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Using DVD Box Covers As Folder Icons

eye-catcherI’ve been trying to utilize DVD box covers as folder icons for downloaded video files without success. Recently, I stumbled upon the solution. Very simple procedure and the resulting appearance is an improvement in my opinion compared to the default folder icons. I’m using Windows XP so the following steps will apply to that operating system. Please click the included illustrations to display full size images. Let’s get started.


Hiding Porn from Your Wife on a Mac


Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to point you to an excellent article about hiding porn on a mac by Adam Knight at Mac Geekery.

How to Hide Your Porn from Your Wife

How to Hide Porn From Your Wife
We probably get at least one unsubscribe request per week from someone saying they have to cancel because their wife/girlfriend found out about their account. This is a totally avoidable situation if you’re careful. Read on for some tips for beginners as well as a few advanced techniques for those with savvier spouses.