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Gianna Michaels Retires. Big Boobs Must Go On.

Upon hearing that Gianna Michaels has retired from performing, I asked myself, “Who will carry the incredibly curvaceous torch now that she’s gone?” Gianna had the kind of tits you had to make up fake words to describe – ginormous, hugemongous and so on. Who could possibly satisfy the need for natural pendulous cantaloupe-sized boobles created by her departure?

Below are 10 ladies who – as far as I know – have giant, 100% natural breasts and continue to make movies for our mammarial enjoyment. I’ve selected a video of each girl showing off exactly what she’s working with in the breast department. Gianna’s beauty and incredible sexual intensity will be missed, but I look forward to more of these fine women in the future:

Christina Jolie


The Pornos of VideoBox Past and Future

Three years ago, VideoBox released its first Christmas porno: The Tits That Saved XXX-mas. This year, we’ll be welcoming three new Christmas movies onto the site, so I wanted to put together a small list of what’s come before and give a sneak preview of what to expect in your VideoBox stocking today.

2006: The Tits That Saved XXX-mas
Four scenes with people dressed up in Christmas-y costumes. Excellent Christmas porn because there’s very little plot, girls with big tits, and festive costumes/decorations.

If you liked this, check out:

sexy santaSexy Santa
Available at 1:36pm PST
2007: Big Titty Christmas
My favorite Christmas video on the site. Six scenes with eight girls dressed up in Santa outfits, four scenes with anal, two sets of natural tits, and a partridge in a pear tree.

If you liked this, check out:

sexy santaSexy Santa (also)
Available at 1:36pm PST
2008: Very Very Bad Santa
Ron Jeremy (ironically?) plays a pathetic Santa who fantasizes about sex. The least Christmas-y of the X-mas porn, the only holiday-themed fucking is Brian Surewood dressed as an elf while getting a blowjob.

If you liked this, check out:

santas revengeSanta’s Revenge
Available at 11:12pm PST
2008: A Very Creamy Christmas
Cute Christmas-themed lingerie with creampies. Worst part is definitely scene 4 starring Tabitha (the one with the terrifying pussy tattoo).

If you liked this, check out:

very creamy xmas 2A Very Creamy Christmas #2
Available at 8:48am PST

I want to wish a very happy and safe holiday to all of you, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa or Festivus (for the rest of us).

The Best of the Best Awful Porn Titles

Whenever a porn star is mentioned in the news (cough, Tiger Woods, cough), a few of the titles she’s appeared in are usually named to…I don’t know, make people laugh at her? They’re usually pretty run of the mill (Hot Secretaries Who Do Anal #72), but there are some truly awful/hilarious porn movies out there that CNN has never had the reason/balls to mention. Here are some of my favorites:

Best Pun: Cummy Bears

Runners up: Furgeddabou Tits, Hello Titty, Orifice Politics, MILF & Cookies


David Aaron Clark: RIP

Yesterday afternoon, the industry lost a legendary director to a pulmonary embolism at the very young age of 49. In these quotes from conversations with Luke Ford, DAC (as he was known in the industry) summarized his career thusly:

I graduated from Rutgers with a double major in journalism and art. Once I found out that I couldn’t paint or draw, I decided to become a serious journalist. I wrote for two years for the Dow Jones news service in New Jersey, then switched to Genesis in 1988 and wrote for a friend, Michael Banka. He was my college roommate who now edited Genesis. I was bored and looking for something else to write about other than planning commission meetings and human interest stories on missing children, gun shows, etc. From there I went on to Screw.
I’m down here [in Los Angeles] for two reasons. One, to make a better life for myself. Two, to prove a point. All these posturing idiots who think of themselves as great artists and brilliant filmmakers are by and large full of it… As a critic, when I decided to review pornography, I decided to give my subjects a certain benefit of the doubt and approach it as pornography…And take my critical standards from there, rather than compare it to a higher form of art. What distressed me is that many people I praised for being moderately talented, read my praise and mistook it for my saying that they were the equivalent of Francis Ford Coppola, or Orson Welles or David Cronenberg. Being a film nut, I’d look for parallels.

A quirky guy and serious director with a great admiration for Asian women, DAC will be missed.

Videobox’s collection of his films is by no means complete, but below is (what I think is) a listing of every DAC movie we offer for folks interested in seeing his work.

Anniversary Abstract

I’ll have a post of brand new material for the blog within the next 24 hours. As today is the second anniversary of the VideoBox blog, I’ve compiled a brief list from my entries which were memorable to me. I believe this will be especially helpful to new members of the site, and new readers of the blog. While the navigation links to the left are helpful, I sometimes feel once an article slips off the front page, it’s gone forever. Into a blog black hole, if you will. As always, many thanks to Alison for the opportunity to partake in the blog. From the earliest to the latest, here are ten of my favorite posts.

Rope Looks Back….. November 2005 – This was my first contribution after Alison so kindly invited me to participate with the blog. I wrote this over 21 months ago, and all the highlighted scenes are still among my favorites. I guess some things never change.


Happy 2nd Birthday, VideoBox Blog!

cupcakeNext Tuesday, October 20th, will mark the 2 year anniversary of the VideoBox Blog. To celebrate, I figured I’d post my 10 favorite posts from the last 2 years. These are posts I enjoyed writing and I’m hope you enjoyed them too. If you’re fairly new to the blog, this is a chance to check out some of the older posts you may have missed.

