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Studio Spotlight: Anabolic – One on One Scenes

Wonderful to be back on the blog – my sincere thanks to Josh. I’ve been asked to submit a new article every other week. I chose to start by highlighting one of the studios that has been added to the VideoBox stables since my last posting – Anabolic. Today’s entry will focus on one-on-one scenes, and a future post will cover threesomes. I’ve embedded the flash player to showcase three dozen of my favorite Anabolic boy-girl scenes. Click the flash player to see a one minute preview of the scene, and if you like what you see, click the link above the flash player for the full scene. I will be adding scene comments in the days ahead. Let me know your opinion of the embedded scenes, and if I failed to include one of your favorites, list it in a reply to the post and I’ll link it up.


Its here, it’s finally here!!!

I’m sure most of you have already noticed, but for the few of you who don’t check the site daily, you may have missed two very exciting additions to the VB catalog: Jules Jordan and most recently, Anabolic. These deals have literally been in the works for years. Finally, after a lot of negotiation we walked away with hundreds of excellent titles from these two top tier studios. We are very excited to welcome Jules Jordan and Anabolic to the VideoBox family and I hope all of you enjoy the quality porn that’s coming your way.

Bouncing Babes

header 1008
I was never much of a fan of The Man Show, but one segment of the series I did enjoy was Girls on Trampolines. The trampoline isn’t a frequent prop in porn scenes, but it does manage to make an appearance every now and then. In this post, I’ve gathered all of the site’s scenes I’m aware of which feature trampolines. Undoubtedly I’ve missed a few. If you know of any trampoline scenes that I haven’t included. please let me know with a reply to the post. I’ve embedded the flash player to preview the scenes. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the flash player. Finally, a big thank you to Alison for suggesting the catchy and appropriate title.


Showered With Love

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I love watching videos of girls in the shower. Is this because one of my very first sexual encounters with a girl occurred in the shower? Or is it due to the fact that while innocently testing out a newly received gift pair of binoculars, I locked in on a young woman just as she was stepping out of the shower? Or is it because the upscale showers featured in adult videos, with all the fancy gadgets, attachments and accessories, send me into a nice daydream of renovating my own dilapidated shower? I believe all three factors play a role in my appreciation of shower scenes (but mostly the first two, lol). For this article, I’ve collected fifteen of my favorite shower scenes. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes. Click the link above the flash player if you wish to view the full scene. I have included capsule summaries for all fifteen scenes. Undoubtedly, there are many other excellent shower scenes on the site. Please let me know your favorite scenes featuring a shower, bathtub, whirlpool, jacuzzi, etc. I’ll link everything up, making your recommended scenes clickable.


Prisoners Of Love

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Do women in porn seem to spend an inordinate amount of time behind bars? No, I’m not referring to their personal lives. I’m referencing their professional lives. The prison cell is an old standby in adult films. In this article, I’ve collected thirteen VideoBox scenes utilizing a prison setting, that have been enjoyable to me. The girls are usually the prisoners, but occasionally the tables are turned, and they are the jailers. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes; click the link above the player if you wish to view the full scene. Undoubtedly, I’ve left out several good prison scenes in my post. Please share your favorite prison scenes with the membership. I’ll link everything up, making your suggested scenes clickable.


Pools & Pool Tables

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Pools and pool tables. Two tried and true props of adult videos. For this article, I’ve gathered a baker’s dozen of my favorite scenes in which a pool or a pool table can be spotted. Whether they’re actively used in the scene, or just part of the background scenery … it’s all good. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes; click the link above the player if you wish to view the full scene. Please tell me and all others in the membership, your favorite scenes which make use of a pool or a pool table. Special props if you find a scene that utilizes both a pool and a pool table!


What’s The Common Thread?

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Today I’d like to present ten VideoBox scenes which I’ve been returning to for repeated viewings. While most of the scenes feature familiar performers, there are a couple of individuals in the group whose work was unknown to me until recently. In addition to the scenes being among my favorites, there is a common thread which tie all these scenes together. See if you can identify the common denominator and tell me what it is. I’ve embedded the flash player within the post to preview the scenes. Click the link above the player to view the full scene.


Noteworthy MFF Threesomes

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When Double Play #3 was uploaded to VideoBox last month, fellow member jb3082 posted the following comment in the scene 1 threesome featuring Karina Kay & Tiffany Taylor.

“Possibly the best 2 women in a 3-some scene created? Would make a great blog posting.”

I thought jb made an excellent suggestion (many thanks my friend) and decided to compile a list of MFF threesome scenes which were memorable to me. These are not necessarily my most favorite MFF threesomes (although many of them are), but rather scenes that were intriguing to me for one reason or another. I’m including a baker’s dozen scenes in this article, but there are probably a dozen dozen (is that gross?) MFF scenes on the site worthy of mention. So I need your help. Please tell the membership your favorite MFF threesome scenes (or those that stuck out in your mind for a particular reason). I’m embedding the flash player to preview the scenes I’ve listed, along with a few brief comments. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the player. Don’t be concerned with linking your suggested scenes. I’ll take care of it.


Six Black Porn Stars Who Love Cum

I think the best performers are the ones who give their all in a scene and relish the results. Girls who can’t wait for a mouth full of cum, who take a squirt in the eye with aplomb, who smile when they’re slurping up a big load.

Member Henry Raw inspired me to do a black themed post today, so I’ve rounded up 6 scenes with girls who I think take a cum shot like a champ. They’re all great performers and I think the videos I’ve chosen demonstrate their enthusiasm for jizz.

Havana Ginger

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Whether it’s a cop pulling over beautiful women and “letting them off with a warning,” or hot female cops getting a little rough with the criminals, or a surprise show of appreciation for a boy (or girl) in blue, cop porn can be really hot.

I made a list of all of the police uniformed porn I could find on VB for your viewing pleasure. If I missed your favorite cop scene, please share it in the comments!

uniform babes s6Uniform Babes, scene 6
An angry Mika Tan gets thrown in jail for hooking and when she resists (real-life former) Officer Reina Leone’s attempts to remove her dangerous spiked collar, Reina has to subdue her by force. When a male officer notices Reina strapping it on with Mika, he joins in on the action.
coxxx and soxxx s2Coxxx & Soxxx #4, scene 2
Angela Stone and Annie Cruz are having some fun in their socks when officer Jack Lawrence catches them in the act while investigating a peeping tom. He agrees to stick around and protect them from the peeping tom…with his cock. Jack makes a pretty good cop and he’s even wearing a bullet proof vest that Annie and Angela remove before blowing him.
paris and nicole s1Paris and Nicole Go To Jail, scene 1
Stacy Thorn, playing Paris Hilton, submits to a cavity search by a prison guard (not really a cop, but close). This works in a little medical fetish with its cop fantasy when the officer puts on a latex glove and examines Stacy’s lady bits while she’s handcuffed to the bed. Scenes 2 and 5 also feature prison guard sex.