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VideoBox brings pr0n to the Google Phone

Tmobile G1
Greetings, fellow watchers of porn. I know what you’re thinking. “I can play porn on my home PC. I can play porn on my PSP. I can play porn on my ipod, iphone, AppleTV, XBox and PS3. But what about my shiny new Google phone?”

I have good news for all you gadgeteers out there. Our “ipod” format content plays beautifully on your T-Mobile G1 (aka Google Phone). Specific details about the platform are sketchy at best (despite us having one in-house to play around with, T-Mobile/HTC has released very few details about the playback capabilities). From our experimentation, it appears the device is capable of playing baseline-encoded H264 with low-complexity AAC audio at a maximum resolution of 480×352. The bitrate constraint of this version of H264 is ~1mbps, though this is likely not a limitation of the device.

From what I can tell, there are very few arbitrary playback limitations, unlike the iphone/ipod (video must be recoded in a very precise manner to have any chance of playing back on an Apple device – this device is much more flexible). What this means to you is the video playback capabilities are very likely to improve with future firmware releases, since playback is more dependent on software than decoding hardware (as opposed to the iphone, which uses a hardware-based h264 decoder, which is faster but less flexible), which I suspect will come out at a fairly regular clip through the first year of availability.

May the pr0n be with you.