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This Week’s Finishers: 1/24 – 1/30

Vince Vouyer saved the week, at least as far as finishers were concerned. I think Alektra Blue and Bailey were pretty top notch and Olivia del Rio made a good showing as well.

Alektra Blue
Road Head, Scene 1 starring Alektra Blue

Nice job on Alektra’s part, taking his cock deep and getting him to cum in her mouth. And she swallows!
Road Head, Scene 2 starring Bailey

Oral creampie and a swallow. What more can you as for?


The Elusive Oral Creampie

Cream Pie
oral cream pie (n): a pop shot that occurs inside the closed mouth of a porn star

Often searched for, but seldom found, the oral cream pie is a fan favorite that directors seem to be totally oblivious to. Read on for some scenes where you can find this mythical act.