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New Feature Guide: Playlists

You may notice some new features on the right sidebar when you watch a Flash video today. VideoBox has added a new module that will allow you to make playlists, change their order, loop them and more.

non active state
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I, like many of you, have wanted this kind of functionality for a long time. So I’m really excited that the VideoBox developers were able to make it happen. Read on for an explanation of how everything works and what you can do with it.


Let’s Share Clips! How to Make Your Own

I’ll admit it. I can be kind of a luddite about newfangled technology and when I first heard about the new Clips feature on VideoBox, I wasn’t very interested in checking it out. But once I gave it a shot, I realized that this thing is really cool.

I looked at the kinds of titles and tags folks are using and made a couple dozen clips of my own. I even made some new tags like female orgasm and flexible that blog readers have expressed enthusiasm for in the past. Others like oral creampie and finisher are already there, slowly being built up.

But I know that we all have tons of favorites we can make into clips and add to the pool, so I put together a brief how-to below for folks who haven’t tried the feature yet or want a few tips on how to do it. I think the readers of this blog have been waiting a long time for a way to share our clips with one another and I’d love it if you’d all post a link to your own profile in the comments.

Making Your Own Clips
1. Find a scene with some interesting action. I chose Who’s That Girl #2, Scene 1 because Lindsey Meadows finishes Vince Vouyer with an oral creampie.

2. Click the filmstrip where you want your clip to begin and drag to where you want it to end. You can adjust your choice by moving the tabs on either side of the clip forwards or backwards.

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New Feature: Embed any VB scene to your site or blog!

Get more Amia Moretti pornon VideoBox



I am happy to announce that we just added the ability for you to embed any VideoBox scene to your website or blog.


To give you a taste, I have embedded above the most popular scene for this week.


Why would I use this?


Let’s say that you really like a scene. Well, if you have your blog or a website, you can now stream scenes from the VideoBox library right on your site/blog.


There are almost 40,000 scenes available to be embedded. You can embed the scene, write about it and show it to your friends.


The benefit for VideoBox is that we get potential users to click through the embedded videos and check out VideoBox.


How does it work?


To embed a scene on your website:

  • Find the scene and go to the video streaming page. Scroll down and you find the link to embed.
  • Copy the link and paste it into your web page. Or paste it in your blog. Then, save and test the page to make sure it works.

Your scene will now stream. You can even watch it full screen!


When you click on the player, you navigate to VideoBox and can see all the details about the scene, including title, performers, studio and comments.


That’s it! Let us know what you think.


One caveat: because of licensing agreements, the embed link is not available on scenes from premium channels.


Coming Soon


Anticipated additions include:


1. Ability to embed specific parts of scenes.


2. Embedded video to include more features, such as search, related scenes, and information about the video.


3. More options to customize embedded player size and styles.


Please let us know what you think of this new addition.



New Feature: Favorite Stars

We just added the ability for you to add stars to your favorites.


Why use favorite stars?


Let’s say there are several girls you really like.  Favorite stars lets you see all their videos in one place.


Also, every time you visit VideoBox, you can quickly check to see if there are any new updates from your favorite stars.


How does it work?


To add a star to your favorites

  • Click on a star’s name anywhere (like on the DVD details page, or a search results page)
  • You’ll now go to a page listing all the videos of that star
  • On this page, you’ll see a button that says “Add Star to Favorites”
  • Just click that button


And from the VideoBox home page, you’ll see a new link in the “Quick Links” section called “My Favorite Stars”.  Click there and you’ll see all the videos from your favorite stars.


Finaly, you can edit this list under the “My VideoBox==>MyFavorite Stars” tab.


Coming Soon


Some anticipated features include

  • Alerts whenever we add a video from your favorite stars (RSS or email)
  • Recommendations for favorite stars
  • Star pages with comments, profile information, and related stars


Please let us know what you think of this new feature.





Free Limited Edition VideoBox T-shirts

Update: We are officially out of shirts.

We have had a few t-shirts left over from a convention in Amsterdam this year (10 to be exact) and I’d like to offer them to the first ten people to respond in the comments of this post. There are 5 XLs and 5 XXLs, but they’re American Apparel shirts and sizes tend to run small.

So, if you’d like one of these snazzy shirts (I wear mine all the time), post your size preference (XL or XXL) in the comments section. Be sure to use your real email address in the form so I can contact you to get your mailing address.

