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Horseplay – Peephole Arrest – Naked No No

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A few odd stories which have caught my eye lately.


Bad habits are difficult to break. In 2005 while living in Washington State, James Tait was arrested for having sex with a horse. He was also filming other people having sex with horses. Tait received one year probation and a $300 fine. At some point thereafter, Tait moved to Tennessee. Recently, authorities in Tennessee received an email containing an image of a man who appeared to be having sex with a Shetland pony. A police investigation led to the arrest of Tait and his roommate, Kenny Thomason. They have been charged with multiple counts of felony animal cruelty. Images were found of Tait engaging in sexual acts with the horse. Detectives stated it appeared people were having sex with horses, ponies, and dogs. Additional charges are expected.

I guess Tait could throw himself on the mercy of the court, claiming he’s in a long term stable relationship.