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UPDATE 2: SOD Caught Up

UPDATE 8/13/15: We have added the previously-missed SOD updates to the site. Here’s hoping this is the end of our content woes for this channel. Happy streaming!


UPDATE 8/3/15: We received a new batch of content from Soft On Demand last week and were able to post a new title last weekend. Updates to the channel will continue normally from here forward. We are looking into the timing involved in adding the missed updates and I will post more news as soon as we have it.

Once again, we apologize for the situation and will continue to make every effort to prevent it in the future. My original post is below.


Dear SOD Subscribers,

Due to logistical challenges with getting content from Japan to the USA, we do not have a Soft On Demand content update for this week. We are communicating with the studio and doing everything we can to track down the content as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the inconvenience; we know how important it is that new content hit the site on time, and this is doubly true in the case of a channel upgrade. Please rest assured that we have done everything in our power to prevent this from happening, but have been unable to overcome the various obstacles we faced.

As soon as we have the content on our premises and encoded, we will post the missing update(s) immediately. I will provide an update to this post as soon as we have more details for you all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer support by clicking here to submit our web form.

More Soon,
Bob and The VB Content Team

Elegant Angel Release-Rate Change


It should be no secret by now that porn production has slowed down in recent years. Nearly every studio out there is producing fewer new titles each year than they used to. For this reason, from time to time we have to reduce the rate at which we post new titles from said studios.

Case in point: our premium channel of Elegant Angel content. Our update schedule will soon outpace their rate of output unless we reduce the number of DVDs we post each week. So, as of this coming Saturday, April 25th, we will be releasing 1 new DVD from Elegant Angel each week.

The price of the channel will remain $15 per month, which we think is still a great deal considering that you get more than 2,070 scenes to stream or download & keep when you sign up. Also, we are very close to the point where we have all of the best Elegant Angel content on the site, and their brand-new releases will become available to you on VideoBox very soon after the studio releases them.

Bob and the VB Team

Vote VideoBox for Adult Site of the Year and WIN

Hey VideoBoxers,

UPDATE: The awards show has passed, so this offer has expired. Keep an eye out for similar offers in the future, and thanks so much to all of you who voted! We are grateful to everyone who supports us!


We are proud to announce that VideoBox has been nominated for the XBIZ Adult Site of the Year for the third straight year! This is a great honor and we are grateful that the industry and our valued members have nominated us once again.

We would be absolutely honored if you, our valued members, would take the time to vote for us and spread the word!

After you vote at the above link, you will be asked to “Tweet Your Vote”. If you are willing to do so – simply click on the “Vote” icon next to and we will give you access to any one of our Premium Channels for free for 2 weeks! This is just a small gesture of thanks for taking the time to vote and for being a valued VideoBox member. All you need to do is email us at with the channel you would like and include your Twitter handle so we can verify the post.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the XBIZ Awards, it is the biggest and most prestigious awards show in adult entertainment today. Both members of the industry and fans get to vote for their favorite adult performers and websites – A full list of fan voting categories can be found at:

Thanks again for your continued support! We would be nothing without our members! –
The VideoBox Team

Update For SOD Subscribers

UPDATE: we missed 2 release dates, but got caught up right away. We apologize again for any inconvenience and will work hard to ensure that this dos not repeat. Thank you for your understanding, and your membership.


Dear SOD Subscribers,

Just wanted to let you all know that due to logistical challenges with getting content from Japan to the USA, we are projecting that we will miss a couple of DVD update dates in the next week or so. We are very sorry for the inconvenience; we know how important it is to all of our members that new content hits the site on time. This is doubly true in the case of a channel upgrade, which costs an extra fee above the base membership price. Please rest assured that we have done everything in our power to prevent this from happening, but were unable to overcome the various obstacles we faced. We are also taking steps now to prevent this from ever happening again.

As soon as we have the content on our premises and encoded, we will begin posting double updates on each release day until we have caught up to the number of DVDs expected. I will also provide an update to this post as soon as we have more details for you all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer support by clicking here to submit our web form.

More Soon,
Bob and The VB Content Team

New VB Channel: Club Tranny

Hey Everyone,

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our newest VBChannel, an all-Transsexual channel known as Club Tranny!

Over the years we have found that there is a high demand for quality Transsexual content from many of our users. However, it is challenging to find great quality at affordable prices, and it can cause controversy if we post a lot of it within the standard daily updates. For these reasons, we are offering this optional stand-alone channel to satisfy the demand without adding a surplus of this content to VideoBox. This change will not affect existing Transsexual content on VideoBox, and we will continue the occasional non-channel Transsexual releases.

For those who are interested in this channel, here are the details:

  • 40 full DVDs available as of this writing, with an additional 3 DVDs added each week
  • Content from a diverse group of top studios, including Tranny Kingz, Trans Erotica and Gia Darling
  • Regularly $20 a month, but discounted for a limited time to only $15 a month!

We hope you enjoy this offering if it interests you. And, if Transsexual content is not your bag, we hope you continue to enjoy your membership without concern that you will be weeding through a sudden increase in shemale videos.

Either way, have fun!

