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Learn What VB Can Do, Part 1

From our customer support emails, we have found that there are some cool features on VideoBox that members like you, dear reader, may not know about. Consider this part 1 of an occasionally-updated series of posts designed to keep you informed about the many things you can do on VB that you may not have known you could.

As you read on, please hear the rest of this post as spoken by the voice you imagine coming out of this sexy teacher:


Also, if you have other favorite VB features to share, please do so in the comments below. We may even pick yours for a future post to give it a brighter spotlight!

For this first installment, let’s talk about the drag-and-drop and deletion features in the VideoBox “My Stash” page and popups.

So, let’s say you’re looking at your main movie-stash page, and you want to move some of the movies on this page to a different folder. If you click on a DVD cover and hold down the mouse button, you can drag the movie over to any folder (that you have given a name) at the upper left of the page. When you move the selected DVD over the folders, you’ll see an arrow over each folder that is eligible for dropping when you hover on that folder. Want to add it to a new folder? No problem, just click on the word “rename” below that folder and type a new name. When you drag the movie over, that folder will be “droppable.”

All of the above can be done with your stashed scenes, clips and stars as well, on their respective stash pages.

But let’s say you want to remove some items from your stash, or even remove every item in a given folder? You can do this one item at a time using the trash-can icon at the lower right of each item’s thumbnail image, or delete the whole folder and its contents by using the “DELETE ENTIRE FOLDER” button at the upper right of the page. For more details on this, see this previous blog post.

For our final lesson today, go to any movie, scene or player page and click the “add to stash” button for that piece of content. Did you know that if you have this piece of content in a stash folder already, that folder will be green and have a check mark and a trash can icon on it? You can then stash the item in a different folder by selecting one, or remove it from the folder it’s already in by clicking the trash can. The popup stays open so you can stash it elsewhere after deleting it, and you can just close the popup with the red “X” if you decide not to stash.

Pretty cool, right? Personally, I’m a big fan of the VideoBox Roku channel, so my stashing these days is designed mostly to queue up interesting content for TV viewing. We’d all love to hear your thoughts about these features and how you use your stash in the comments below, so please chime in!

Happy Stashing, Dragging and Dropping,
Bob and the VB Team

US Govt Warns: Stop Using Internet Explorer

Hey Guys,

Coming closely on the heels of news regarding the Heartbleed bug, the U.S. Homeland Security Department’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team is now saying to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can fix a different flaw specific to that browser.

We just want to pass that along to you, both to protect your security and to enhance your browsing experience. For both Mac and Windows, we recommend using Google Chrome, but Firefox and Safari are also decent options. In any event, it sounds like your best bet is to stop using any version of IE.


For more information on the IE issue, see

Bob and the VB Team

Finishers 12/7 – 12/13 (part 2)

Here’s the concluding part 2 to the finishers post for the week ending 12/13.

To view the finish, click on the scene link above the image. Do not click on the image itself.

Small Sluts Nice Butts #9, Scene 5


Rebecca Steel sucking and stroking guy poolside. Guy attempts to grab his cock for a self finishing effort. Rebecca says no and regains control. She strokes off a modest load onto her face and chest.


Finishers 12/7 – 12/13 (part 1)

A very good week for finishers. I should have part 2 of the post uploaded over the weekend.

To view the finish, click on the scene link above the image. Do not click on the image itself.

Born 4 Porn #1, Scene 2


Tania K. using two fisted stroking, switches to right hand only at last moment and coaxes a load into and onto her mouth and onto her chin. Brief post cum head. Sucks on lollipop. Rubs lollipop against cock and sucks the cock a bit more.


Finishers 9/1 – 9/7 (part 2)

Part 2 of finishers for DVD’s uploaded to VideoBox from 9/1 thru 9/7. Once again, many thanks to Alison for allowing me to continue with the finisher posts. As I’m sure most of you are aware, Alison was the creative force and originator of “Finishers.”

To view the finish, click on the scene link to the right of the thumbnail image. Do not click on the thumbnail image itself.

Brunettes Have More Fun_3 Brunettes Have More Fun, Scene 3
Geena James has a belt leash around the neck of Sabrina Solto as Sabrina kneels in front of a guy. Sabrina is stroking the guys cock as Geena caresses his balls. The guy launches his load on top of Sabrina’s head. Sabrina sucks out the final drops and shares it with Geena via some deep kissing. Geena tries to spit the cum back on the guys cock and spits all over the camera lens, causing her to giggle. Geena drags Sabrina away by the leash. Fun finish.


Finishers 9/1 – 9/7 (part 1)

Alison has kindly allowed me to pick up with the finisher posts. All credit to Alison, as these posts were her creation. This first entry covers the updates from 9/1 thru 9/7. I’ll be uploading the post in two parts, with part 2 arriving in roughly 48 hours.

To view the finish, click on the scene link to the right of the thumbnail image. Do not click on the thumbnail image itself.

Face Fucking, Inc_3a Face Fucking, Inc. #1, Scene 3
Alana Evans & Barbie Cummings are double teaming Jean-Claude Batiste with one girl stroking the cock while the other sucks and vice versa. Alana is controlling the action, and provides some nasty talk along the way. Barbie has the base of the cock in her left hand; Alana stroking the shaft with her left hand into Barbie’s mouth. Jean-Claude cums on Barbie’s mouth, then Alana rubs the cock in and around her own mouth, then back to Barbie’s mouth. The girls swap the cum a few times to conclude a hot finishing effort.