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Nice Work If You Can Get It

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Unless you’ve been galaxy hopping around the universe, you probably caught wind of the latest chapter in the train wreck life of Charlie Sheen. Embroiled in the most recent controversy is VideoBox favorite Kacey Jordan. Kacey hooked up with Charlie at his home last week, and departed with a $30,000 check. Sometime later, Charlie was rushed to the hospital with abdominal pain. Kacey claims the hospitalization was the result of a two day binge of alcohol and drugs. In a sprawling 69 minute commercial free interview, Kacey gave Howard Stern the details of her adventure with Charlie, as well as other events impacting the life of a simple, down home 22 year old working girl from Oregon. Click inside to hear the interview.


Soap Star Kelli McCarty Leaves Network TV for Porn

Kelli McCarty Launches Porn CareerFile this one under You Don’t See That Every Day: Kelli McCarty, former Miss USA 1991 and star on the soap opera Passions, has left the mainstream entertainment biz for adult. She’s already shot her first feature for Vivid, a MILF-themed movie called Faithless. According to AVN, Faithless is the story of an unhappily married woman who seduces her stepdaughter’s boyfriend.

With the rising popularity of MILF movies, I can’t say that waiting until age 39 is totally unheard of in porn nowadays, but it’s certainly not common. The word from Kelli is that she approached Vivid with the idea for Faithless and was happy enough with the outcome that she may try her hand at another porn movie. I hope she does, because I don’t predict she’ll be getting offered too many mainstream roles in the near future.

Brittaney Starr from Rock of Love Bus

Brittaney Starr from Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels
I decided to check out the newest reality dating show trainwreck, Rock of Love Bus, this evening and one of the very first girls introduced was Brittaney. As in Brittaney Starr, the porn star.

As it turns out, we have 9 sex scenes with Brittaney Starr on VideoBox (that doesn’t include BTS), the most popular being Gentlemen Prefer Anal, Scene 5. I guess that’s a good sign for Bret.

Noah’s Celebrity Lookalikes

Do you ever wonder if there’s someone who watches as much porn as you do? Well there is…Me. My name is Noah and I’m your VideoBox frame picker. It’s my job to watch every movie on the site and pick out the best still frames so you guys can see what’s going on in each scene. Not a bad gig!

Seeing as how I look at porn ALL DAY LONG, you can imagine how much interesting and weird stuff I get/have to see. I usually save the best pictures in a folder so I can entertain myself and co-workers but I realized, hey, maybe the VideoBoxers would get a kick outta this stuff too. Today I’m gonna keep it pretty mild and just show you some of the celebrity look-alikes I’ve come across but I promise I’ll come back and share some juicier stuff later.

So here they are in no particular order:

Felicia Looks Like Brooke Burke

Teagan Presley Looks Like Britney Spears


Celebrity Porno Lookalikes

One of my favorite (non-porn) sites is For example, Nicole Richie totally looks like a Sleestak.

I liked the site so much that I came up with a Totally Looks Like of my own.

Kristen Bell totally looks like Eve Nicholson

Kristen Bell from the tv show Heroes totally looks like Eve Nicholson from Destination Tonsils #2.

Lisa Ann: Serra Paylin

Lisa Ann Nailin Paylin
TMZ did a quick on the street interview with Lisa Ann, star of Hustler’s upcoming movie Nailin’ Paylin.

With the glasses on, she looks like a halfway decent Palin. Let’s see how well she gets the accent down.


via PS Babylon

Porn Star or Pop Star?

Pop or Porn Star 4
Click to see Pop or Porn Star Game

I got 90% on this quiz. There are a couple really hard ones. Can anyone beat my score?

via the Hotmovies Blog

Is This Elisha Cuthbert?

There are images making the rounds that some folks are claiming feature Elisha Cuthbert (whom you may have seen in movies like Old School or House of Wax).

Click image to enlarge
Alleged Elisha Cuthbert Porn Pictures

I say its not. These celebrities-doing-porno pictures are always fakes. What do you think?