

So what does this mean? In a nutshell, at 7pm (on the west coast) this evening, we will be releasing all of tomorrow’s titles (not including channel content). This is just our way of showing how much we love you, you beautiful porn viewer!

So go forth into this new year, and nut like you’ve never nutted before! You have our permission.