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Back from Vegas.. WE GOT PUNK’D!!

Here at Videobox we have a friendly war going on between the VB3 team and the Content-Ops team. While all of Content-Ops was in Vegas this year for the AEE Convention, the VB3 team saran wrapped our entire section!! Every single thing in our area (from post-it notes to garbage cans) is literally covered in layers upon layers of saran wrap. I honestly have to hand it to them, they got us pretty good. but this shit is seriously on!!! VB3 better start sleeping with one eye open, because this is definitely NOT OVER!!

Amazing Transformations

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As an individual who has fought the battle of the bulge most of my life, I can well appreciate how difficult it can be to take off and keep off those extra pounds. Several adult performers have successfully overcome this challenge. In this post I’d like to pay tribute to those artists, and say thanks for the weight loss. This also gives me the opportunity to remind the membership that scenes uploaded to VideoBox do not necessarily appear in the order they were filmed. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. When looking through the scenes of a particular performer, you’ll find older and newer scenes mixed about. The sequence of the scene filming will generally not match the sequence of the site updates.