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New Studio Announcement – Diabolic!!!!

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It is my great pleasure to announce that The Content Dude has finalized a deal which will bring the Diabolic studio to VideoBox. Diabolic has a number of excellent series on their roster, and their titles are generally populated with superb female casts. Those of you unfamiliar with specific studios, can tell I’m excited by my use of the rarely seen quadruple exclamation point in the headline above. Full credit to The Content Dude and his outstanding team in the Content Department. To celebrate, we’re having a poll to decide which DVD will be the first posted. Please enter your vote among the titles listed below. I will close voting promptly at 10:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday 7/15/10. I expect the winning video to be uploaded on Friday 7/16/10, with the runner-ups to be uploaded over the weekend. The Content Dude has declared the upcoming weekend to be a Diabolic Weekend.

Click inside for full boxcovers and scene breakdowns.

The voting booths have now closed. As you can see, Spring Chickens #19 is the winner in a competitive race. The contest was very close through the middle stages, then Spring Chickens #19 gradually opened up its winning margin.

Spring Chickens #19 has now been uploaded. Get it while it’s HOT!




The 25 Question Porn Purity Test

Have you ever taken a purity test? With an average of 100 or more questions mainly focused on things like touching a boob or taking a shower with a member of the opposite sex, purity tests tend to appeal to a younger demographic.

For fun, I put together a purity test for the porn fan. Check the box next to every question you can answer “yes” to. As it’s actually a poll, it won’t score for you, but it will show you where you stack up against other VideoBox members. Count the number of “yes” answers and check your number against the scores after the jump. Don’t forget to share your score in the comments!



Alison’s Top 5 MILFs and Cougars – Vote for Yours

One of the most popular genres in porn right now is MILF/cougar. It’s actually one of the more recently developed, as the term became widespread in 1999 when Stiffler’s mom was identified as a MILF in American Pie. One of the earliest porn movies I know of in the genre was 2002’s M.I.L.T.F. #1 – still a decent film in my opinion, even by today’s standards.

What makes a good MILF? I think any woman in a MILF role should be over 35 (of course), very confident and beautiful in an elegant way, not a trashy way. You can tell when a woman has taken care of herself and knows what she wants. Twenty-somethings may be cute, but a MILF has experience and isn’t afraid to use it.

So with that in mind, I present my Top 5 MILF/Cougar performers (don’t forget to vote for yours at the end of the post):

1. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is, in my humble opinion, Queen of the MILFs. She started performing in 1993 at age 21 but left porn four years later over an AIDS scare. She made her comeback in 2005 and has become one of the most popular, recognizable MILF actresses in the business.


New Studio Alert: New Sensations & Digital Sin!

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I’m honored and thrilled to announce that The Content Dude has cemented a deal to bring the excellent studios of New Sensations and Digital Sin to VideoBox. All credit to The Content Dude and his team in the content department. To celebrate, we’re having a poll to decide which DVD will be the first posted. Please enter your vote among the titles listed below. I will close the voting at 11:59 PM Pacific time on 12/30/09. I expect the debut (winning) video to be uploaded on 1/1/10.

Look inside for full boxcovers and scene breakdowns.

The voting booths have now closed. As you can see, Point Blank P.O.V is the winner. Look for the DVD to arrive on the site 1/1/10.



AIDS Group Petitions CAL/OSHA to Mandate Condom Use in Porn Production – What Do You Think?

bulk-condomsIn June of this year, a porn performer tested positive for HIV. To make matters worse, she was hired to work immediately before she was tested (or after, depending on who you ask) even though it had been over a month since her last test. The fear was that she had exposed her co-stars to the disease. Thankfully, none of her partners contracted HIV.

A scandal involving the industry’s testing service, Adult Industry Medical (AIM), erupted and accusations of hiding positive tests, skewing numbers and generally being incompetent began to fly. Amid all of this, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) launched a campaign to require condom-use in California, which brings us to yesterday.

The AHF filed a petition to amend California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CAL/OSHA) rules regarding blood-borne pathogens to mandate that condoms must be used by all porn performers in the state. This has been wholly rejected by the industry for a variety of reasons, ranging from performer safety to loss of profits. Accepted wisdom in the adult industry is that condom porn doesn’t sell.

