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Back from Vegas.. WE GOT PUNK’D!!

Here at Videobox we have a friendly war going on between the VB3 team and the Content-Ops team. While all of Content-Ops was in Vegas this year for the AEE Convention, the VB3 team saran wrapped our entire section!! Every single thing in our area (from post-it notes to garbage cans) is literally covered in layers upon layers of saran wrap. I honestly have to hand it to them, they got us pretty good. but this shit is seriously on!!! VB3 better start sleeping with one eye open, because this is definitely NOT OVER!!

Squirting: It’s Not Just For Girls Anymore

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I’m going to let the blog readership in on a deep, dark secret. I’m a squirter. That’s right, Cytherea has nothing on ol’ rope. The fluid released is definitely not urine and definitely not semen. It is colorless and leaves an aroma of waffles with maple syrup (seriously). The launch produces a pleasurable, but not an orgasmic sensation. Come inside and I’ll walk you through the technique.


The Best of the Best Awful Porn Titles

Whenever a porn star is mentioned in the news (cough, Tiger Woods, cough), a few of the titles she’s appeared in are usually named to…I don’t know, make people laugh at her? They’re usually pretty run of the mill (Hot Secretaries Who Do Anal #72), but there are some truly awful/hilarious porn movies out there that CNN has never had the reason/balls to mention. Here are some of my favorites:

Best Pun: Cummy Bears

Runners up: Furgeddabou Tits, Hello Titty, Orifice Politics, MILF & Cookies


Horseplay – Peephole Arrest – Naked No No

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A few odd stories which have caught my eye lately.


Bad habits are difficult to break. In 2005 while living in Washington State, James Tait was arrested for having sex with a horse. He was also filming other people having sex with horses. Tait received one year probation and a $300 fine. At some point thereafter, Tait moved to Tennessee. Recently, authorities in Tennessee received an email containing an image of a man who appeared to be having sex with a Shetland pony. A police investigation led to the arrest of Tait and his roommate, Kenny Thomason. They have been charged with multiple counts of felony animal cruelty. Images were found of Tait engaging in sexual acts with the horse. Detectives stated it appeared people were having sex with horses, ponies, and dogs. Additional charges are expected.

I guess Tait could throw himself on the mercy of the court, claiming he’s in a long term stable relationship.


Joanna Angel: MMA Fighter?

joanna_angel_training_10If you happen to live (or play) in the Las Vegas area, you have the once in a lifetime opportunity go watch Joanna Angel get into the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ring and fight some guy tomorrow night. She’ll be fighting at Ellis Mania IV, MMA fighter Jason Ellis’ personal party/fight/self-promotion vehicle. Tickets are $15 on Ticketmaster.

Joanna will be fighting one of the (male) staffers at the show Jason Ellis hosts on satellite radio. To prepare, she’s been training at the gym and has posted some videos on YouTube as well as some photos (below) of her working out and getting ready to beat this guy up. I don’t know who that guy is, but I hope Jason Ellis is training her well. It’d be embarrassing to lose to him, I think.

joanna_angel_training_1 joanna_angel_training_2 joanna_angel_training_3
joanna_angel_training_4 joanna_angel_training_5 joanna_angel_training_6
joanna_angel_training_7joanna_angel_training_8 joanna_angel_training_9

Having met Joanna, I can tell you that, like most porn stars, she’s tiny, but she seems scrappy to me. Should be entertaining to watch…

Autofellatio vs. Auto Fellatio

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Autofellatio. One Word. The act of orally stimulating one’s own penis. See image here.

Auto Fellatio. Two words. The act of receiving (or giving) a blowjob in an automobile. I believe auto fellatio can be segregated into two broad categories. One where the car is at rest, preferably tucked away and hidden from view. And one where the car is in motion, being driven by the individual on the receiving end of the blowjob. For the purposes of this article, I’ll ignore instances of being fellated in the back seat while someone else is handling the driving chores. I seem to recall seeing a few of those on Taxi Cab Confessions.


Texas Presley: Tiffany Taylor’s Vagina the Worst Smelling of All Time

Texas PresleyThe other day, I came across this Something Awful interview with Texas Presley from 2007 that I thought was relatively entertaining and wanted to pass it along to you guys.

Although I imagine quite a few of you have already seen it, I’m betting there are some (like me) who missed it the first time around and may find it amusing.

In the interview she talks extremely candidly about why she quit the business, some strange on-set happenings, and how much she loves it that people jerk off to her movies.