Try the VideoBox of the Future… Today

Hey VideoBoxers,

Today we invite you to try out VideoBox 3.0, or VB3 as we like to call it. This new VB experience is still under development, but we want you, our members, to have early access so you can play around a little and then tell us what you think. Before you do, though, here are some things we think it’s important for you to know:

  • Only users with “” or “CCBill” as their biller will be able to gain access. We apologize for this and will be working on the other billers as we go; we’ll let you know when we have an update on this.
  • VB3 does not conform to a number of well-established porn site conventions. This is by design: we see VB3 as a new platform for adult entertainment, and more like an application to be used in many ways on many devices, rather than as a re-skinned porn site. That said, there are some aspects of the experience that are not yet complete but will be added, such as the ability to navigate with the browser’s “Back” button without losing the filtering you have established.
  • We have posted the first of several quick tutorials that show you how to use certain aspects of the site. Please start with this, as it will greatly assist with your enjoyment of VB3: (Note: after you view the tutorial, you will need to log in to the new site at, even if you are already logged in to VideoBox.)
  • Internet Explorer 6 & 7 are not supported. Please upgrade to IE8 or download a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. The site should also work in Safari and Opera. Mobile and other devices are not yet fully supported.
  • This is a beta project and that means it is still under development, so don’t be surprised if you see bugs. Please report them to us if you find any! We have disabled comments on this blog post so we can direct you to the official VB3 feedback forum at We recommend you start your forum experience by reading the Known Issues and Announcements section, which lists some of the things that are not yet working.
  • With regard to feedback, please keep in mind that the more specific and constructive you are, the easier it will be for us to take action on your feedback. If you flame us without offering any suggestions for ways to improve things for you, you won’t be giving us the kind of information we need in order to help you out. So, keep it constructive, and try to avoid cursing our family members. :-)
  • Last but not least: VB3 includes two new premium content channels in addition to the Evil Angel and Vivid channels we currently offer:, and a well-known reality porn provider so secret that we can’t tell you about it on this public blog. You can add these new channels to your membership from VB3 only, so go hit the new site to check them out!


Preview: David Aaron Clark’s Pure

I’ve wanted to check out the movie Pure ever since I had the pleasure of interviewing Asa Akira in January, but I had no idea just how much I was missing out on until now. Read on for a preview of the late, great David Aaron Clark’s final masterpiece – arriving on the Evil Angel channel next weekend.

Sada (Asa Akira) is a receptionist at a dungeon. She claimed not to want anything to do with the actual sessions, she just needed money to pay the bills. Mistress Sun (Jessica Bangkok) and Mistress Sayori (Lana Violet) did the dirty work – including breaking in a new submissive named Cherry (Destiny).

1 2 2 2 3 2


Hitler Reaction To Premium Channel Policy

header 1021
The video below of Hitler’s reaction to the VideoBox premium channel decision fell into my hands. The audio is in German, but I’ve provided English subtitles to effect the translation. It’s been many years since I’ve studied German; hopefully I’ve deciphered the dialogue correctly. At some points the captions move extremely quick. This was necessary to properly synchronize the subtitles to the vocals. Please make use of the play / pause button in these instances, if necessary.



Thirty Scenes Warranting An Evil Angel Subscription – part 1

This will be the first installment of a continuing series highlighting scenes from the Evil Angel channel which have caught my eye. I am very early in the process of viewing the Evil Angel scenes. Thus, these scenes will be presented in no particular order. Just an ongoing collection of scenes which I feel are good enough to warrant consideration for adding the Evil Angel channel to your VideoBox subscription. I invite everyone to respond to the post with their own Evil Angel favorites. I will endeavor to give the Vivid channel the same treatment in the near future.


Update on Premium Channels

Just so you know, I do read all your comments. The one principle that guided me through the 6 year history of VideoBox is to always improve customer value. So listening to you guys is important.

First, to set some expectations: there’s little we can do quickly. Our site – and its relationship with our affiliates and billers – is complicated. Adding premium channels was a six month project, with the UI changes being a very minor part.

So, to answer some questions:


How Much Does the Damn Thing Cost?

We charge the minimum our contracts allow, which is roughly equal to your base VideoBox subscription. We don’t give an explicit price because there are lots of different prices for a base VideoBox subscription, depending on whether you have DVD or non-DVD resolution, and the month duration of your subscription.


But there’s an easy way to see your price: click on the UPGRADE button. You won’t be charged, and you’ll see how much it costs.


You may see something about your first payment being “prorated”. That means you’ll be charged a partial amount between today and when your subscription rebills. So if you’re 10 days away from your next rebill cycle, you’ll be charged 1/3 of your monthly price today.



Can You Make It Cheaper?

I agree that these channels should be cheaper. After all, you don’t pay the same for HBO as you do for basic cable. I’m working on it, but realistically it will take some time to convince Evil Angel and Vivid to change their pricing structure.


VideoBox is a small percentage of Evil Angel and Vivid’s overall content distribution, and they don’t want their other distribution channels to charge less.



Other Billing Issues

We still can’t process upgrades for Epoch. We can’t charge upgrades on multi month memberships at monthly increments.


Overall, this project has exposed severe limitations of Epoch and CCBill. The only way we’re going to have the flexibility we want is to do our own billing (which we’re currently investigating).



Subscriptions vs Tokens vs Just Say No

Several thousand members have upgraded to premium content, so it wouldn’t be fair to remove it entirely.


That said, I agree that the majority of members who have no interest in upgrading shouldn’t have to see it all over the place. You should be able to enjoy VB without feeling like we’re upselling you constantly.


I’m working with the engineering team to hide premium content from the main VideoBox pages. I think we should still display premium content in certain narrow cases, such as if you click on a star name and we happen to have more scenes with her on the premium channels.


But for general browsing, you shouldn’t be exposed to content you have to pay more for.