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Interview with Director Myles Long

mileslong_marine1Miles Long (pictured left with his fiancée Mariné) is an industry veteran who’s been performing in porn since 1999 and directing since 2003.

Every movie he’s directed in the VideoBox catalog is rated 5 stars, and for good reason; he’s a thoughtful, detail-oriented director who strives to do his best work every time.

In our interview, Miles talks about what it was like to be Jenna Haze’s very first on-screen partner, how he creates the right atmosphere on set, his mainstream work, and more. Enjoy!

Most people probably don’t know that you were Jenna Haze’s co-star in Joey Silvera’s “Service Animals 4,” which was her very first scene. Do you remember that scene? Did Jenna stand out to you at the time?

I will always remember that scene, she had an energy about her that I always look for in talent that I book for myself these days, I want someone who loves sex, and wants to be there with the person they are working with. I realized right away that she was 1) meant for this business, and 2) destined to be a star.

She fondly recounted how she watched porn incessantly as a child and some of her more memorable exhibitionist encounters as a civilian before the scene started, and the scene we shot was so hot, that Joey Silvera, the director was turned on and after my scene, she happily blew him, and I filmed it with his camera.


Asa Akira Interview

Asa Akira is without a doubt my favorite “new” starlet (she’s been in the business over a year). She’s gorgeous, completely approachable and really loves fucking. She’s the kind of girl you could chill out and watch a movie or play video games with – or have hot, nasty sex with.

We chatted at the Adult Entertainment Expo about her role in the movie Pure (coming soon to VideoBox); her favorite books and movies; Lexington Steele’s pipe cock and more. I hope you enjoy the interview. I definitely enjoyed doing it.

The Annie Cruz Interview (part 2)

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Here’s the concluding part 2 of the Annie Cruz interview. For all of Annie’s fans (myself included), I’ve just received exciting news. Our very own Noah, from the VideoBox Content Department, is planning a video interview with Annie which will be uploaded to the blog. While I don’t have an exact date, I would expect the video to arrive in the next several weeks. My great appreciation to Annie, who has been kind enough to respond to your questions and comments left in part 1 of the interview. Please keep ’em coming in part 2.


The Annie Cruz Interview (part 1)

Browsing the movie review comments at VideoBox can be an eye-opening experience. Jack Black, Tom Brokaw, Eliot Spitzer, Christopher Walken, W. C. Fields, and other celebrities are (evidently) frequent visitors to the site. Recently, I stumbled across a few comments left by Annie Cruz. Could this be the real Annie Cruz? The Annie Cruz with well over 100 scenes on the site? For verification, I emailed Annie, asking if it was indeed she who was responding to the posts. I also asked if she might be agreeable to doing an interview for the blog. Shockingly, both of Annie’s answers were yes. Part 1 of the interview is presented here; part 2 will be uploaded to the blog on Thursday. If you have any questions or comments for Annie, please leave them as a reply to the post. I believe there’s a fair chance Annie may drop by and answer your inquiries.

And please don’t forget to visit Annie at her website.


Interview with Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine currently appears in 16 sex scenes on VideoBox (BTS doesn’t count). Of those, 10 are rated 4 stars or higher. Kelly is in a special league of porn stars; she gives it all in every scene, she’s got ass for days, and yet she was nominated for Unsung Starlet of the Year because despite all that, she’s not a marquee name…yet.

The first thing that strikes you about Kelly Divine is how open and approachable she is. Actually, let’s be honest – the first thing that strikes you about Kelly Divine is her big juicy ass. But after you get over that, it’s immediately apparent that she’s a down-to-earth girl. She tells you things no porn star ever admits in an interview – things most girls might not even admit to themselves. She wears her heart on her sleeve, for better or worse, and I couldn’t help but admire her willingness to show her vulnerability to a stranger. I hope you enjoy the result.

Texas Presley: Tiffany Taylor’s Vagina the Worst Smelling of All Time

Texas PresleyThe other day, I came across this Something Awful interview with Texas Presley from 2007 that I thought was relatively entertaining and wanted to pass it along to you guys.