The funniest part, however, was when she started dishing on (former?) Vivid contract girl Tiffany Taylor and her disgusting-smelling pussy:

Dave: Let’s hit the ground running: which adult actor or actress smells the worst?

Texas: Tiffany Taylor. No question. No hesitation.

Dave: Please describe her smell for the good people at home.

Texas: Worst smelling vagina OF ALL TIME. Low tide exploded inside her cervix.

Dave: Would you go so far as to say that her vagina could be used to strip the paint off a battleship?

Texas: Yes, I could say that. I think her vagina was actually filled with the “dip” from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Whew, even remembering that makes me cringe. I hear she won Jenna Jameson’s “pornstar challenge show”…like, how funny is that show, for real? It’s like a beauty pageant for beauty queens whose uncles gave them one too many hugs…

Dave: So did you say anything about her vagina, or did you just let it go?

Texas: I was really in a pickle in that circumstance. I can be really shy at times, especially if someone is completely rank like that. I mean… she’s already acting like a fucking cunt and ruining the scene… so now I’m going to tell her that her vagina smells like a dead skunk inside a trash can? I kept trying to hint to the director, but didn’t have the balls to just up and say it. Really, there was no way to win that situation. In hindsight I should’ve just vomited and fainted. Maybe that would’ve made it more apparent.

The only time she and Tiffany worked together was on Young Ripe Mellons 8. (In fact, member pflameforever mentioned this interview in the comments of the scene in question.)

Having now watched the scene, I’ll say this for Texas: while on camera, she did not let on that she thought Tiffany’s pussy smelled like wet garbage. That’s professionalism. Talking about it in an interview afterward? Debatable.

Vivid Girls Hate Choco Tacos

Conan O’Brien fans who tuned in this Tuesday got a glimpse inside the Vivid Entertainment Plaza (plaza?) when he went on a tour of his new Studio City neighborhood and happened to pay Vivid a visit. For those who missed it, please enjoy:

The first several minutes of the clip show Conan wandering around to a magic shop, a ski store and a sign-making establishment. He finishes his odyssey at the Vivid compound, getting a tour of the facility by the likes of Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone and Meggan Mallone.

In the final moments of the clip, Conan distributes an ice cream treat called a Choco Taco. Vivid contract stars are up for anything (except, in some instances, anal. or penises), so they all gave the frozen novelty a try (or at least an exploratory bite).


Watch Meggan Mallone and A.J. Bailey’s faces at the end of the clip. From what I hear, all the girls completely hated the Choco Tacos. But on the plus side, Andy Richter is reportedly really nice.

A Tale of Two Porn Publicity Stunts

You probably remember Ropeadope’s post last month about Larry Flynt’s bailout PR stunt. When I heard about it, I thought it was actually pretty funny and showed Flynt is still on top of his game.

On Tuesday, Steven Hirsch of Vivid offered Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) one million dollars to star in a Vivid movie. If you haven’t been following the Octomom story (or even if you have), here’s my take: as outrageous as her situation is, I find it tragic in the end – mostly for her children. So when Vivid offered her a million dollars to be in a porno, it felt like a cynical PR stunt to get Vivid’s name in the news. And it was very successful at that.

The next day, Pink Visual wrote a letter/press release of their own. In it, they say, “It simply isn’t in your interest, and more importantly in the best interest of your children, for you to become a porn star” and offered Ms. Suleman one year’s worth of free diapers not to accept Vivid’s offer.

Perhaps you’re saying “but they’re just trying to capitalize on the situation too!” and you’d be right. But you know who looks better in this whole mess? Pink Visual. They capitalized on Vivid’s PR stunt to make themselves look good while making a competitor look bad. As a marketing professional myself, I have to say I was impressed…

Update: Nadya has turned Vivid down (shocking!). According to Radar Magazine, Suleman said, “I think it’s kind of funny that I got offered a million dollars to make porn, those guys at Vivid video must be nuts! Who wants to see me naked? Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away.”

Your Christmas Present: A Horrifying Cat Tattoo

Since I took some time off for the Christmas holiday, I didn’t happen to notice the DVDs we posted that day until now. The one that caught my eye and made it hurt was A Very Creamy Christmas, scene 4. Member ccmoosecc’s comment made me laugh out loud: “Nothing says Merry Christmas like a demonic cat tattoo on your snatch.”

I showed it to a coworker who’d apparently seen it over the weekend and knew exactly what the tattoo was of. This is not any demonic cat, but the Cheshire Cat from the video game American McGee’s Alice. See for yourself:

Hideous cat tattoo Cheshire Cat

I guess somebody had to top the travesty on Jenna Jameson’s neck