Here’s what they look like:
VideoBox T-Shirt
Click the image for a larger view

Update: We are officially out of shirts.

This Week’s Finishers: 11/15 – 11/21

There were a lot of finishers this week. Twenty four, to be exact. I also tried out a new format this week. Let me know if you like it!

Fresh Faces #6, Scene 1 starring Gwen

I guess Gwen didn’t want cum in her hair (she held it back). Or in her eyes (squeezed shut). Or on her face (moved out of the line of fire).
Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 10 starring
Brianna Love

Brianna Love is really cute. But some of the faces she’s making here are not. Getting this guy to cum seems like squeezing water from a stone. This is a great movie in which every girl finishes, but this is not my favorite scene.
Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 9 starring
Crista Moore and Shawna Lenee

Christa bobs Shawna’s head on the cock for a while, but when he starts coming, they seem slightly surprised and and up licking it off their fingers.


The New Flash Player Lives!

I’m sure many of you have already noticed that the new Flash player went live this week. I just wanted to open the comments for any feedback you guys have on it. It’s really important to us that 1) you like it and 2) it works correctly. So post your thoughts, positive, negative or mixed in the comments.

Sneak Peek at the New VideoBox Flash Player

We’ll be debuting our redesigned Flash player within the next week or so on VideoBox and I’ve got a preview of the design and functionality exclusively for blog readers.

The Design
A little sleeker and easier on the eyes, the new design tightens up the player a bit while delivering all of the features you’ve come to expect from it.

Click for larger image
VideoBox Next Generation Flash Player

What’s New
The new player also comes with a few changes:

  • The playhead is now separate from the filmstrip, so you can look ahead in the movie without being flung back to where you were.
  • The controls no longer show up over top of the video.
  • The volume control is more intuitive and easy to use.

I’m interested to hear what you guys think about the new design. Now and after it launches.

Share Your Porn with a Friend

Have you ever been watching a scene and said to yourself, “Man, I bet so-and-so would like this”? If so, we’ve got a new feature you’re going to like. You can now email a scene to anyone (over 18) whether they’re a member or not and even have it start at a particular time in the video.

So let’s say you’re watching Filthy Talkin’ Cocksuckers #2, scene 1 and you crack up at the ridiculous cumshot at the end. You’d click the Share This Video link under the download buttons:
Share Link
click image to enlarge


Introducing the Tech Guy and iPhone 3g/2.0 Problems

I’ve been meaning to write a blog entry for a while, but I hadn’t quite gotten around to it when we ran into this iPhone issue. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself and talk about the issue at the same time

Who Am I?
I’m the Tech Guy, and my team and I are responsible for keeping the site up and running. We implement new features on the site, maintain and monitor our systems to ensure that the videos keep streaming, and build toolsets for our internal teams to use for encoding and labelling content. In short, we’re responsible for everything from networking to storage, from servers to systems, and from code to video codecs. Now that I’ve introduced myself, let me talk about the issue we’ve run into.

The iPhone 3g / 2.0 Problem
Recently the iPhone 3g was released, and like most tech geeks we were really excited. Quite a few of us have iPhones, and we couldn’t wait to see what the new one could do. Unfortunately, when we got our hands on an iPhone 3g we immediately saw a problem – iPod resolution files from VideoBox wouldn’t play. We saw a “This Movie Format Not Supported” message when we tried to play these files on the new iPhone. The problem got worse quickly, when we realized that older iPhones that were updated to the iPhone 2.0 firmware suffered from the same problem.

Now this was surprising, as Apple had said that there were no video related changes coming in the 3g or the 2.0 firmware. But we’re not the only ones who’ve been bitten by this issue – you can see more here

The good news is that we’re on top of it. Our H.264 resolution files can still be played on iPhones of all types. And we’ve found an encoding configuration that is compatible with the iPhone, compatible with older iPods and other devices that play these files, and still maintains the quality of video we expect.

What We’re Doing About It
We’re currently in the process of reencoding all the files in this resolution. We expect to be finished with this reencode process in about three weeks. These updated files will appear on the site as they are produced, so fewer and fewer scenes will have this problem as time goes on.

I’ll be checking back on this blog post over the next few days, and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have about this or any other tech issue in the comments. I’m also planning on posting more frequently – once a month or so – about technology issues that might be interesting to our users.