So I’m curious what you, the consumer, thinks about this subject. Is requiring condoms a good idea? I’ve expressed my opinion in another forum, but I really want to hear from you. Participate in the poll below and feel free to share your opinions in the comments as well. This issue has the potential to radically change the way pornography is made and very few people are discussing the impact on the customer.




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Favorite VideoBox DVD – round 01

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I do intend to return to the favorite VideoBox series (01, 02, 03) set of polls, but let’s get more specific today. Which of the following DVD’s do you find the most enjoyable. With over 7600 titles on the site, it’s quite likely your very favorite DVD may not appear in today’s poll. But please make your best selection from these choices, and let me know in the comments which DVD’s I should include in future polls.

8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter
Cum Fart Cocktails #6
Cumaholics #1
MILF Worship #3
Multiple POV
Real Squirters #2
Secretary’s Day #2
She Is Half My Age #1
Teen Fuck Holes #7
True Home Made Amateur #2
Truly Nice Tits #8
Whale Tail #3



Are Women the Next Big Porn Market?

womenwatchpornThis month in Oprah Magazine, there’s an article about porn for women that’s been causing a stir in the media. Like most of these types of articles, it starts by citing dubious statistics about the numbers of women who visit porn sites:

In the first three months of 2007, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, approximately one in three visitors to adult entertainment Web sites was female; during the same period, nearly 13 million American women were checking out porn online at least once each month.

I’ve been working in this industry for almost 7 years. Every year or so, “porn for women” comes up. In the beginning, I bought into the idea that most women like features and most men like gonzo, but over the years I’ve come to realize that women’s tastes are just as diverse as men’s – and that the market for “women’s porn” is not nearly the size that Candida Royalle would have you think.

No matter what Nielsen says, I simply don’t think there’s any way that one third of visitors to porn sites are female. But I could be wrong. Which is why I’m posting these two polls (one for men and one for women). It’ll be interesting to see if a hidden female viewership will emerge.


Who Is Porn’s Filthiest Female?

I think you have to be kind of a dirty girl (in a good way) to get into porn in the first place, but there’s a breed of porn star who seeks out the nastiest, most extreme scenes possible and seems to revel in them.

I’ve picked a list of about 30 girls who I feel might qualify for the title “Porn’s Dirtiest Girl” below. Pick your favorite (or least favorite, depending on how you feel about circus sex) from that list or add your vote in the comments if I forgot someone. So as not to influence anyone’s choices, my personal opinion follows the poll.


How Important Is a Porn Director?

bpumperThis week, Evil Angel publicly announced that they were ending their relationship with director Brian Pumper. While Evil Angel initially blamed “creative differences,” the word in the industry was that the difference was that Brian Pumper was creative at faking STD tests.

After being asked about it, Evil Angel confirmed that Brian had been shooting girls who did not have negative STD tests from Adult Industry Medical (AIM) and that in once instance he forged a test and hired a girl who turned out to have chlamydia. He felt that since he was the one whose penis was at risk, it should be his decision whether or not to wait for the test results. Evil Angel disagreed and gave him his walking papers.

When I heard the news that Brian Pumper was being let go from Evil Angel’s roster of directors, my first thought was, “Who likes his movies anyway?” The director is certainly one of the factors I consider when deciding whether to check out a movie and I’m guessing it is for some of you as well. So I’m curious…


If you don’t see your favorite director in the list, please go ahead and add him or her in the comments. And of course, I’d love to hear what it is about a particular director’s style that you particularly enjoy, or if you think all porn directors are basically the same.

2 Anal Or Not 2 Anal – That Is The Question

One of the more heated subjects of debate which regularly surface in the movie review comments, centers on the inclusion or exclusion of anal intercourse in a particular scene or DVD. For many in the membership, anal appears to be a deal breaker, one way or the other. Some will only view – download scenes containing anal, others will only view – download non-anal scenes. I’m sure a great many others fall in-between these two extreme viewpoints. Let’s try to resolve this issue once and for all with the following poll. Please select the answer which best fits your viewing – downloading habits. Beyond the poll itself, if you hold an extreme viewpoint (must have anal, must not have anal), please reply in the comments and try to convince a neutral person like myself why I should adopt your philosophy.