My 10 Favorite Posts from the Last 2 Years

November 8th, 2007: How to Hide Your Porn from Your Wife
While the title was kind of tongue-in-cheek, concealing one’s porn viewing habits is often a fact of life when one shares a computer. In this post, I outlined some ways of watching porn without the hassle of answering questions about whether you *really* prefer blondes with big tits who like it in both holes and the inevitable tearful discussion that follows.

December 6th, 2007: Top 5 Cum Dodgers
This is one of my favorite posts of all time if only because it allowed me to discover this video of a horrified Allysin Chains getting sprayed in the face with semen. The subject matter is funny in general, but that video really took the cake.

June 19th, 2008: Porn Star Tattoos: Best and Worst (Mostly Worst)
If I recall correctly, it took me a couple of days to pull together this compendium of mostly bad porn star ink. I am fine with tattoos in general (you can see mine in the comments), but for some reason, porn girls are drawn to the ugliest possible body art they can pick off the wall at the tattoo shop.

August 11th, 2008: My Conversation with John Stagliano
This post was awesome to write because I got to talk to one of my porn heroes about one of the biggest gripes porn fans have about the way porn’s made and get his opinion on it. I got the sense that he really took how strongly VB members feel about it to heart and will keep it in mind when making movies down the road.

September 23rd, 2008: Alison’s Top 10 Asses in Porn
As you may have noticed, I enjoy list posts. This one was interesting to write because I don’t consider myself an ass woman. Asses are great and nice-looking ones definitely add to the party, but they’re not my #1 hotness criteria. So I felt like I could approach this topic with some objectivity. And to be honest, by the end, I definitely felt like I understood a little better where ass (wo)men are coming from.

November 19th, 2008: Thirty-eight Percent of Porn Stars Do Anal?
Alright, I will be the first one to admit that this post was fun primarily because I got to make a graph for it. I definitely think I need to do more posts involving graphs.

November 13th, 2008: 5 Ways to Tell Real Breasts from Fakes
As an owner of breasts and someone who’s been involved with the adult industry for almost 8 years now, I’m pretty decent at determining whether breasts are real or fake without the benefit of a squeeze test. You should check this one out if only for the freaky illustrations.

January 27th, 2009: The 7 Most Flexible Girls in Porn
Girls who can put their legs behind their heads during sex are a rare breed that deserves to be recognized. Tracking these ladies down was not an easy process, but a rewarding one for sure. Looking at the screenshots in this post still boggles my mind.

April 24th, 2009: Eva Angelina’s 5 Best Scenes
I did a similar list for Belladonna, but for whatever reason, I like this one better today. It’s not on the list because it’s part of the Evil Angel channel, but Eva’s first anal scene was pretty top notch, wasn’t it?

July 25th, 2009: Interview with Belladonna
Even though it was insanely loud and we were interviewing her in a cluttered closet in the Evil Angel booth, I had a great time doing this interview. And don’t worry, if I end up in Las Vegas next January, I’ll bring better sound equipment…

It’s been a great two years. Thanks so much to you guys for reading and commenting!

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Whether it’s a cop pulling over beautiful women and “letting them off with a warning,” or hot female cops getting a little rough with the criminals, or a surprise show of appreciation for a boy (or girl) in blue, cop porn can be really hot.

I made a list of all of the police uniformed porn I could find on VB for your viewing pleasure. If I missed your favorite cop scene, please share it in the comments!

uniform babes s6Uniform Babes, scene 6
An angry Mika Tan gets thrown in jail for hooking and when she resists (real-life former) Officer Reina Leone’s attempts to remove her dangerous spiked collar, Reina has to subdue her by force. When a male officer notices Reina strapping it on with Mika, he joins in on the action.
coxxx and soxxx s2Coxxx & Soxxx #4, scene 2
Angela Stone and Annie Cruz are having some fun in their socks when officer Jack Lawrence catches them in the act while investigating a peeping tom. He agrees to stick around and protect them from the peeping tom…with his cock. Jack makes a pretty good cop and he’s even wearing a bullet proof vest that Annie and Angela remove before blowing him.
paris and nicole s1Paris and Nicole Go To Jail, scene 1
Stacy Thorn, playing Paris Hilton, submits to a cavity search by a prison guard (not really a cop, but close). This works in a little medical fetish with its cop fantasy when the officer puts on a latex glove and examines Stacy’s lady bits while she’s handcuffed to the bed. Scenes 2 and 5 also feature prison guard sex.


Small Breasts: The Ten Hottest Performers

Big tits are overrated. There, I said it. While large boobs can be very attractive (as well as very unattractive), there’s something about a small, perky pair of tits that you have to love – especially when they come with a beautiful face, tight body and great attitude.

This is my list of girls who fail the pencil test, but succeed at being some of the hottest pornstars in the biz.

1. Micah Moore


The Hottest Redheads in Porn

I don’t know how many Tom Robbins fans read the VideoBox Blog, but I just finished Still Life with Woodpecker and it inspired me to do a post about redheads. Below are my 10 favorite redheads as well as a poll where you can weigh in on your own faves.

1. Kylie Ireland

2. Dani Woodward

3. Audrey Hollander

4. Faye Valentine/Reagan

5. Tiffany Mynx

6. Shanna Mccullough

7. Madison Young

8. Vixen Vogel

9. Amee Donovan
10. Pason

Now, it’s your turn. Select up to 10 choices for your favorite redheaded pornstars.


May Finishers

I need to be honest with you guys. The “Finishers” post has gotten pretty out of control. I couldn’t even write something about every scene because there are just so many of them. So the Good and Ehh sections have some notable scenes and then links to the rest of the finishers in that category.

Be sure to check out the WTF?!? section at the bottom though. The first scene is hands down the worst and among the funniest I’ve ever seen.