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Who Makes Real Teen Movies?

Teen Movies
The teen category is a funny one. Sometimes it feels like I see the same girl in every single movie even though she’s 25 (I’m talking about you, Leah Luv). The MILF category is the same way in reverse, but that’s a post for another day.

I started wondering whether any studios did a better job than others at hiring real teens. There are 8 or 9 studios that seem to have a lot of teen movies on VB, but I chose 5 for this experiment. For each studio, I chose its 5 most popular DVDs and figured out the ages of each actress portraying a teen at the time of filming and averaged them to figure out who’s hiring the 20-somethings and who’s paying the big bucks for the 18 and 19 year olds who are new to the business.

The five studios I chose to sample were:

  • Notorious (84 teen movies)
  • Lethal Hardcore (32 teen movies)
  • Platinum X (23 teen movies)
  • DVSX (23 teen movies)
  • Brandon Iron Productions (10 movies, all teen-themed)

Read on for the results of my research…


Brandon Iron Talks About Rough Porn

Brandon IronLast week, VideoBox released Teen Line: The Blue Room, a very rough movie that spurred a lot of valid controversy. While I have opinions of my own about that kind of porn, I think that the best way to understand what happens on a porn set is to talk to the people who spend their time on porn sets. That’s why I tracked down Brandon Iron.

Brandon is a porn actor and the director of VB favorites like Photographic Mammaries, Intensities in 10 Cities and Bell Bottoms. He’s also well-known for his rougher lines (perhaps ‘notorious’ would be a better word) and I felt that he would bring a valuable perspective to the rough porn issue. Brandon very kindly agreed to take time out of his trip home to Canada to answer my questions. Read on for the in-depth and (I think) fascinating interview.