Although I imagine quite a few of you have already seen it, I’m betting there are some (like me) who missed it the first time around and may find it amusing.

In the interview she talks extremely candidly about why she quit the business, some strange on-set happenings, and how much she loves it that people jerk off to her movies.

The funniest part, however, was when she started dishing on (former?) Vivid contract girl Tiffany Taylor and her disgusting-smelling pussy:

Dave: Let’s hit the ground running: which adult actor or actress smells the worst?

Texas: Tiffany Taylor. No question. No hesitation.

Dave: Please describe her smell for the good people at home.

Texas: Worst smelling vagina OF ALL TIME. Low tide exploded inside her cervix.

Dave: Would you go so far as to say that her vagina could be used to strip the paint off a battleship?

Texas: Yes, I could say that. I think her vagina was actually filled with the “dip” from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Whew, even remembering that makes me cringe. I hear she won Jenna Jameson’s “pornstar challenge show”…like, how funny is that show, for real? It’s like a beauty pageant for beauty queens whose uncles gave them one too many hugs…

Dave: So did you say anything about her vagina, or did you just let it go?

Texas: I was really in a pickle in that circumstance. I can be really shy at times, especially if someone is completely rank like that. I mean… she’s already acting like a fucking cunt and ruining the scene… so now I’m going to tell her that her vagina smells like a dead skunk inside a trash can? I kept trying to hint to the director, but didn’t have the balls to just up and say it. Really, there was no way to win that situation. In hindsight I should’ve just vomited and fainted. Maybe that would’ve made it more apparent.

The only time she and Tiffany worked together was on Young Ripe Mellons 8. (In fact, member pflameforever mentioned this interview in the comments of the scene in question.)

Having now watched the scene, I’ll say this for Texas: while on camera, she did not let on that she thought Tiffany’s pussy smelled like wet garbage. That’s professionalism. Talking about it in an interview afterward? Debatable.

Interview with Belladonna

Meeting Belladonna this January at the Adult Entertainment Expo was a real treat. This is the final interview in the series I did at the show.

Having never met Belladonna, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She turned out to be even sweeter, open and adorable than I’d even imagined. I hope you guys enjoy the interview.

The Evelyn Lin Interview – Part 2 + Review


When I uploaded the Evelyn Lin interview to the blog on Tuesday, I was forced to remove a few questions due to a word count limitation imposed upon the posts. As the remaining questions are relatively brief in nature, I’m including a review of one of Evelyn’s scenes appearing on the site. I chose her scene from Teen Machine. Long time readers of the blog may recall I previously did a full review of Teen Machine #2. If I ever do a similar review of Teen Machine, today’s post will give me a leg up on the article. Let’s first conclude the interview.


The Evelyn Lin Interview – Part 1

Going For A Test Drive Takes On A Whole New Definition

Going For A Test Drive Takes On A Whole New Definition

The stunningly beautiful Evelyn Lin was gracious enough to submit to an interview with VideoBox. Evelyn is featured on the site in approximately a dozen titles and is one of my very favorite performers. All of Evelyn’s scenes are worth checking out, but I would especially recommend Asian Poke Holes #2 scene 5, Asian Slut Invasion #4 scene 4, Big Dicks Little Asians #2 scene 1, Sakura Tales #12 scene 5, Teen Machine scene 2, Teens In Tight Jeans #2 scene 5, Virgins of the Screen #1 scene 5, and Young Asian POV scene 1. If you enjoy girl-girl action, add Asian Slut Invasion #2 scene 3. If you like sex with Yeti’s, add The Babysitter #25 scene 4. If you desire oral only activity, add Paste My Face #5 scene 10. If you …. oh hell, just watch them all.

And please don’t forget to visit Evelyn at her website.


VideoBox Interviews: Lexi Love

Lexi Love is a pornstar powerhouse: super adorable, authentically nasty and totally real. You can tell from watching her scenes that she is loving every second of it and I enjoyed every second of our interview.

The audio’s spotty, but the transcript of the interview is below for your reading pleasure: